How Much is a Consumer Services Staff Salary? 2022 Job Postings and Salaries

If you are wondering how much is the Consumer Services Staff salary, you are at the right place. In this content, you can easily access Consumer Services Staff job descriptions, monthly average salaries, and Consumer Services Staff job postings.

What is the job description of a Consumer Services Person, What does a Consumer Services Person do, and which section is required to be a Consumer Services Person? Also, What documents are required to have the profession of Consumer Services Staff? Moreover, We have gathered all this information for you in our article.

Definition of Consumer Services Personnel

Following the developments related to the profession, serving according to the characteristics of the consumer group and consumer rights, cleaning and arranging the aisle, providing the supply of goods and services, carrying out the product return, complaint, special order, transportation and delivery, filing and archiving processes of the customers, It is a qualified person who packs or packs, arranges sales documents, and has the competencies to provide customer satisfaction by following the complaints processes brought to the arbitration committees for consumer problems.

How Much is a Consumer Services Staff Salary? 2022 Consumer Services Staff Salaries

The average monthly salary of a Consumer Services Staff is 6000 _TL. The lowest Consumer Services Staff salary is 5500 _TL, and the highest is 6500 _TL. Also, If you want to receive a salary like the salaries above. You can look at İŞKUR Consumer Services Personnel job postings and plan your career here.

Task and Process Steps:

Moreover, Consumer Services Staff; In line with the general working principles of the enterprise, by using the tools, equipment and equipment effectively, in accordance with the occupational health, safety and environmental protection regulations and the productivity and quality requirements of the profession:

  • Cleaning the aisle and placing the products in the aisles
  • Planning the visual presentation of the product
  • To control the shelf life of the products
  • Making the receipt or labelling of the products
  • Also, Provides information about the goods/services to be sold, helps the consumer to make a decision
  • To give information about the goods or services and to answer the questions of the consumer
  • To inform about the price and payment terms
  • Also, To perform payment transactions and sales transactions
  • To carry out the work of placing the orders
  • To deliver the goods sold
  • To inform about the delivery date of the undelivered goods
  • To do the packaging work,
  • To follow the delivery and assembly works,
  • Evaluate the complaints made by consumers and seek solutions,
  • To make a breakdown of the goods sold,
  • Also, Calculating the daily sales prices and recording the sales receipts in the goods issue book, comparing them with the reconciliation report, reporting them to the accounting,
  • Evaluating consumer requests regarding maintenance and repair needs of products under warranty, making necessary guidance
  • Also, Evaluating consumer requests regarding maintenance and repair needs of products out of warranty, making necessary guidance
  • Determining stocks and needs
  • Also, To work to determine customer satisfaction
  • To implement activities related to occupational health and safety
  • To work in accordance with the rules of the Quality Management System
  • Moreover, Carrying out professional development activities, etc. performing tasks and procedures
  • Current Occupation: YES


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