How to develop an effective competency assessment strategy

Choosing the right employees to work for your company is essential to maintaining quality work and overall productivity, and this includes not only that new employees have the competency and skills needed to perform their jobs, but also that they are compatible with your work culture.

One of the best ways to know if a candidate is the right person is to implement an effective competency assessment strategy. This method will help you assess candidates’ skills to determine if a candidate is a right person for the job vacancy. The most important skills you need to manage employees remotely

Continue reading this article to learn how to develop an effective competency assessment strategy that will ensure that the best candidates are selected for your company!

What is the competency assessment strategy?

The competency assessment strategy is a set of basic procedures to check the competency of applicants for a particular job and whether their skills are suitable for that job role. However, determining whether a candidate’s personality fits the company’s culture is not easy. The Middle East and North Africa Salary Survey 2022

Companies use many different competency assessment methods to arrive at an accurate and comprehensive assessment, which enables the company to make the appropriate decision.

In this age of speed, various online platforms such as  Evalufy and Job Portal’s Video Survey feature help you in conducting these assessments in a simple way that facilitates the entire recruitment process. 5 reasons why you should hire interns in your company

Competency assessment programs differ in several things, including:

  • Structured Interviews
  • Personality tests
  • Sample evaluation of the work
  • Job role play

Structured interviews are one of the most common types of competency assessment. However, conducting interviews around the clock can be very stressful. To avoid this fatigue, the video survey feature from Job Portal and Evalufy helps you conduct one-on-one interviews with candidates.

How do you develop an effective competency assessment strategy?

Creating an effective competency assessment strategy is a must to ensure that the best candidates are selected, as nothing is more costly to an employer than hiring an unsuitable person in their company.

Implementing an effective competency assessment strategy will ensure a strong, culturally diverse workforce that can be trusted. And if you want to develop the perfect competency assessment strategy, be sure to follow these steps!

Clearly define goals and standards

Each company has its own concepts that differ according to its culture and priorities, and this applies to the concept of the “perfect employee” as well, so you need to determine what your company is looking for and identify the needs of each team. Discuss each business team’s priorities and goals with the management team to develop a clear concept. What is a high quality backlink and why it is important?

Once you have identified the skills a candidate should possess, start looking for a way to assess those skills. This is where the appropriate evaluation program comes in. If you feel that video interviews are the best option for you, you can use the Evalufy platform or Job Portal’s video survey feature to make the task easier for you. What is sales qualification? Examples of sales qualification questions

Constant communication with candidates

Ongoing communication between the hiring committee and job candidates is the key to ensuring a smooth recruitment process. It is in your interest to keep in regular contact with the applicants you want to move to another stage of employment and to inform them of their success in the previous stage.

If you maintain contact with the candidates, you will succeed in marketing your company as the best place to work, thus attracting more candidates with the best skills.

Conduct an effective recruitment process

A well-organized hiring process will ensure the best results for your company, and competency assessment is one of the most important steps in this process, but there are some factors to consider before you start looking for candidates.

Make sure to write a clear job description and publish it on job platforms such as Job Portal to start receiving suitable resumes. Once you complete this step, you can move on to competency assessment and conduct interviews via platforms like Evalufy to assess candidates’ skills.


Developing an easy and effective competency assessment strategy has a huge impact on your company’s productivity and profit rates. With the help of the Evalufy platform and Job Portal’s video survey feature, you can develop the best competency assessment strategy for your company!

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