5 effective ways to finish a job interview correctly

our end! You answered all the interview questions correctly, but before you leave, don’t miss the last chance to impress the interview managers.

There is no doubt that you put a lot of effort into preparing for a job interview, such as practicing your introduction in brief, confident shaking hands with interview managers with a smile that prompts them to hire you, and wearing the right attire that makes you look professional. So, when the day of the interview comes and you finish it successfully, you may feel so happy that you forget to ask some important questions to interview managers, affirm your interest in the job, or even ask them about the next steps. 3 Excellent Cover Letter Examples

The first impression is very important, but the last impression is just as important, especially when it comes to job interviews, as it is your last chance to impress interview managers and convince them that you are the right person for the job. Here is a list of some of the things you should do when you finish a job interview. Remember to do your best at this stage so that you can land your dream job!

Effective ways to finish a job interview

Show your interest in the job

Make sure to emphasize your interest in the job before you leave the job interview, as showing enthusiasm and willingness to commit to work tasks is the main factor that proves to the interview manager that you are the right person for the job. You can also emphasize how well you fit with the company’s culture, as this greatly affects managers, especially since about eight out of ten human resources managers say they underestimated the importance of ensuring that the applicant fits the job with the company’s work environment. So be sure to show your enthusiasm to be part of the company you want to work for. Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

But how do you show that? Here is an example of a sentence you can use:

“I am very grateful to you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to learn more about this job. The innovative technology the company uses, as well as its vision to build a better future, encouraged me to apply for a position there.”

Prove your worth

In addition to affirming your interest in working for the company, be sure to demonstrate your eligibility and the suitability of the job to your skills and qualifications. Also, don’t forget to briefly mention your strengths and what you can add to the company thanks to your skills and experience. How to Increase Employee Engagement?

Here is an example of a sentence you can use:

“Finally, I’d like to stress that this job matches my qualifications perfectly. I look forward to applying my digital marketing skills and experience in Google Analytics, Marketing, and SEO software, and to getting things done on time to help the company succeed.”

Ask questions

If you’ve ever been interviewed for a job, you’ll no doubt know the classic closing question interview managers ask:

“Do you have any other questions?”

For the uninitiated, this may seem like a simple question that the interviewer would ask just to finish the interview. As for people who seek excellence, it is the last chance to impress the interview manager, by asking some distinguished questions such as:

“Are there any other forms of work that I might be asked to do?”

“How can you, as a company, build an outstanding work environment for employees?”

“I have noticed that Digitech is one of your competitors at the local level, so how do you seek to be distinguished from it?”

Make sure to ask questions that indicate you have researched the company, and show interviewers that you care about the company and the job. And if you need more help choosing questions to ask your interview manager, we’ve prepared this great list for you! 8 Tips for Handling a Job Interview

Emphasize the value you will add to the company

Besides asking distinct questions, you should also be prepared to answer the interview manager’s questions, as most managers ask applicants anything they would like to add at the end of the interview. So, be sure to prepare a list of the strengths that will make you able to do your job the best you can and share any skills and experiences that you have that you didn’t mention during the interview.

Here is an example of a sentence you can use:

“I explained how I used my research and marketing skills, but I’d like to add that I also helped plan many successful marketing campaigns to launch new products in the market.”

Inquire about the next steps

Before you leave the job interview, make sure you know the actions that will be taken from the moment the job interview ends until you receive the job, where you can ask interview managers about the time frame for making the final hiring decision or if any other interviews will take place, so you can follow up with them By email. It will not only show your interest in the job but will also make a good impression on you and show your professionalism and enthusiasm for the job. Also, you don’t have to wander all the time about whether or not you will receive a response from the company and when. 5 tips for employers to prepare for video interviews

Here is an example of a sentence you can use:

“Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to apply for this position. May I know the procedure and steps after the job interview? I would be happy to send you any additional information you may need.”

Always remember that the last moments of the interview are very important, as interview managers expect you to maintain your enthusiasm until the end of the interview, so be nice (as you should) and affirm that you are interested in getting the job. Make sure you leave the interview in a professional manner, as you can thank the interview managers for their time and ask for their contact information (email), as this information will help you follow up with the company after the interview. Also, don’t forget to shake hands with everyone who attended the interview before you leave, not just the interview manager.

As we always say, don’t be discouraged if the boss doesn’t offer you a second job interview, they will often need to follow certain procedures such as consulting with partners or interviewing other job applicants. Therefore, be sure to act positive all the time, and pay attention to your body language and the way you communicate from the beginning of the interview to the end.

Adhering to these tips will help you finish the job interview is a perfect way, and confirm one idea to interview managers: you are the right person for the job!

Do you have any other questions regarding job interviews? Write it in the comment box below!

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