Sagittarius Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meaning and Uses

Sagittarius Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide to Their Meaning & Uses. Sagittarius individuals are profoundly curious and blissful people. And there are a few gemstones that align really well for the Sagittarius sign. They go about as lucky stones or charms for Sagittarius, giving the curious Archer the wisdom and bravery to acknowledge reality with his trusty bow and arrow. Read on to find out more about the Sagittarius Birthstone. Best Healing Crystals Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What is the Sagittarius Birthstone?


The main birthstone for people born under the Sagittarius sign is Turquoise.

This stone may help in amplifying the psychic gifts of Sagittarius people including developing psychic visions and intuition.

Turquoise, on the other hand, helps in balancing and harmonizing both the female and male sides.

Moreover, Turquoise is the gemstone of religious attunement that allows you to obtain access to previous life knowledge.

If you want to communicate with the truth as well as speak in a forthright way, Turquoise can offer you great help.

This Sagittarius stone also comes with clear energies that will resonate within the throat and third eye chakras. What’s more, it assists with psychic communication capabilities. Zodiac Jewelry: What The Stars Say About The Jewelry That Suits Us

Blue Topaz

Another birthstone for people born under the Sagittarius sign is Blue Topaz.

This deep blue stone signifies genuine affection and love as well as resilience, dedication, tenacity, and strength. In addition, this Sagittarius birthstone is also believed to balance thoughts and emotions for a harmonious life as well as induce relaxation and release tension.

The crystal is used to encourage wisdom, increase spirituality and cut through complexities and problems, giving you clearer thoughts and rational thinking. Not only that, but the stone also helps promote better communication, attract love, and good fortune, and bestow good health.

Promoting forgiveness and truth, Blue Topaz brings generosity, joy, abundance, self-realization, self-control, openness, and honesty. The birthstone helps you determine where you’ve strayed from your own truth and assist in expressing ideas.

Furthermore, this powerful stone helps strengthen your faith as well as build optimism, allowing you to recognize your own abilities and drive toward success and recognition. It even bestows the wearer pride and charisma, breathing in a new sense of confidence.

Blue Topaz is not the only birthstone for Sagittarius people. Blue Sapphire is another great gemstone that aligns really well with the Sagittarius star sign and offers powerful protection and healing. Natural Stones and Properties by Zodiac Sign

Blue Sapphire

The Blue Sapphire is your best gemstone to guard against poisoning and evil. It speaks of loyalty, dignity, faith, serenity, wisdom, and purity. Symbolizing royalty, the Blue Sapphire help attract good fortune, wealth, and holiness.

In addition, Blue Sapphire represents the planet Saturn, which denotes deliverance and duty. Thus, this Sagittarius birthstone also helps in protecting you from mental confusion and instability as well as dangers.

Considered to be sacred of all gems, Blue Sapphire represents the height of celestial hope and faith, believed to bring powerful spiritual insights. It is also the symbol of joyful devotion to God.

Not only does it offer strength and power, but this gemstone also promotes wise judgment and kindness. It allows you to focus on healing energies towards whoever needs them. It reenergizes your emotional state, encouraging you to overcome procrastination and fear. What are the Benefits and Features of Firuze (Turquoise) Natural Stone?

Sagittarius Birthstone Key Traits

People born under the Sagittarius sign have a personality that is all about keeping an open mind and independence. Sagittarius individuals crave independence more than ever and like to have freedom in whatever they choose to do. They are quite hard to control and don’t like being pinned down or held back by others. And if you try to back them in a corner or stop them from doing what they want, their first instinct would be to flee from you.

They believe in treating others they wish to be treated, making them so agreeable and lovable people that really go along with others. However, people who live a very organized and structured life or those with a daily agenda, won’t get along well with Sagittarius.

A Sagittarius is always positive and optimistic. This is because they believe that regardless of what happened, something good will always come after all the challenges and difficulties in life. They have a far-reaching and colorful personality, are free like a bird, and can’t be contained.

Also, they are not afraid of dreaming big and aiming high. They are extremely crazy to believe that they can reach all their wishes and dreams come true, and is just as crazy to relentlessly pursue them. In short, they want everything and will always be looking around the corner in life and waiting for the right opportunity to try the next big thing.

Sagittarius people are also full of curiosity. They move and look forward to the future and never dwell on the past. They are also enthusiastic about their life and see no point in thinking and stressing over their misfortunes and failures, focusing their strengths on overcoming everything they face.

Other Key Traits of Sagittarius

In addition, Sagittarius people have this natural talent for seeing the humorous and ridiculous side of life. They tend to delightfully lend sarcasm and humor and are quite funny and joyful to be around.

Probably one reason why some people won’t get along well with Sagittarius is that they are the most straightforward and direct individuals ever. Although most people find them a bit harsh or blunt at times, friends and family often like their honesty. Don’t expect them to lie in your face. They will tell you the truth straight and will not sugarcoat anything, which makes them trustworthy and great people to be friends with.

As you can see, honesty is quite important for Sagittarius individuals and it is something that they always ask of other people. They can be quite intuitive and often able to read intentions and characters like opening a book.

Sagittarius people have a knack for reading a person correctly within seconds of meeting them, so they can always tell whether an individual is genuine or not. And when you are not being honest, they will always know. They seem to have this sixth sense of detecting when someone is lying on their face or if a person is being fake with them.

A few things that irritate a Sagittarius individual are the pointless rules that are being enforced upon them by certain people. As mentioned earlier, people born under the Sagittarius sign don’t like being controlled or even interrogated about small things or those who question their work. So, if you try to do so, Sagittarius people will immediately distance themselves away from you.

In addition, Sagittarius people don’t like those who only take and never give. Being a selfless sign, Sagittarius often give what they can, but expect something in return.

They also do not like those who are sore losers and can’t accept the fact that they can also fail. Thus, they prefer being alone to being with egocentric and selfish people.

Bright and ingenious individuals, Sagittarius has the capacity for intelligence and thinking ahead. They will always have this kind of backup plan for every scenario. And this is mainly because they hate it when things are not moving according to their plans.

People born under the Sagittarius sign are pretty laid back and like to chill. However, they are far from being pushovers. If you think that you can just boss them around and get away from it, then they will make you regret it. Sagittarius people will stand up for themselves and for others when you try to play them.

Highly curious individuals, Sagittarius people have naturally inquisitive minds, making them great writers, philosophers, musicians, and anything which involves arts. They like to learn new things and are always hungry for knowledge and wisdom.

In terms of professional and financial growth, Sagittarius people are known to be risk-takers. They are willing to take calculated risks along the way. And while some people might call them reckless, it is this very courage that allows them to achieve the big things in life.

Their ambitions are big and their competitive side comes out whenever other people think that they can’t accomplish or achieve something. Sagittarius will do anything in their power just to prove you wrong since nothing makes them happier than making others eat their words.

In terms of relationships and commitments, Sagittarius people are known to focus on the more important things including their dreams, friends, families, and a meaningful connection. They are not the type of people to settle down with the first person who shows interest in them.

Sagittarius people will never enter a relationship or commitment unless they feel that the individual is totally worth it. Highly cautious about commitment, they tend to get scared when people con on too fast or too hard.  However, when they welcome you into their life, you can expect them to be extremely loyal and protective and will do just about everything to help you in your need.

In addition, people born under Sagittarius try not to get too caught in meaningless gossip and petty drama. This is because they are quite sensitive and get hurt pretty badly. And when they do, they retreat and go into hiding and hiding it from their friends and family.

Moreover, they have a hard time showing their emotional side. More often than not, they find it easier to express it through actions instead of words. But, they do not like holding grudges, often letting go of everything that belongs in the past and trying their best to move forward. Taurus Birthstone A Complete Guide: Meaning, Benefits & Uses

Sagittarius Birthstone Color and Its Meanings

Blues, cream, white, and orange are the most favorable colors for the Sagittarius birthstones. With these colors, Sagittarius people can promote growth in their life and draws up good fortune and wealth.

In addition, a rich shade of maroon, pink, red, and purple are also great colors that align with Sagittarius birthstones since they require bright colors in order to take up some attention.

Take note that every Sagittarius gemstone out there features a vibrant color that helps attracts good luck— whether it is a proud and loud color or the more subtle hues.

Since Sagittarius people are actually very thoughtful and deep individuals, their energy, vitality, and fun-loving ways can be further enhanced with these colorful and rich birthstones.

Sagittarius Birthstone in Rings, Necklaces, and Jewelry

Sagittarius birthstones can be worn as a ring or bracelet that should help in professional and personal growth. Wearing a Sagittarius birthstone near your heart with pendants and necklaces can help deal with your emotions and further improve your cardiac health.

To increase wisdom and intellectual capabilities while also protecting yourself from negative energies around you, you can also take a Sagittarius birthstone near you as you meditate or work or you can wear them as earrings or even decorated crowns and bands on your head.

Tumbled Sagittarius Birthstones

Sagittarius birthstones, most especially the tumbled ones come with energies that are extremely powerful. Tumbled turquoise, for instance, is known to be the bridge between the Earth and heavy as well as the sky. A lot of native American cultures said that tumbled turquoise can be a great help in connecting the mind of people under the Sagittarius sign to endless outlooks of the Universe.

Furthermore, this tumbled Sagitarrius birthstone is considered a purifying and strengthening stone that can be used to protect the environment from pollutants. One more thing tumbled turquoise is ideal for working with the throat chakra in order to foster clear and honest communication from the heart.

Tumbled blue topaz, on the other hand, can be great for calming emotions making it ideal for connecting with the higher worlds and even for meditation. Moreover, this tumble Sagittarius birthstone acts as a natural magnifier of psychic capabilities helping the people who want to attune to innermost guidance. Not only that but it can be also used for spiritual healing.

Even so, blue sapphire in the form of tumbled is the best stone that can be used for psychic and mental activation. The stone will also aid in seeing beyond superficially innermost wisdom. Lastly, this tumbled Sagittarius birthstone can help people in organizing their perceptions and ideas.


The friendliest of all signs, people born under the Sagittarius sign are the best friends you can ever ask for, They are honest, charming, and fun-loving people with creative minds that will keep you entertained and amazed people always.

And wearing a Sagittarius birthstone can further improve the inner vibrancy and energy that Sagittarius people have. Not only will it promote calmness and mental peace, but Sagittarius birthstones also help in the fulfillment of material wants, boosting the overall development of wealth and health.

In addition, Sagittarius birthstones tend to amplify your luckiness and influence your optimistic and cheerful disposition. So, make sure that you choose a Sagittarius birthstone that aligns with you and adds them to your collection now!

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