6 essential tips for writing a unique cover letter

It is said that first impressions last, and when it comes to a great job nothing makes a good impression like a well-designed resume and well-written cover letter, that’s what motivates the employer to hire you then – well that’s probably an exaggeration in my part – but what I think this is It’s someone’s reaction when they see my resume and cover letter online. Most Valuable Job Search Tips

Updating a resume is the number one job seekers do to get a job, but they ignore the cover letters, I’ve heard many stories of job seekers sending the same cover letter that was written the first time after college when applying for jobs today! As a result, they lose the opportunity to show off their great achievements and personality!

Tips for writing a unique cover letter

We can’t allow this, can we? We’ll give you 6 tips on how to write a great cover letter to help you boost your chances of getting a job that suits you.

Show your personality

The nature of the human mind is to be indifferent to anything that does not arouse its concern or concern; In other words, anything that doesn’t get attention quickly gets ignored and not given attention again, which is exactly how employers evaluate their job applicants. How can I use Indeed to find a job?

You might ask, “So how can I be unique and get their attention?”

Well you can do one thing and that is to speak (or write in this case) as if you are talking to your friend, of course, you should keep a professional tone in your cover letter; But you can explain your experience and your accomplishments in smooth and simple language, but without adding unimportant or inappropriate details.

Trust me, you will easily stand out from your competition if you maintain a balance between spontaneity and professionalism.

Avoid using ready-made templates

It’s easy to find a one-size-fits-all cover letter template, we can fill in the blanks and use it for a dozen or more jobs to save time, and you might think it’s smart to do that, right? 8 Business ideas to start safely in 2022

Not really, I advise you to avoid doing this entirely

Instead of using ready-made cover letter templates that recruiters have seen a million times before, try to stand out in your own way. It’s okay to look at other examples for inspiration, but remind yourself that you’re writing the cover letter. Although there are plenty of specific formats for writing a cover letter (for example you can start and end all cover letters the same way), there are no rules to using the same phrases and formulas that everyone else does; So make sure to write unique content that always grabs the reader’s attention.

Do your homework

Make sure you do thorough research to find out who is going to read your email and be sure to read all the details of the advertised job carefully, and know the company’s vision, mission, and data.

Why? This way, you can better express your unique skills and experience that help achieve the company’s mission, and you can even use individual job requirements and link them to your professional history, work experience, and technical knowledge. 3 Excellent Cover Letter Examples

Keep tidy and organized

Cover letters often contain long sentences, which makes them difficult to understand, which prompts the reader to read them quickly (or skip them if they are bad); Since it requires a lot of effort and thought.

Let’s see what you can do…

Shorten your sentences, avoid using complex and long sentences, and replace them with commas and periods where possible, so you don’t lose your smooth tone. Try not to use seemingly complicated adverbs and adjectives, and focus on active verbs and nouns instead. Showing enthusiasm may be advisable but never use exclamation points.

Avoid repetition of CV

A cover letter is a great opportunity to present your personal experiences that express your expertise in your field while at the same time drawing the reader’s attention to resume reading. So, avoid copying and pasting the data on your resume, and instead explain how you managed to achieve the accomplishments listed on your resume.

Remember: The goal is to demonstrate your strengths and convince the employer of your ability to successfully complete the tasks mentioned in the job description.

Be creative (especially when you don’t have the necessary qualifications)

You must have come across very promising job postings but were frustrated that you didn’t meet the full list of prerequisites. What if I told you that you still had a good chance of actually standing out (even competing against more qualified candidates than you) if the employer really saw what you were trying to explain?

How? Mention your previous experiences or achievements in other areas of your life, and link them to a specific strength point that you have that will greatly help you in performing the tasks of this position to the fullest, such as if you started an entire project on your own in the past, in this way, you will show that you are an entrepreneur and need General to a little bit of motivation just because you already have motivation. Remember that the cover letter is your chance to highlight these accomplishments.

Let’s get to work!

The sole purpose of the cover letter is to get the attention of employers so that they can reach you in person and give you an interview, test, etc. So be sure to follow all the tips that support this goal, such as: being distinguished, following different writing styles, or even using a distinctive tone.

If you need more tips on how to make a positive first impression with an employer, you can browse the How To Write A Cover Letter When Making A Career Change? on the Gemsleek Blog.

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