7 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

One of the most important and effective ways to assess a candidate’s ability to fill a particular position is to conduct interviews, so it is always important to prepare well for them. Unfortunately, many recruiters focus on getting to know the candidates and asking them the right questions, ignoring one of the key factors for a successful interview, which is answering the candidates’ questions in the best way. Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

7 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

The answers you provide here to candidates’ questions greatly influence how they feel about the job and the company. So you need to anticipate these questions and know how to answer them.

Below we’ll review seven common questions for candidates and how to answer them.

What is the nature of the management approach in the company?

This question is very popular as it helps candidates to know what work culture exists in their future workplace. Your answer should explain how strong your company’s management structure is and how well the company supports its employees. This question also provides you with an opportunity to get to know the candidate in front of you and whether he or she would be successful in the management style of the company. 8 Tips for Handling a Job Interview

There are many great and ideal management models that you can talk about here, but it would be best when answering this question to talk about the foundations and good management practices that are implemented in your company. Some of these practices include, for example, continually motivating employees, demonstrating emotional intelligence when dealing with them, assuming responsibilities, striving to make the best decisions, and others. Find out what positive practices you have before answering this question. How to Increase Employee Engagement?

What are the qualities of a successful employee for this position in your opinion?

When candidates ask this question, they are trying to know your expectations about the future work roles they have to do and the accomplishments they are expected to achieve, and they also want to know how difficult the tasks required of them in the position will be. This question is an opportunity for you to speak clearly about how to achieve success in the position they are trying to work in, as well as to provide tips on how to achieve this success. It is also a great opportunity to articulate the company’s culture, values, priorities, and future expectations. Clarity here may save you a lot of time in laying off the employee and returning to look for someone else in the event that the employee does not agree with the company’s aspirations or the job does not represent the role he had in mind. Most Valuable Job Search Tips

Is this post new? And if not, how did it evolve over time?

With this question, candidates seek to see how your company deals with change and how receptive it is to it. It also shows them the values ​​and foundations that you care about, and that following them will help them achieve success in this position from your point of view. Here you should clearly explain to them the areas of growth and development through this position, if any, and also give them some reassuring words about the support you will provide them to develop themselves through this position.

What are the company’s values?

Company values ​​play an important role that will help you attract and retain exceptional employees to your company. And the employees’ belief after their appointment in these values ​​will be one of the main reasons for their desire to continue working with this company and not leave it. All employees want to work with companies that demand fair and achievable accomplishments, adhere to their stated values, provide recognition, rewards, and support programs for their employees, and have strong management. Keep these points in mind when you talk about your company’s values ​​to candidates. 3 Applications Increasing In Recruitment Processes

How will I make other employees’ tasks easier with my new job?

This question will provide you with an opportunity to introduce the candidate to his team members and the value he can bring to the company. Introduce the candidate here to colleagues who will share the same goals, who will help him learn, who will provide support and communication in the workplace, and employees who will receive support and learn from him. Also, provide a clear explanation of the relationships that the candidate needs to foster to work as part of a team in the workplace. In your answer here, you should explain the working relationships the new employee will need to succeed in the workplace.

What are the challenges the company is currently facing?

Be honest and direct when answering this question, challenges are natural and every company has some. You might feel like describing your company as a perfect one, but you really shouldn’t. There is no need to give full details about the difficult situation of the company as it may frighten the candidate! But you have to stick to a bit of frankness, which will be to your advantage later on. You can talk about some of the difficulties the company is currently facing and what steps are already being taken to overcome them. Telling the candidate the truth here will help you get a happy employee who loves their work later, and will be prepared to deal with the company’s difficulties since they initially agreed to them.

How often will my job performance be evaluated?

There are many models that companies can use to evaluate the job performance of their employees, and they differ with different companies’ resources, structures, and the number of employees. When answering this question, provide the candidate with the actual procedures that are followed in your company for evaluating employee performance. Describe the company’s method for evaluating the performance of its employees and what procedures are followed to implement it.


Be open to the candidates’ questions, as they are an important part of the job interview. You should also prefer employees who ask questions over counterparts who don’t ask any questions or who ask obvious questions that indicate they haven’t researched before coming to the interview. In the end, you want to choose the best candidate for your vacancy, and the questions that candidates give you may show you some aspects that you were ignorant of about them.

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