Pisces Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meaning and Uses

Pisces Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meaning and Uses. The Pisces birthstone is a super-powerful birthstone the ability is to have ultimate empathy for other people. It is considered the most sensitive, mystical, and misunderstood zodiac sign. Thus, they are the ending or the last constellation of the zodiac, it is also known as one of the coolest signs because they are wrapping up the zodiac wheel. Being a water sign, Pisceans are highly sympathetic and adaptable, the sign that can go with the flow. Natural Stones and Properties by Zodiac Sign

There is no doubt that Pisces birthstone has a big impact on your life, including your personality, health, relationship, and career.

Read on and find more detailed information about the Pisces Birthstone.

What is the Pisces Birthstone?

Aquamarine is the birthstone of Pisces which also includes Ruby, Amethyst, Jade, Jasper, and Bloodstone.


Pisceans have a good sense of life and the point of life. They are great at creating an image of themselves by painting a picture of real decisions that they want to be in reality.  Their birthstone has a unique property that made it extremely a popular gemstone which has a big influence on both positive and negative traits that can strengthen emotion, growth processes, and identification. It is a useful guide to personality, relationships, and business affairs.

In addition, Pisces direct their energy inwards which makes them shy and internal like the Earth Signs. It is characterized by expressing emotional capacity and empathy which is associated with Aquamarine. The aquamarine birthstone is also ruled by the planet Neptune, which conducts its energy with it and makes it a more sympathetic and powerful stone.

The Aquamarine helps Pisceans to be more aware of people’s thoughts in their lives and bring out a positive and quick response.

Aquamarine provides guidance and support in the relationship aspect of Pieces people as it makes them become more courageous, friendly, and faithful. This birthstone was thought of as bringing youthful happiness and relieving anxiety.

Aquamarine enhances intelligence and is believed to give the wearer clairvoyance and foresight. Not only that but the combination of Aquamarine gemstone and Pieces of zodiac sign is also reputed to be effective in healing problems such as stress-related illnesses and throat problems. Do you know what the most intuitive zodiac signs are?


Jade gemstone is widely the stone of luck and indeed a good luck charm birthstone of Pisces. It brings prosperity and longevity to those who are rather kind, emotional, and ambitious. Wait but there’s more, Jade gemstone’s primary chakra is the heart chakra which is connected to the center of awareness and openness to forgiveness, this gemstone is also said in bringing abundance and prosperity.


Amethyst is also a wonderful stone for Pisces, it is known to carry energies of love, happiness, and peace. This gemstone is also believed to promote vivid dreams, enhance a person’s spirituality and stimulate healing at all levels.


Ruby, on the other hand, engraved the talismanic stone on Pisces. This gemstone brings love and hopes to Pisceans. It also stimulates wisdom, makes persons successful in a relationship, and is capable of living peacefully with or without enemies.


Bloodstone is also a wonderful stone for Pisces, as it can help in creating calmness, assisting with decision making, regaining personal power, and enhancing creativity. The energy of this stone stimulates intuition that can help you in stimulating pleasant dreams. It is also thought in helping eyesight, eliminating toxins, and can be effective in healing problems with the blood, kidney, and bladder.


Jasper is another wonderful stone for Pisces, it is said to have a strong spiritual vibration that can soothe nerves, help you in handling any emotions and look deeply into sorting things. These stones are a stone of magic and are said to be good for looking and gaining information about past life and making contact with those spirits.

Pisces Birthstone Key Traits

The key traits of Pisces people are being friendly, selfless, generous, and compassionate. They are always willing to help others without hoping or getting anything in return and as this is a water sign Pisces is characterized by expressing an emotional capacity and empathy. Pisces have artistic talent and they are extremely caring and faithful people.

Most people born under the Pisces sign are mature and social and they can easily adapt to scenarios. Generally speaking, Pisces has a strong understanding of the world life cycle and has a feeling of connection to the other side and thus achieves an emotional relationship with others.

Being a water sign, Pisceans are intuitive, they have a strong gut of feelings or hunches of things. They have an intense feeling about everyone’s emotions and are completely susceptible to taking someone else emotions. What Are the Benefits and Properties of Aquamarine Stone

The key phrase of the Pisces zodiac sign is “I believe”, and it is their great gift for the world. They are incredible when it comes to having faith, and belief in their lives and in other’s life. Pisceans are deeply spiritual, religious, and certainly compassionate in sacrificing their needs for the good of others. 

Pisceans are also known to be the most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. However, they are best known for having wisdom. They are always open to forgiveness and have never been judgmental.

Pisces Birthstone Color and Meanings

Pisces symbol is fish and definitely, it is a water sign. The Aquamarine is the birthstone of March babies and is considered the birthstone of Pisces zodiac sign. The origin of Aquamarine is derived from the Latin word ‘’aqua marina’’, which also means ‘’sea water’’ reflecting the color of the crystals. This birthstone has a natural blue color that comes in a vast range of natural colors and shades from blue to blue-green and sea green. The first impression of the color is the hue of the stone and the tone of the stones relates to the lightness and darkness of a color. Its saturation relates to the intensity of the color which is measured from dull to strong to vivid.

The aquamarine pale blue color is known to be associated with youth, hope, love, and good health. Plus, its color soothes to release negative energy and brings mental clarity.

In Addition, the properties of Aquamarine have their own uniqueness relating to its color, crystalline structure, abilities, and character. The birthstone assigned in Pisces are gemstones that symbolize the qualities of friendship, courage, creativity, perception, hope, self-expression, and faithfulness. Aries Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meaning and Uses

Pisces Birthstone in Rings, Necklace, and Jewelry

People born under the zodiac sign of Pisces whose birthstone is Aquamarine are known for being incorrigible romantics and dreamers. This birthstone is hardly to find and discover as it is extremely popular jewelry that can be given as a gift for a wife, mother, grandmother, or even for a baby or a child. This birthstone jewelry is known as the popular anniversary gift for the 19th year of marriage and its loving properties were believed to have the ability to reawaken the love of married couples.

Pisces rings set fire into Pisces heart, they are designs of gentleness and flowing lines of pieces.

Pisces necklaces are very magical and romantic as they can represent timelessness, with no limits or boundaries like loving your partners.

In Greek and Romans, it is frequently used as their jewelry, and oddly believed that if they are using this gemstone it can ensure a safe and prosperous journey across the stormy seas.

In addition, March babies or Pisces sign shall always be soothed by the Aqua or the gem of the sea as this treasured mermaid stone will bring affection, care, love, and happiness to its wearer.

Cleansing your Pisces Birthstone

Stones and crystals come from the earth; they have a very high vibrational of energy, to begin with, but in order for their energies to stay at their peak they have to be maintained, cleared, and charged.  Most crystal collectors know that stones need to be cleaned but if you are still a beginner at using or collecting crystal stones to understand this better, it is similar to a scenario where you are on a pristine beach with clear fresh air and you are eating the purest and healthy foods then you might be a little bit happier and better. Thus, it means having the presence of crystals around you, you are allowing yourself to get their vibrations and tap into their energies, however, if that beach started to be polluted it wouldn’t have that same energy and effect on you. Basically, it is important that crystal stones are regularly cleaned and well maintained to get the most benefit from using them.

Aquamarine stones are known for their coolest sea-inspired color of blue with a touch of green. This gemstone requires extra care and is well worth all the effort.

The most effective and easy method to care for Aquamarine gemstones is cleaning them with warm and soapy room temperature water. 

In order to do this, you only need to let your gemstone soak for several minutes in a plastic or glass bowl filled with a small amount of dish soap and warm water to absorb and carry the happy energy and to remove its dirt, clean the stone using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

In addition, to physically dry them off, put them into a clean towel and let them dry there.

Another Method That You Can Try

There is also another easy and problem-free cleaning of your Aquamarine jewelry or stones that you can try and it is cleaning it with vinegar. The acid of the vinegar helps your stones clean.

That method is always a safe cleaning method for Aquamarine stones, however, cleaning it with steam and ultrasonic cleaners is unusually safe unless the stone has fractures or a liquid inclusion. Cancer Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meaning and Uses


Pisces signs are impulsive and selfless but they are great at adapting to their environments, absorbing different perspectives, learning what they can, and imparting that knowledge to others. They constantly want to understand people’s situations and ideas.

For Pisces people expressing their soulful and cosmic energy in an intuitive and nurturing way is all about what the meaning of life is and if they can manifest their dreams unconditionally, they give their heart and soul to make emotional and spiritual connections with others.

Being a mutable sign, they are quick-witted, perceivers, go with the flow, and amazing at expressing emotions. They can really mimic energy and behavior perfectly. 

The connection of using and wearing Pisces’ birthstone can support each of their qualities and traits that can be a useful guide to their personality, relationship, and future success.

Therefore, I hope that these detailed complete guidelines and information about the Pisces birthstone will hopefully work for you in your favor!

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