5 tips for employers to prepare for video interviews

Many employers have avoided face-to-face job interviews since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Pandemic aside, video interviews are now a great solution to avoid arranging to host dozens and possibly hundreds of candidates face to face in the workplace.

Digital recruitment has already revolutionized the corporate world, with video interviews becoming more important than ever due to the features it brings. According to a Job Portal survey, 84% of respondents have noticed an increase in the number of video interviews in the past year. This sudden rise is inevitably due to the many benefits that these interviews offer to both employers and job seekers. Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

By completing job interviews via video technologies, job seekers will have higher levels of comfort, security, and confidence while conducting these interviews. On the other hand, employers can save a lot of travel and time expenses and ensure the health and safety of both parties. 8 Tips for Handling a Job Interview

Tips to prepare for video interviews

If you are a business owner or work in a recruitment department, you can take advantage of the following five tips for more effective video interviews.

Do a technical pre-check

Nearly 50% of the survey respondents indicated that it is very important to do a technical pre-check of the video interview equipment. It is also sensitive and may affect your reputation.

Imagine conducting a video interview, where the candidate is present and ready to answer your questions, and you are the one who has technical problems with audio or internet connection during the interview!

To avoid such an embarrassing scenario, it is necessary to conduct a pre-technical check of your entire equipment. Here are the 3 most important steps you should check:

  • Make sure your device’s audio, camera, and internet connection are all working fine.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged.
  • Navigate through the video platform and learn how to use it.

And don’t forget to make a test video call to make sure all the equipment is working perfectly. And you can sign up for leading video interview platforms like Evalufy to make sure you have the perfect experience.

Choose a quiet location away from clutter

Just as you expect the candidate to prepare and prepare in advance for the interview, you are also required to do so.

Sitting in a quiet, clean, and well-lit space will make for a distraction-free video call, which is absolutely necessary in order to communicate effectively with the candidate for the position and conduct a successful job interview. 3 Applications Increasing In Recruitment Processes

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Remove any junk items in the wallpaper.
  • Reduce the background size and focus the image on you.
  • Close the room door to avoid any disturbance.
  • Make sure to keep your phone in silent mode.

These are some basic etiquette that will prove your professionalism during the interview process.

Prepare interview questions in advance

Video interviews are more like in-person meetings, but from behind the screen. Preparing for this mini-meeting is essential to ensure its success and the desired outcome.

In face-to-face job interviews, preparing questions is a routine procedure and always has positive payoffs. The same is the case with video interviews, you should continue to follow this custom and not abandon it. 7 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Here are some helpful points you can keep in mind as you prepare for these questions:

  • Make sure to keep these questions close to you to reach them easily.
  • Ask questions regularly to make sure the conversation doesn’t get out of context.
  • Usually, start with general questions to break the deadlock.
  • Write an introductory introduction to welcome the candidate.

In addition to these questions, don’t forget to keep the position’s job description and applicant’s resume close to you.

Make sure to email the candidate about the video interview

Video interviews provide a lot of convenience to the candidates as they can conduct them in the comfort of their home, but it is different for you as an employer or an official in the recruitment department, you have the responsibility to maintain professionalism during these virtual job interviews.

First, be sure to send an email to the candidate stating the date of the interview, the platform used to conduct it, and any other necessary details. This letter will be an important step to building trust and leaving a positive impression of you on the other party. Are you looking for a new job this year? Avoid these mistakes

It is also important to send other emails after the interview explaining the developments in the recruitment process, as conducting these remote interviews in times of the pandemic puts a lot of pressure on candidates in the event that they do not receive any updates on the outcome of their interview.

Pay attention to your body language and smile

There are essential differences that you should consider between video and face-to-face interviews. In video interviews, for example, you cannot use the usual gestures that you would make when sitting in a chair in front of the candidate, so it is important to pay attention to facial expressions and use them correctly, as they are all that the other party sees.

Maintain a warm, welcoming smile to calm the candidate’s nerves, as you will maintain positivity throughout the interview. Also, speak at a slower pace than usual, as your speech here is all the other person receives.


Video interviews are now a reality, and we believe they will represent the future of employment. The above tips are simple but essential to stand out from your competition, as they will help you make a great first impression on your company to candidates. And as remote work jobs continue to grow, these virtual interviews will be with us for a long time.

It is therefore important to continue learning about this new technology and preparing for it in advance. Despite all these technical aspects, don’t forget to always add a “human” touch to these video interviews by using the leading platforms.

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