20+ Highest paying jobs in the world

In recent years, with the development of technology and the digitalization of many processes, the business world has undergone a transformation. This transformation has changed both the definition of occupations and their working patterns. Occupations that have been known as high-paying occupations for years have been replaced by what is known as the professions of the future. No matter what city or country we live in, this change has become visible. Those who will choose a profession or who want to continue their career with a different line of business have also started to wonder about the professions that gain importance. 40+ Most Common Latest Job Interview Questions and Answers

Considering the living conditions, in addition to the professions that are popular in the process of choosing a profession, the professions that make the most money began to be wondered about. In this article, we will share our list called “The Most Paying Professions 2022”, taking into account today’s transformation in the business world. We will examine the professions that will receive the highest salary in the future, which will provide information about the highest paying professions both in Turkey and in the world. How do you create the main menu in Microsoft Access?

Top Paying Jobs and Their Salaries 2022

In our article, where we examine the professions that make the most money, we will list the professions with the highest salary in Turkey and in the world. Before that, let’s start our article with the professions that will become important in the near future and will earn high earnings.

The professions in this list are also called the professions of the future. Here are the occupational groups that will be in demand in the next few years and will earn the most;

  • Chemical engineer
  • Physicist
  • Direction-Action Research Analysts
  • Political Scientists
  • Hydrologists (Aquatics Specialists)
  • economists
  • Bioengineers and Biomedical Engineers
  • Food Technologists
  • Epidemiologists (Infectious Disease Specialists)
  • Computer Engineers and IT Specialists
  • Statisticians
  • Post-High School Education Consultants
  • Consulting Services for Artists and Athletes
  • Database Architects
  • Earth Scientists
  • Technical Authorship
  • Environmental Scientists and Environmental Experts
  • Financial Auditors
  • Post-High School Philosophy and Religious Culture Teachers 
  • Post-High School Economics Teachers

Highest Paying Professions and Salaries in Turkey

Let’s continue our article titled “The Most Paying Professions in Turkey and Their Salaries”. By carefully examining this list, you can decide in which areas you will improve yourself and see how much salary each profession receives.

Specialist Doctors

The healthcare industry is one of the most lucrative occupations in the world. Factors such as the cost of health services also support this situation. Specialist doctors are among the professions that make the most money in our country. However, although they seem to earn a very high income, it would be correct to say that they are one of the most difficult professions and that they work overtime. Because the difficulty of the working conditions, as well as the training processes and the exams taken afterward, are proof that being a specialist doctor is not an easily accessible profession. How to Add a Header and Footer to a Form in Microsoft Access?

Average Annual Earnings: 130.000 TL


There is a constant need for notaries to work in notary offices where many official transactions are carried out. Because notarization is required in many transactions, from having documents approved to buy a house and car. This has led notaries to be among the professions that earn the best money.

Average Annual Earnings: 300.000 TL

Software Engineers

Software engineering, which has become one of the most popular and lucrative professions with the development of technology, seems to be one of the leading professions for many years. Factors such as the widespread use of the Internet and the digitization of many processes have increased the need for software engineers. This has made it inevitable to become one of the best paying professions and has caused them to have an increasing income. Software engineers are among the professions that make the most money in our country.

Average Annual Earnings: 250,000 TL

Insurance Expertise

Insurance transactions enable us to guarantee all kinds of risks that we may encounter in our lives, which we cannot predict even a minute later. For this reason, insurance expertise has become one of the highest-paid professions in Turkey. The definition of success for an insurance professional is minimizing risks. The earnings of insurance experts, who can guarantee the applications that will cause the least damage to their customers, are also multiplied. How To Create, Modify Or Run A Query In Access? Step By Step

Average Annual Earnings: 150.000 TL


Lawyering is one of the most prestigious professions in our country, which is the dream of many people. For this reason, the interest in being a lawyer never decreases. It is known that the annual earnings of lawyers also have a share here. Those who graduate from law school and complete their internship processes start practicing as lawyers, and although their incomes vary according to their level of expertise, they are among the professions with the highest salaries in Turkey. What You Need to Know When E-Export to Germany

Average Annual Earnings: 150.000 TL

Management Consulting

Management consultants are needed to increase brand value by providing consultancy services to companies and to ensure that their revenues gain upward momentum. In Turkey, there is an increasing interest in management consultants who provide reports by seeking solutions to many problems of companies in line with this purpose. This has made it one of the most lucrative professions. Poco F4 GT with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 will be launched Soon

Average Annual Earnings: 125.000 TL


The pharmacy profession is also one of the high-paying jobs in Turkey. After graduating from the pharmacy departments of universities, working as a pharmacist begins. As in other areas of expertise in the health sector, pharmacists can also earn very good money. After graduation, some pharmacists get a job in a pharmacy, while others open their own pharmacies. This can cause changes in their annual earnings. However, it is possible to give the average income of pharmacists in our country.

Average Annual Earnings: 150.000 TL

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineering, which is one of the lucrative professions of our country, is one of the professions that have become popular in recent years. Petroleum engineers, which are especially needed in countries with oil processing facilities, have an important place in Turkey as well. In order to be able to do this profession, it is necessary to graduate from the petroleum engineering department of the university. 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Average Annual Earnings: 100-150.000 TL


Piloting has always been a prestigious profession in Turkey. For this reason, many people have dreamed of becoming a pilot. It is one of the most sought-after professions around the world and is always included in high-paying jobs. After the necessary training is taken and the applications are completed, it is possible to start working with the airlines. However, there is a change in income depending on which company you work with. Because each airline company charges a different price. It is also possible to give an average annual earnings value.

Average Annual Earnings: 150.000 TL

Certified Public Accountant

Certified public accountants are also among the highest paid professions. After graduating from the relevant departments of universities, there is an internship requirement for a certain period of time. Candidates who successfully complete this process become financial advisors. At the end of their 10-year term of office, they can gain the title of a certified public accountant if the exam they have entered is positive.

Average Annual Earnings: 80.000 TL

Air Traffic Controller

The air traffic controller is at the end of our list of the highest paying occupations in Turkey. Thanks to this profession, which regulates the air traffic by controlling the routes of the planes to take off and land without any problems, possible risks are prevented. It is one of the professions that need to be very serious and careful.

Average Annual Earnings: 115,000 TL

Highest Paying Jobs and Salaries in the World

Let’s finally take a look at “The Most Paying Professions in the World and Their Salaries” in our article in which we examine the professions that make the most money. Every profession in our list, especially in the developed countries of the world, is one of the highest-paid and most profitable professions. You can review the world’s most lucrative professions from our list, where we also include salary information on average. Why Study in Germany? What are the Education Requirements in Germany?


Surgery, one of the riskiest professions, is at the top of our list. As one of the branches of medicine that directly intervenes in human life by entering surgeries, the educational processes of surgeons are as challenging and stressful as their professional obligations. Due to the high cost of the health sector, which is one of the most important sectors, and the challenging working conditions, surgeons can earn good money.

Average Annual Revenue: $400,000 (US), $220,000 (UK), $250,000 (Germany), $300,000 (Canada)


Anesthesiology, one of the most challenging specialties in the health sector, is also among the high-paying professions in many countries.

Average Annual Revenue: $400,000 (US), $280,000 (UK), $300,000 (Germany), $300,000 (Canada)

Senior Software Engineer

Software engineering, which has become one of the most important professions in the digitalizing world and is getting more valuable day by day, is one of the professions that make the most money. Their average income is quite high all over the world.

Average Annual Revenue: $160,000 (US), $100,000 (UK), $100,000 (Germany), $95,000 (Canada)


Almost all specialties of the healthcare industry are considered among the most lucrative professions. Dentistry is also on the list of the highest paying professions in the world.

Average Annual Revenue: $230,000 (US), $140,000 (UK), $120,000 (Germany), $180,000 (Canada)


Being one of the highest paying professions, medicine is also one of the most challenging professions. It is possible to become a specialist doctor with a working process that requires many years of education and practice, is divided into various fields of specialization, and has a lot of professional obligations. The high costs in the health sector have also made medicine one of the best-paying professions around the world. Professions of the future: which professions will recruit in 2030?

Average Annual Revenue: $240,000 (US), $170,000 (UK), $130,000 (Germany)


Although CEO salaries can be quite variable, it is also known that it is one of the most profitable professions in the world. Since they are the head of the company, it is possible to make an average income estimate, although their net salary is not known.

Average Annual Revenue: $450,000 (US), $300,000 (UK), $390,000 (Germany), $250,000 (Canada)


Piloting is one of the top paying professions in almost every country. It also provides prestige and is one of the most profitable professions.

Average Annual Revenue: $450,000 (US), $240,000 (UK), $200,000 (Canada)

Marketing manager

The workload of the marketing managers who manage the marketing processes of the companies is quite high. Organizing the processes for which they are responsible can be quite challenging. For this reason, experienced and qualified marketing managers are among the colleagues that companies look for.

Average Annual Income: $105,000 (US), $75,000 (UK), $115,000 (Germany), $70,000 (Canada)

IT Managers

IT managers, who are at the forefront of the highest-paid professions, are also among the professions that receive very high salaries around the world.

Average Annual Income: $135,000 (US), $80,000 (UK), $100,000 (Germany), $95,000 (Canada)

Engineering Managers

Engineering managers, who organize their work by supervising engineers, are also among the professions with high salaries.

Average Annual Revenue: $160,000 (US), $140,000 (UK), $180,000 (Germany), $200,000 (Canada)

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