How to enhance your CV for a student job?

What to put in a CV for a student job? This question is often the source of anxiety for students taking their first steps on the job market. Like any CV, a CV for a small student job should reflect the skills, talents, and personality of the candidate. With the help of Monster, learn how to highlight on your CV the skills and interpersonal skills that will hold the interest of recruiters. 3 Excellent Cover Letter Examples

Why highlight your CV for a student job?

Whether you are a graduate or not yet, your CV for a student job is worthy of interest, because you already have, without knowing it, professional experience that you acquired during an internship, a work-study program, a summer job, or a small job during your studies. The mere fact of having combined studies and work is already a promising sign for the recruiter who will deduce your determination.

CV for a student job

The CV for a small job is a business card highlighting on one page the school career, the studies pursued and all the jobs exercised during vacations or during schooling, whether it is a cashier, salesman, or entertainer. Take inspiration from our tips for writing a student CV that arouses the curiosity of the recruiter. Each resume should be tailored to the position you are applying for; also, avoid the “boilerplate” resume that leads nowhere. Useful Tips For Preparing A Resume

1. Talk about your transferable skills in your CV

Although not having solid professional experience, all students nevertheless have real transferable skills in different professional sectors. These skills are acquired in the context of professional and extra-professional activities. Thus, the exercise of a function of an animator demonstrates an ability to supervise a group or a team. Entrepreneurship Ideas for Young People

This is why your CV for a small job must mention the internships carried out in a company, an association, or an administration, including when they were carried out in a sector of activity different from that of your future employer. Indeed, the experience acquired in the reception service in a company can support an application for a sales or commercial position, these two activities requiring professional rigor as well as an ability to advise a public/a customer base. Most Valuable Job Search Tips

Also use your experiences and your professional internships to highlight your skills in the use of software, your punctuality, your writing quality, your mastery of foreign languages, ​​or your agility in entering computer data. Let yourself be guided by the advice that our experts have made available to you free of charge.

2. Don’t forget to mention your human qualities

Unlike professional skills, which are acquired through learning and repetition, personal qualities are unique to you and shape your personality. These soft skills have become often decisive criteria in the recruitment decision; Also, flesh out your CV by illustrating each of your soft skills using specific examples.

Thus, candidates who have carried out babysitting activities can use this experience to demonstrate their sense of responsibility, interpersonal skills, and empathy. A first-aid activity can also be used to enhance an ability to react calmly to situations that are as stressful as they are unforeseen.

For each internship or “small” job mentioned in your CV, organize a balanced presentation between the “hard” skills and the “soft” skills that you had to implement. How can I use Indeed to find a job?

3. Extra-professional activities: essential in a CV without experience

A good professional is a person who knows how to mobilize all his skills and talents to achieve his objectives within the framework of the work. Thus, in addition to hard skills and soft skills, the CV for a small job must mention the “mad” skills.

These “mad” skills are none other than the skills, or even the expertise acquired in the context of extra-professional activities and which reflect the perseverance and determination of a candidate to acquire new knowledge. Also, if you have reached a high level of qualification within the framework of the practice of a sports, computer, artistic or technical discipline, do not hesitate to mention it in your student CV.

The recruiter will, in fact, be particularly interested in candidates who have actively participated in the development of an associative project, who have taken part in an expedition abroad, who have climbed peaks as part of a roped party, or who have participated in writing a book or a computer program.

“Ordinary” hobbies are only necessary on the CV for a student job if they have added value to your personality and the company. If you are applying for a job in the environment, indicate the hobbies that demonstrate your interest in this sector of activity. Finally, do not forget to indicate the centers of interest that you share with the employer; an employer and a candidate sharing the same passion for a sport or a literary genre will always find a ground on which to meet.

Take charge of your professional destiny

Student status is never more than a transitory phase for a great professional. Also, give shine to your talents and your achievements by adding your CV to our CV library to attract the attention of recruiters.

To land the job that suits you with a company that shares your values, create your candidate profile for free now and then embark on the quest for the professional Holy Grail.

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