Analytical Method Validation Specialist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

Let’s find out What Does an Analytical Method Validation Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities? What Is It? & How to Become an Analytical Method Validation Specialist? It’s meaning and jobs.

What does Analytical Method Validation Specialist Mean?

An analytical method validator is a professional who performs tests to measure the performance of a method. Analytical method validation specialist tests products and performs performance follow-ups.

Validation means “development”. The main purpose of the analytical method validator is to test the performance of products, improve them and make them more efficient. For this, it makes some measurements and tests using certain variables. Identifies the shortcomings of the tested method. It enables the design of projects to eliminate these deficiencies and to increase the efficiency to be obtained from the products. Analytical method validation specialists can work in many fields, but they can find the most job opportunities in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Analytical method validation specialist usually works in the quality control departments of companies.

What Does an Analytical Method Validation Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

An analytical method validation specialist, whose main task is to test and develop tests, determines the quality and efficiency of the method he examines by measuring the performance. Some of the duties of the analytical method validator are:

  • To test the quality of the projects to be developed and to identify their deficiencies,
  • Following and reporting the entire analytical method validation process,
  • Archiving and keeping the records of all tests and measurements made,
  • To analyze the analytical methods of the new contract products to be produced,
  • To keep the samples of the products whose stability is monitored.

Requirements to Become an Analytical Method Validation Specialist

If you graduate from the Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering departments of universities, you can work as an analytical method validation specialist.

What Training Is Required To Become An Analytical Method Validation Specialist?

To become an analytical method validation specialist, you need a 4-year undergraduate education in Pharmacy, Chemistry, or Chemical Engineering. In addition, you can obtain an Analytical Method Validation Certificate, although it is not mandatory. Some of the courses you will take within the scope of certification training are: Evaluation of Method Validation, Method Validation Parameters, Use of Validation Results, Planning of Method Validation, Preparation of Validation Reports, and Evaluation of Validation in ISO Standards.

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