Birthstones by Month: Chart, Colors & Meanings

Birthstones by Month: Chart, Colors & Meanings. Birthstones are valuable gemstones that correspond to 1 of the 12 months of the year, each with its own value, look, and beauty. The use of such birthstones as adornments and amulets dates back to ancient times when gemstones were believed to hold mystic cosmological powers and offer health and good luck. In this birthstone by month guide, we will walk you through the exploration of the history and folklore for each of the 12 traditional birthstones, as well as some of the modern stones, where you’ll abound in the fantastic, the mystical, and the beautiful. Cancer Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meaning and Uses

January Garnet Protection July Ruby Vitality
February Amethyst Wisdom August Peridot Beauty
March Aquamarine Serenity September Blue Sapphire/Lapis Lazuli Truth
April Diamond/Quartz Strength October Opal/Tourmaline Healing
May Emerald Hope November Topaz/Citrine Joy
June Pearl/Alexandrite Love December Turquoise/Tanzanite/Zircon Friendship

Birthstone By Month and Its Meaning

January Birthstone: Garnet

  • Color:  Dark Red
  • Meaning: Protection

Red garnets are the most popular stone during the later years of the Roman Empire. The term comes from the Latin word “granatus” which means “seedlike” due to its resemblance to the bright red seeds of the pomegranate.

Although deep red is the most common color, Garnet also comes in several other colors including pink, green and yellow. Not only that, but some of the Garnets are also color-changing depending on the light that hits them: from purple-pink or reddish in incandescent light to shades of blue, beige, or green in daylight.

Garnet was believed to be worn by warriors in ancient times for luck and victory. In addition, the Crusaders also appreciated the qualities of Garnet and use them in order to protect against accidents and wounds in their journeys.

Not only that, this gemstone was once believed to light up during the night, protecting its wearer from nightmares. Some ancient tribes even attempt fashioning garnets for arrowheads and even bullets during the 1800s to counter their enemy’s Garnet protective adornment. Aries Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meaning and Uses

February Birthstone: Amethyst

  • Color: Violet
  • Meaning: Wisdom

A member of the Quartz family, Amethyst is highly valued for its deep violet color and the twinned crystal structure. This gemstone has been engraved and set into pieces of jewelry since ancient Egypt and still is popular today.

The term comes from “Amethystos”, a Greek word that means “not drunken”. It was once believed to protect its wearer from drunkenness. Ancient Romans and Greeks were known to stud their goblets with this gemstone in order to make the wine poured into the cup become powerless to intoxicate.

Thus, it’s no wonder that it represents intellectual reasoning and calmness. And while we certainly can’t promise that you will have mythological tolerance for alcohol, we do hope that it’ll inspire you the wisdom so as not to overindulge. Zodiac Birthstones: Astrology & Birthday Gemstones

March Birthstone: Aquamarine

  • Color: Cyan or Blue
  • Meaning: Serenity

As the blue member of the Beryl family, the term Aquamarine comes from the Latin phrase “water of the sea”, thanks to its mesmerizing blue to a cyan color. It is said to be a mermaid treasure and believed to have the powers in order to keep sailors safe. In addition, most sailors also bring this gemstone on their voyage for a variety of calming purposes for a good night’s sleep or to ward off bad food and poisons.

Furthermore, Aquamarine is also believed to inspire harmony in your marriage, making it a nice gift for new moms, brides, and to your eccentric friend who’s planning to sail around the world.

April Birthstone: Diamond/Quartz

  • Color: Clear
  • Meaning: Strength

Diamond, the birthstone for April-born, is one of the most precious stones available and has been sought after by many people since ancient times. The clear diamond is the most popular, however, it also comes in blue, green, and yellowish shades.

Being the hardest natural substance known to man, the diamond represents strength as well as a symbol of eternal love. It is believed to have the power to help strengthen and enhance relationships as well as bring abundance and balance.

Quartz, on the other hand, is the second most common gemstone family. Like a diamond, the natural color of Quartz is clear, however, it also comes in a variety of colors because of impurities. It also represents strength due to its high resistance to scratches and damage and is one of the hardest crystals on the Mohs scale. Taurus Birthstone A Complete Guide: Meaning, Benefits & Uses

May Birthstone: Emerald

  • Color: Dark Green
  • Meaning: Hope and Rebirth

A unique gemstone, Emerald features a scratch-resistant surface but its crystal lattice is prone to fracturing from impacts. Thus, an emerald without cracks visible to the naked eye is classified as flawless.

The term Emerald comes from the Greek word “Smaragdos” and the Latin words “Esmaraldus” and “Esmeralda” which means green stone due to its rich green color. This beautiful green gemstone inspires thoughts of springtime and rebirth, as well as a beautiful reminder that winter does not last forever and the hope for starting a new chapter in life.

June Birthstone: Pearl/Alexandrite

  • Color: Faithfulness, Love
  • Meaning: Variable

Pearl, a gemstone that has been associated with the moon, thanks to its translucent appearance. When compared to other gems, it is the only one found not in the depths of the earth but in the depths of the sea as a product of a mollusk defense mechanism.

Wild and natural pearls are quite rare and difficult, thus man-made pearls sustain the pearl market. The Pearl color depends on the mollusk species that produced it and can range from white and pale cream to green, rose, black, gold and lilac. Pearl represents faithfulness, chastity, modesty, and purity.

Another lucky birthstone for people born in June, Alexandrite is a one-of-a-kind stone. It can be a transparent greenish-blue or yellow-green under ordinary conditions, but when under polarized light, this gemstone can show off a variety of colors ranging from dark purple to red or orange, depending on the light direction and your viewing angle. This stone is a great way to express your love to someone.

July Birthstone: Ruby

  • Color: Vitality
  • Meaning: Red

A majestic red gemstone that’s known as the King of Gems, Ruby is a special form of mineral corundum that could be considered sapphire if it were not for the dark red color which comes from the chromium.

The most valuable rubies are called pigeon-blood, due to the dark red with blue undertones, making them look like deep dark, blood. And this similarity to the color of blood makes ruby associated with physical strength and vitality. It is also a symbol of royalty and known to bring peace, wealth, love, and wisdom. List of Gemstones Types, Names, Colors, Precious, and Semi-precious

August Birthstone: Peridot

  • Color: Olive Green
  • Meaning: Beauty

The Peridot sparkles a distinctive lime green color and is known as one of the oldest gemstones known to man. Its color ranges from lime to olive green, depending on how much iron is in the crystal structure.

Evening emeralds are what the finest peridots are called, due to their brilliant green colors that appear in artificial light. This ability to give off the same green glow at night has led to the Peridot’s association with great beauty, particularly in Egyptian culture. Not only that, but it also helps ease jealousy, resentment, and bitterness, protecting its wearer against depression, fear, and any negative emotions.

September Birthstone: Blue Sapphire

  • Color: Deep Blue
  • Meaning: Truth

Sapphire is most popular in its majestic blue colors. The term “Sapphire” was derived from the Greek word “Sappheiros” meaning blue. However, it is allochromatic, meaning it can be found in every color. The higher the saturation of a violet-blue color and the purer the blue, the more valuable and rare the gemstone is.

According to folklore, the Sapphire can protect you from envious and negative thoughts and always inspire you to speak and seek the truth. It also represents trust, loyalty, royalty, holiness, virtue, wisdom, and good fortune.

October Birthstone: Opal/Tourmaline

  • Color: Multi-color
  • Meaning: Creativity

During ancient times, the Opal gemstone is considered the “Queen of Gems” since it contains several colors of all other gems. It comes from the Greek term “Opallos”, meaning “to see a change in color”. Known for its multi-colored beauty, this known occurs in several colors like white body color with glints of rainbow color, transparent crystal body color with dazzling flashes of color within, and black which can have gray, black, or blue body color.

This stone is associated with purity, innocence, and hope as well as a good stone of inspiration that boosts creativity and imagination.

Like Opal, Tourmaline is also known for displaying several colors in the same crystal, In fact, its name comes from the Sinhalese term “thoramalli” or “thuramali”, meaning mixed. Among the most popular multi-color variety include the watermelon tourmaline, cat’s eye tourmaline, and Paraiba tourmaline. Because of its color variety, it is said to enhance an artist’s creativity and inspiration.

November Birthstone: Yellow Topaz/Citrine

  • Color: Dark Yellow
  • Meaning: Joy, Protection

Topaz is available in several beautiful colors including brown, yellow, red, blue, pink, and even transparent. Its name comes from the Greek name “Topazios” which is the name of the island in the Red Sea where it was believed to be first mined.

For November, a topaz with bright yellow color from impurities is the traditional stone. The ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that the Yellow Topaz offers healing and protective powers, thanks to its bright yellow color associated with the sun god.

Meanwhile, Citrine is among the rarest varieties of Quartz and can be found in Arran Hungary, France, and Spain. Like yellow Topaz, citrine is also believed to channel the power of the sun and offer all positivity associated with it. It is also believed to improve your mood and help radiate joy.

December Birthstone: Turquoise/Tanzanite/Zircon

  • Color: Deep Blue
  • Meaning: Friendship

People born in December, have 3 choices for their birthstone — Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Zircon. All three gemstones shine in various shades of deep brilliant blues. And their sparkling blue tones make them a perfect representation of the wintry cold month of December.

Turquoise is the traditional December birthstone. It is an opaque robin’s egg gemstone used as an ornamented stone since ancient times. It comes in dark to light blue-green gem with narrow color veins of materials called the matrix that appears in brown, yellowish-brown, and black color. Its name means “Turkish stone” since its trade route to Europe ran via Turkey.

In Turkish tradition, a turquoise gift would give you the ability to make friends easily. However, in order to have this power, you need to have a friend that would give you this gift. Not only that, but the gemstone association with friendship also comes from the fact that it requires aluminum and copper compounds to work together in order to form a new mineral, like friendship.

Meanwhile, Tanzanite is one of the most popular blue gemstones thanks to its brilliant violet-blue color. A newcomer, this gemstone can only be found in one place, the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. A great alternative to Sapphire, Tanzanite is associated with understanding, satisfaction, & contentment.

Zircon, on the other hand, is a dazzling gemstone known for its sparkling blue color but is actually available in a rainbow of colors. Its name was derived from the Arabic terms “zar” and “gun” which mean “gold” and “color”. Although the most prized and rare Zircon is red, the “starlight blue” is the most popular.


Hopefully, you’ve found this guide to the birthstone for every month helpful. Always remember that the month you were born as well as its designated stone can tell a lot of things about you. So what are you waiting for? Check your birthstone above and what it tells about your character.

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