Are you looking for a new job this year? Avoid these mistakes

Like many other employees, you may now be looking forward to a new job and experience. If you have already started the process of searching and submitting applications, or not yet; There are some mistakes that you should avoid during the job search process. We are all prone to making mistakes, it is part of our human nature. But falling for some in the process of looking for a new job can be costly, the market is very competitive now, and many want the same opportunity that you are looking for. So a few small mistakes may be the answer to your question about why your job applications are frequently rejected. 8 Tips for Handling a Job Interview

Now that you know the sensitivity of the matter and its impact on your future career, we will go through some common mistakes that you should avoid to get an interview at a place you have always wanted, in addition to saving a lot of time that you would have spent sending rejected job applications. Following are the most prominent mistakes that every job seeker should avoid:

Searching for jobs without making a plan

The process of searching for a new job can take a lot of time, so having a plan in advance about the process is an important factor that is worth dedicating some time to. An advance plan will help you organize and reduce the difficulty of your job search, as well as improve your chances of getting the job that you think is ideal for you. Unfortunately, many job seekers now skip this process and immediately start sending job applications randomly.

To create an effective plan for your research process, you must begin by identifying your career goals, experience, skills, and capabilities. This will help you a lot to direct your research process on the right track. Your next step is to carefully identify the companies that you really want to work for, this will help you target them. This step begins by getting to know these companies more through their official websites or accounts on Job Portal, or even through their social media pages. It would be great if, in the course of this research, you learned some information about their managers. Why all that?! Because this step will save you a lot of time that you would have spent sending applications and interviewing companies that you may think principles and culture do not match what you are looking for.

One of the most important “weapons” that you can use during your search for a new job is to create your own brand! This brand will be what distinguishes your application from the rest of the competing applications, and here are several ways in which you can set up this brand:

  • Create a personal website that talks only about you, and about the skills and experiences that you can offer.
  • Promote your personal projects and achievements through various social media accounts.
  • Publish articles in your professional field on some professional platforms such as Quora and Medium.

Thus, you have designed a plan in advance that will help you in the process of searching for your new job successfully. Make a list of the companies to which you have already sent your applications, and indicate what stage of communication you have reached with each of these companies and what your next step is towards them. How can I use Indeed to find a job?

There are some errors in your CV

The next common mistake every job seeker should avoid is making mistakes on her resume. The employee involved in hiring you has not yet met you, and this resume is your only representative. Therefore, the presence of some errors in it will greatly limit the responses that you will receive. No matter how many times you have reviewed your resume, recruiters in various sectors always express their shock at the number of fatal errors they find in many resumes submitted to them.

I’m going to ask you here to go back together on your CV to check that there are none of the following errors in it:

  • Add experiences that are not related to the job you are looking for.
  • Mention some of the achievements without providing any evidence to prove their credibility.
  • Use of inappropriate font or inconsistent spacing between lines.
  • Include some unrealistic buzzwords.
  • Write unclear dates about periods of unemployment, such as writing years without specifying months.
  • Include some common skills, such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
  • Not clearly expressing the gaps in your career and the career changes you’ve made.
  • Mention the achievements without mentioning any numbers or details about them.
  • Include some personal hobbies that are not related to the job.
  • Inaccurately displaying some information, such as highlighting your previous company name in bold instead of highlighting your position.
  • Finally, include incorrect information on your resume.

Do not ask any questions to the Recruitment Officer

The candidate who asks some questions to the person responsible for his employment is far superior to his peers who apply for the same position and did not ask any questions. When you ask these questions – Job Portal formal ones – you show your supervisor your intelligence, enthusiasm, and your true desire for this job. In addition, when you ask questions during the interview, you give yourself the opportunity to clarify your ideas and aspirations for this job. It also allows you to get a closer look at some of the information you don’t know about the company and whether it really matches what you’re looking for. Business Name Generator: How To Name a Business In 7 Simple Steps

Here are some effective questions you can ask a recruiter:

  • What is the company’s sales volume?
  • What is the company’s culture and what are its goals?
  • What is the significance of this position?
  • What are the procedures followed to receive complaints and feedback in the company?
  • What do you want me to achieve in the first three months of work?
  • Did I say anything in the interview that you thought would affect my chances of being accepted for this job?

Not communicating with the company after the interview

When you are invited for an interview, it is an indication that the company believes that you are a potential candidate for the position. If you do not receive a response after the interview from the company, this does not mean that you have been excluded from the competition for this job, as the hiring officials found in you what distinguishes you, which is why they called you to this interview. Therefore, always make sure to contact the company shortly after completing the interview. If the recruiters are confused between you and other candidates, your contact with the company again will certainly constitute a positive point that may tip your weight on them. This is in addition to your communication after the interview, which will show your seriousness and enthusiasm for this job, and will allow you to add any points that you did not have the opportunity to mention in the interview.

Include references for communication without their permission

Your image won’t look good when recruiters reach out to one of the reference contacts you included on your resume to find that you haven’t coordinated beforehand about adding them. This will show a lack of coordination and planning when preparing your resume, which could cost you the job. So make sure to take the prior permission of your reference contacts and send them your CV so that they have an idea in case they receive any communication about you. Most Valuable Job Search Tips

Find jobs only after you are laid off

Another common mistake on this list is that many employees stop looking for work as soon as they are still working somewhere, which is definitely a huge mistake. In most cases, if you stop looking for a better job opportunity, you will lose your career path. Opportunities are always renewed, and if you stop looking, you will definitely miss one of these opportunities.

It is important that you activate the Job Alerts option on the Job Portal website, as this will help you learn about new job opportunities around you without the hassle of repeatedly searching for the latest opportunities. Also, check that you are using the keywords related to your position correctly, as this will help your profile to appear to the many recruiters who visit Job Portal on a daily basis in search of new talent. Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

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