10 Tips for Creating an Excellent Job Description

Employers are always looking for the best candidates for their job vacancies, as they seek to find the right person for the right position, someone who will be able to perform all the tasks associated with the job with minimal supervision and management and without necessarily having prior experience. It sounds like the impossible, but every hiring manager’s dream and finding that employee can actually come true.

Tips for Creating an Excellent Job Description

This article will help you write the perfect job description to find the best candidate for your vacancy!

1. Establish a clear job title

First of all, you should choose a clear and simple job title. Job titles should show the creative side of your company and your unique work culture.

When a candidate is looking for job opportunities, he will look for job titles that appeal to him and that he feels are right for him. Your job applicants may feel confused if the job title you’re posting is unclear or lacks details. Therefore, choosing an appropriate job title will ensure that candidates are sure of their decision when applying for the job. How to enhance your CV for a student job?

2. Keep the job description short

You should be trying to draw the applicants’ attention to the job details, but remember that lengthening the job description can lead to applicants not even reading the job description. Making the job description brief will attract qualified candidates for the job with ease. You can use bullet points and short paragraphs to make the text easier for applicants to read and help them decide whether or not to apply for a job. Google Ranking Factors: The 200+ Google Ranking Factors

3. Create a unique intro

If you want to attract the attention of applicants to your job vacancy, you should focus on writing a great introduction to the job description. We can divide our advice to you as follows: contact them, ask a question, tell the truth, and conclude with a sentence that encourages them to apply and motivates them to continue to the next sentence.

4. There is no objection to some ambiguity!

The best you can do is provide enough information about the job and tasks to encourage professionals to apply for the job but without revealing the finer details of the company. You can reveal these details later during the job interview, but avoid hiding any important job-related information. What are the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21?

As job seekers will go to job advertisements published by other companies until they find the necessary information, be sure to provide them with this information, but without going into other details.

5. Determine the salary range

The topic of including a salary range in a job description is a controversial issue in the business world. In fact, every candidate will have expectations about the salary they want to be paid, not mentioning this important aspect of a job can be risky and may cause job applications to be obtained from applicants looking for more than your budget, causing your time and effort to be wasted on unsuitable candidates.

6. Mobile phone compatibility

Mobile phone use has become an integral part of everyone’s life in our modern age, especially when it comes to job seekers. When writing a job posting description, you must make sure that it can be displayed on mobile devices, as mobile phones and tablets are the first choices for many. What Does a Customer Success Specialist Do, Job Description and Skills Needed

It can also help improve your company’s ranking on Google’s rankings.

Make sure to use short, easy-to-read sentences and use bullet points if you like. Simple bullet points and short sentences are essential when reading job descriptions on small screens.

7. Mention the qualifications you must possess

Mention of compulsory qualifications is essential, as they must show the skills that applicants must possess in order for their application to be considered. At the same time, you can mention non-compulsory qualifications that can increase the applicant’s employability. On the other hand, we advise you not to make things too difficult for applicants, so as not to be a reason to reduce the number of applicants for the job.

8. Accuracy in describing tasks

As mentioned earlier, the job description should be brief, but at the same time, you have to be precise when it comes to the tasks that the employee will be doing. It is important to clearly state your expectations in the job description, although the duties and requirements of the job can change from time to time.

It is necessary to describe the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that the employee would have if they were selected for the job. Rather than making general points like “managing appointments” or “communicating with clients,” give examples of these responsibilities in some detail. 6 Tips for Fresh Graduates to Succeed in Their First Job

9. Set a time frame for hiring

Companies usually set different time frames for hiring a vacancy, and the time frame varies from company to company according to their needs and requirements. For example, one company may want to hire someone within one month, while another may want the person to start as soon as possible. Therefore, you should specify the recruitment time frame for your vacancy clearly in the job description.

Inform applicants when they can expect to receive a response from you and when you would like the candidate to start working if selected, as well as the expected time period to complete the recruitment process.

10. Use the right keywords

When it comes to job ads, search engines all work the same way; It is the use of keywords. If you don’t think about the keywords candidates are searching for, your vacancy will have little chance of receiving applications from the right candidates. Think about the keywords you want to target before you post your job ad and be sure to add these words to your job description, including your title, job title, and tasks. I need an editor: Where and how to hire a video editor safely and quickly? (2022)


If you want to hire the best talent for your company, you need to create a well-written job description.

In this article, we have shared some tips on how to write a compelling, distinctive, and engaging job description. Advertise your job now on Job Portal and put these tips into action when writing about what sets your company apart to attract more qualified applicants who would be a good fit for both the position and the company!

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