Department of Computer Aided Design (MYO)

The Department of Computer Aided Design is an associate degree program and the duration of education is 2 years. This section, it is aimed to bring qualified employees to the animation, design and game sectors. The question of what is the Department of Computer Aided Design can be answered as follows; art and information technology are processed together and it is answered as a discipline that works in many fields such as cinema, advertising, games, and health.

Students are taught visual effects, computer game applications, graphic construction, animation, design, and mobile applications during the 2-year education period. In general, education is practice-based and the use of computers is at the forefront. For the candidates who want to study in the computer-aided design department, it is advantageous for candidates to have an artistic direction and a predisposition to computer language. Students who are trained in this direction step into business life as individuals who can put their creativity at the forefront and have the equipment needed by companies.

How long is the education period of the Department of Computer Aided Design?

The total duration of education of the department, which provides extensive information about design methods, modelling and animation, is 2 years. Computer Aided Design base scores vary by university. Computer Aided Design should keep in mind that ranking information may change every year. Computer Aided Design (2-year base scores), which are taught only as formal education, are equivalent to the score of the candidate who was placed in the department with the lowest score in the exam period of the previous year. People who want to complete their education to undergraduate can take the Vertical Transfer Exam. Among the undergraduate departments that can be transferred; are Visual Communication, Animation, Cartoon and Animation, Graphic Arts, Media and Communication, Photography and Video, Visual Arts and Visual Communication, New Media, Software Engineering, Advertising Design and Communication Departments.

What are the Courses of the Department of Computer Aided Design?

In order to graduate from the computer-aided design department, it is necessary to fill 120 ECTS. However, some universities have a summer internship application and some have a graduation project. During the 2-year education period, the courses that students will be responsible for are as follows:

  • Basic Design,
  • Basic Photography,
  • Organic Modeling,
  • Computer Processing Programs,
  • Computer Aided Design/Animation,
  • Mathematics
  • Visual Effects Techniques,
  • Printing Techniques,
  • Technical Drawing,
  • 3D Modeling,
  • Information Technologies,
  • Visual Design,

There are lessons. In general, although the names of the applied training are named with different names in some universities, the course contents are similar. Those who successfully pass all the courses obtain the “Associate Degree in Computer Aided Design”. Those who graduate have titles such as “Design Specialist” and “Animation Specialist”.

What Does a Graduate of the Department of Computer Aided Design Do?

The department is an associate degree program focused on creativity and design. Students become experts in their field by learning animation, design, graphics and game making, and modelling. The question of what Computer Aided Design does is answered by drawing, animation production, graphic design, advertising and design content preparation in digital agencies. These people, who have the opportunity to work full-time or independently, can do modelling in design and architecture offices.

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Computer-Aided Design Department?

With the advancement of technology, studies and projects in the fields of games, animation and design bring vitality to the sectors. For this reason, computer-aided design job opportunities also increase. In general, people who work in the private sector have job opportunities in advertising and digital social media agencies, television and film production sector, and game and animation companies. Computer-aided design salary amounts may vary according to the sector and vary according to the competencies and experiences of the people. Graduates of the department, who have the opportunity to work as a design specialist, can also work in the position of animation and visual design specialists in different fields. People who want to direct their career in this field can access animation and visual design job advertisements through the the job portal page.

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