5 Reasons to Use the Applicant Tracking System

Are you having a hard time managing your business tasks as a hiring manager? If you don’t have a system in place or you don’t have up-to-date software to manage the hiring process, things must not get any easier for you.

5 Reasons to Use the Applicant Tracking System

We all know that the hiring process depends on human effort, which means that there is no escape from some human errors that can cost you a lot. However, you can avoid these things if you use your company’s applicant tracking system, which allows you to find the best talent in a competitive job market!

What does the applicant tracking system mean?

An applicant tracking system is software used to simplify the recruitment process by saving and organizing candidate information. This could include things like resumes and contact information.

Applicant tracking systems first appeared in the early 2000s. They revolutionized the hiring process by allowing hiring managers to dispense with tasks such as spreadsheets, paperwork, and organizational matters. With the applicant tracking system, you can refer to a single program that includes all this data in an organized and simple way. A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a GIF of Your Logo in Photoshop

The system filters most of the job applications according to the needs you specify, through a set of algorithms that help you save time and effort.

What are the benefits of the applicant tracking system?

Most Fortune 500 companies use applicant tracking systems to simplify the hiring process and make it convenient for the hiring manager. In addition, we have included more benefits that make using an applicant tracking system a must for any business! Top 10 Questions to Ask Candidates During a Job Interview

Time Saving

Automating the processes that take place within companies reduces the clerical things that hiring managers have to do, such as scheduling, organizing calls, filtering candidate requests, and other things that can be done through a neat system and in an organized manner.

The applicant tracking system will create profiles of all job candidates in your company and exclude candidates who do not match the criteria you set. Imagine that this smart system can schedule interviews as well as communicate with candidates automatically and add a personal touch to the communication process. 3 types of job interviews and how to prepare for each one

Reduce costs

An applicant tracking system helps you see how candidates have applied to your job opening, allowing you to save money on unnecessary channels that are often not useful. This way, your company also saves money instead of spending it on strategy and advertising.

Moreover, when the efforts of the hiring team are leveraged for other things, it will increase your company’s productivity and performance – indirectly saving money. What is data-driven recruitment and how do you benefit from it?

Improve candidate experience

The candidate’s experience during the hiring process can have such a big impact on you as a hiring manager that you may lose out on a candidate who might not have had a good experience. If a candidate does not have a good experience, such as being constantly contacted by the hiring manager or having the right channels, the whole experience may be considered bad.

The applicant tracking system provides specialized email forms, the ability to create a candidate profile, as well as the ability to carry out all communications with a personal touch that compensates for the presence of the hiring manager. So, you don’t have to worry about losing candidates due to default during the recruitment process anymore.

Create a recruitment platform for your company

Most candidates provide the same information to you and your competitors, which may not be appropriate for you and your company’s needs. To get the right information you need, you need to create a recruitment platform for your company.

An applicant tracking system can help you build this platform to retain the right candidates instead of sharing them with other companies. This platform will also help you to market your brand well. iOS vs Android: Which System Is More Secure?

Better data analysis

Using applicant tracking systems will help you simplify getting the information you need to make a critical hiring decision such as:

  • Which recruitment platforms enable you to get the most number of candidates?
  • Any job advertisement that enables you to get the largest number of job applicants?
  • What is the total cost of hiring a new candidate?
  • What is the optimal time to hire?
  • Why do candidates reject job offers?

This information is extremely important when it comes to the hiring process and will help you make better hiring decisions in the future. There is no better way than an applicant tracking system, to accurately collect all this information, organize it, put it in order, and provide you with the ability to refer to it whenever you want.

Use the right applicant tracking system!

With the right system in the right way, you can achieve amazing results! Therefore, using an applicant tracking system is the best decision an HR manager can make.

So what are you waiting for? Remember, software like Talentera is the best for finding the best talent and achieving recruitment goals in the most effective way!

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