Find out the best time to apply for a job in Dubai

February is around the corner, but I still think we are in 2021, are we really in 2022? It seems that the elderly were right when they said that life passes quickly. However, this is rather good news because February presents a  golden and special opportunity for job seekers.

If you are aspiring to get a job in Dubai, you are very lucky. Below I will explain why now is the best time to apply for a job in the modern, sprawling desert capital called the City of Gold.

January and February are the best months. but why?

Actually, there are a few reasons:

First, the start of the new year marks the end of the holiday season. This means that hiring managers will return to their desks to find a large backlog of vacancies (which has been accumulating during the holidays, of course) and it also means that the hiring teams will be fully operational by mid-January. Eventually, when the “break time” ends at the end of the year, so to speak, recruitment activity sees a strong comeback. The Best Skin Care Products for Summer

Employment in Dubai is temporary

Second, Dubai has a “temporary” workforce.  This means that most workers do not reside in Dubai in the long term, and therefore eventually return home. This means that after New Year’s Eve, summer holidays, or any other holiday period new vacancies appear everywhere,  as companies strive to fill them. How to optimize your summer activities

Bonuses are paid at the end of the year

Third, employees are compensated with annual bonuses, and this amount of money gives them the privilege to pack their bags and go elsewhere to find a better job. And as I said earlier, it’s peak hiring time, people are taking positions as well as leaving them. But what about those old jobs they leave? These positions become vacant automatically. How to start and promote a summer side business

Speaking of financial intermediaries (not only that they are not necessarily used as such, but some still use them for this purpose)… Staffing budgets are also approved for January and February. This is important for one reason: during this period, hiring managers are looking for new talent in the corporate world. Also consider it a race, if you will, where the staffing budget is the flag of the race to indicate that the race has started (and it has already started, a month ago. So you better find that job quickly, right?).

Dubai has great weather at the beginning of the year

Dubai only has great weather in January, February, March, and possibly  April. Otherwise, the weather will only be great in your home and you can feel the coolness of the air conditioner surrounding you in every nook and cranny.

Anyway, in January and February, you have the freedom to move around town and do face-to-face job interviews as you like, without having to worry about the heat. Unfortunately, you won’t find this privilege in other months. So I suggest you hop on a plane and enjoy the beauty of the climate. How to Increase Employee Engagement?

If you can do that then I definitely encourage you!

(Want to avoid the weather altogether and work from home instead? I’m going to help you make it happen. Check out this blog to see if your career is on’s Top 15 Work From Home List!)

What about March, April, and May?

While January and February are often the peak hiring months, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in the months that follow, which are also good last months to find candidates before the summer (before the hiring cycle starts again). This is good news in case you don’t find a suitable opportunity by March. As stated in one article, hiring teams will still look to fill as many roles as possible before “the start of the summer vacation and travel season”. Natural Stones and Properties by Zodiac Sign

On a final note, don’t go to Dubai in the summer

It gets very hot in the summer. So hiring managers to travel many miles to escape the 40-degree heat, and it’s also a chance to see their families, of course.

And if you want to get your job in Dubai before the summer arrives, you can check out the best Jobs Portal and other job search tips.

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