How can programmers and engineers apply for a golden Visa in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates has officially launched the National Program for Programmers, which will provide 100,000 programmers with a Golden Visa.

Accordingly, the programmers who are eligible for the golden visa must be professional experts who have achieved success in different areas of programming. Updated List of Countries That Grant Free Citizenship 2022

Or they should be employees of international technology companies or graduates of the fields of software engineering, computer science, or hardware engineering

and other areas related to programming.

The National Program for Coders aims to help create 1,000 new digital companies in the UAE over the next five years.

How to apply?

  • Qualified programmers can apply through the Artificial Intelligence Office or through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Visa Overview

The United Arab Emirates has announced a new initiative to attract more software developers and programmers to the country over the next five years.

Under the new National Program for Programmers, the government will provide golden visas to 100,000 foreign nationals in the fields of software engineering and computer science.

Note that the UAE Golden Visa is a long-term renewable residence permit valid for five or ten years depending on the criteria of the foreign citizen and the category of application. Automotive Accountant Job Description

What are the changes in visa issuance?

Historically, Golden visas were only issued to investors, entrepreneurs, exceptional students, and professionals with talents in the sciences.

Now, under the National Program for Coders, up to 100,000 people from anywhere in the world who have documented success and experience in the fields of programming and computer science will be able to obtain a golden visa in the UAE.

Promising opportunities

The UAE continues to create new opportunities to attract and retain more foreign talent in various fields of technology

It is looking to diversify its economy and develop more opportunities for development and employment.

Therefore, employers in the field of computer science who wish to expand their presence in the UAE should request these golden visas for the qualified employees of their companies. Why should every engineer learn the Python programming language?

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