Ambulance Driver: What Is It? and How to Become One?

Let’s find out What Does an Ambulance Driver Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities? What Is It? & How to Become an Ambulance Driver? It’s meaning and jobs.

What Does Ambulance Driver Mean?

An ambulance driver is a person who uses the vehicles that ensure the transfer of patients to health institutions. Ambulance drivers receive special training related to their job. The ambulance driver is the professional officer responsible for transporting the patient to the relevant location. Ambulance drivers are generally well-equipped to drive under stress. Ambulance drivers need to be skilled in driving and reach the destination as quickly as possible. The training they have received is geared towards advanced driving techniques as well as methods of coping with stress and traffic.

What Does an Ambulance Driver Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Ambulance drivers must be careful not to shake the patient while carrying. For this, he is obliged to keep his level of attention at a high level. The main responsibilities of the ambulance driver are as follows;

  • Keeping the ambulance always ready for duty in line with the notification and call received,
  • To be transferred to the duty place with the ambulance team in line with the calls received,
  • To reach the called address on time with the help of the city plan or the maps,
  • Cleaning the necessary equipment together with the ambulance,
  • Using beacons or sirens when necessary,
  • To control the materials that should be available in the center but are exhausted,
  • Always ready for the next task,
  • To perform routine maintenance of the vehicle or to have it done.

What are the Conditions to Become an Ambulance Driver?

All individuals who have at least a Class B driver’s license have the right to attend the training and obtain the necessary certificates in order to become ambulance drivers. You can become an ambulance driver if you get a Class B driver’s license and first aid certificate from private institutions. Priority is given to those who have graduated from health vocational high schools or who have completed their education with an associate degree.

What Training Is Required To Become An Ambulance Driver?

In order to be an ambulance driver, there is a requirement to be educated in the Emergency Medical Technician departments of universities. Individuals who have completed their education can become ambulance drivers after preparing some necessary documents. The courses given in the Emergency Medical Technician Department are as follows:

  • Emergency patient care
  • Emergency health services,
  • Introduction to anatomy,
  • Introduction to physiology,
  • First and emergency special pharmacology,
  • Psychology
  • Physical education
  • Basic English

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