How can you develop your personal brand?

In the past period; Having a certain academic success, working in a single company for a long time, and getting promoted in the sequence was a sign of stability, and in this case, we could say that we had a successful career. Now things are a little more complicated! Now you have to create a strong “Personal Brand” for success in your career life! Gamification in business: A profitable method in human resources management

At the point we have arrived at today, it is not possible to say that you have a successful career life if you are no longer committed to a single academic field if you have not created continuous development routes, if you do not have a good command of more than one field related to your profession and if you have not had the chance to experience more than one institution. Working within different corporate cultures, exploring cultural diversity, gaining experience, developing a network, and continuing the development process have become inevitable factors of a successful career. At this point, creating a personal brand has become one of the most valuable steps to creating a sustainable career process. Also, Read – What Does a Customer Success Specialist Do, Job Description and Skills Needed

What is a personal brand?

We can use the term “professional identity” for a personal brand. The sum of your attitudes and behaviors, experiences and achievements, values, level of awareness, way of thinking, and personal image, that is, how you reflect yourself in your sector, market, and institution, is equal to your personal brand.

There are 3 important factors in order to create your personal brand. These are labor, time, and sustainability. A personal brand is a development process, not something you can quickly build and finish. Creating a Personal Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide

What should you pay attention to create your personal brand?

  • Learn to produce, create value, don’t be afraid to try new things,
  • Develop as much target-oriented and wide network as possible,
  • Pay attention to the communication channels to be stronger, dynamic, and positive,
  • Do not neglect to think differently about differentiation in every work you do by using your individual experience and experience,
  • Try to be empathetic to events and situations by emphasizing your emotional intelligence,
  • Remind yourself and your environment of your goals, goals, and dreams at regular intervals,
  • Give importance to your personal image,
  • Create a sustainable plan and adapt to the plan,
  • By creating a regular learning and development path for yourself, pave the way for continuous learning and development,
  • Focus on improving your environment as well as yourself,
  • Use social media and technology activities and in the right areas,
  • Man expands as much as the sum of the people around him. So make sure you are in the right environment. (Otherwise you may start going backward rather than forwards.)

We can list the benefits of creating a correct personal brand as follows:

  • You can do steps 4 and 5 of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, (Dignity and Self-Realization)
  • You will be different and noticeable in a competitive environment,
  • You can further solidify your foundations in your position,
  • You can open better doors for your life,
  • You can increase your earnings,
  • You can increase the demand for you and your experience,
  • You can create a stronger network.

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