How to Become an Academician? What are the Conditions for Academicianship?

How to Become an Academician? What are the Conditions for Academicianship? Would you like to be a part of the lifelong learning process?

What is academia?

The academic profession, which we can define as a faculty member, is the name given to people who teach in higher education institutions. In universities, people who give education in the field they specialize in, contribute to the literature by working in these fields and produce works are called academicians. For the academics who continue to develop themselves in line with their fields of expertise in the remaining time from their education at universities, education never ends. How can you develop your personal brand?

There are certain ranks in the academy, and although they differ according to the countries, they are as follows in Turkey;

  • Professor
  • Associate professor
  • Dr. Faculty Member
  • Instructor
  • lecturer
  • Research Assistant

These titles rise in parallel with the person’s year in the profession and the work he has done. For each title, academics engage in a serious thesis and work. They present their work to the jury and if they get approval, they get their new titles.

What does an academic do? What are their duties and responsibilities?

Being an academic is, in the shortest terms, a learning and teaching process. While continuing his studies in the field in which he is an expert, the person is responsible for transferring this to the students. In addition to their scientific work, academics have extra duties such as:

  • He should revise his education according to the requirements of the period and present it to his students in the most appropriate way.
  • It should assist students in line with their needs so that they can continue their university processes effectively.
  • In addition to assisting as a consultant in the thesis writing processes and as a guide in the project processes, the first person students apply for any problems that may arise academically are academicians. For this reason, effective communication skills are indispensable for academics.

What are the requirements for academia?

After completing four-year undergraduate education, the first step to becoming an academic is through a master’s degree. In order to enter the master’s degree, at least 70 from the ALES exam and at least 50 from the YDS exam. In addition, there is a grade point average criterion in order to be able to apply for a master’s degree; Although it varies according to the university, the person must have a minimum 2,5/4 grade point average. The school to which you will apply for a master’s degree may have different requests, for this you must follow the announcements of the schools.

You can enter academic life as a research assistant during or after your master’s degree. There is an age limit of 35 for this. After your master’s education, you must apply for a doctorate, for this, you need ALES and YDS points. In addition, you must successfully complete the written and oral exams to be given by the school.

After that, you are expected to prove your academic proficiency for each title you will receive. The time you have spent in the profession and your contributions to the scientific field during this period are of great importance. During your academic progress, you should study in the field you want to specialize in and pass the tests you have prepared as a result of these studies, with the approval of the jury.

In addition, universities have different criteria. You can learn the criteria of the relevant university on the website of the Higher Education Institutions (YÖK). What Does an Academician Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

What are the requirements to become an academic?

The most important thing to do in order to become an academic is; never to lose the sense of curiosity and the excitement of learning. This profession, which requires constant research, should definitely be done with love. For this reason, in undergraduate education, one should be meticulous about choosing the appropriate field for himself. If we think of academia as a building, undergraduate education is the foundation of this building and should be solid.

The studies you will do during your undergraduate and graduate studies will give you an answer about which field you want to specialize in. When you provide the necessary qualifications with the answer you get, you are ready for the journey of becoming an academician. On this journey, you should always keep yourself updated and nurture your area of ​​expertise. The Effect Of A Master’s Degree Abroad On Career Life

Okay, let’s feed, but how?

Let’s give an example; Imagine you are an advertiser. In order to market your product, you must know your target audience well and create messages for that target audience, right? Knowing that target audience can be achieved through good observation and knowledge. You don’t have to analyze the masses as well as a sociologist, but you need to have enough knowledge to understand who wants what.

This is the case in academia, regardless of your area of ​​expertise, you need to have an idea about the sub-branches that will feed it.

What is the required grade point average to become an academic?

There is a 70-point requirement for ALES and 50 points for YDS. In addition, although there are differences between universities, a minimum grade point average of 2.5 is required. However, keeping your GPA as high as possible will increase your chances.

How many years do you need to study to become an academic?

After four years of undergraduate education, two years of graduate education await you. After the master’s degree, you must complete a four-year doctoral education. Doctoral education takes place in two stages lecture and thesis period, and this process is one of the processes where you need to do your studies in the most efficient way. 3 Benefits of Online Education You Didn’t Know

How can I become an academic abroad?

There are certain conditions for pursuing your academic career abroad. A doctorate abroad, namely a Ph.D., consists of a long work pace and fulfilling a number of procedures.

The first step is to complete undergraduate and graduate education with a good GPA.

A minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS and a minimum of 80 in TOEFL to prove your English proficiency.

You should write a letter of intent that introduces you to the school you are applying to, and about why you want it. You should also ask your university professors to write a reference letter describing you.

After you prepare your documents, you send them to the school. If you wish, you can benefit from the institutions that provide education abroad in this process. Afterward, an online interview awaits you. If you are accepted and start a doctoral program, you may be given a scholarship or even a salary depending on your research topic. While you can apply directly to the doctoral program in the USA and Canada, you are expected to have completed the master’s program in Europe. How to create an effective strategy for the education and development of your employees in 2022

What is the salary of academicians in Turkey?

Although academician salaries vary according to the seniority of the person, they are as follows;

  • Professor (less than 2 years): 13,000 – 15,000 TL
  • Associate Professor: 5.000 – 11.000 TL
  • Faculty Member: 9.500 TL
  • Instructor: 7.900 – 8.700 TL
  • Research Assistant: 8.100 – 8.350 TL

What are the advantages of being an academic?

When you love the profession of academician, it will provide you with dozens of advantages. You can nurture your never-ending curiosity by constantly learning and passing on your knowledge to others.

The research you will do in your area of ​​expertise and sub-branches will keep your knowledge up-to-date and you will gain an intellectual background.

You train new students and witness them chart their career journeys.

You can participate in competitions with the studies you will carry out and you can get a degree in this way. At the same time, if you wish, you can carry out these studies abroad or participate in competitions there.

When you become a permanent academic, your financial concerns will decrease and you will be able to continue the studies you want to carry out more. 20+ Highest paying jobs in the world

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