How to write a resume that impresses a recruiter

We talked with career consultants Alexandra Martynova and Anna Laricheva about how to write a resume, show your professional skills from the best side and find a dream job.

How to write a resume to get noticed

If you are looking for a non-creative office job, it is enough to write a resume on sites like,, and Hiring managers often receive hundreds of responses. Specialized programs are used to process resumes. The advantage of standard resumes is that they are easily integrated into these programs and displayed correctly in them. A document drawn up in a different form may not be recognized, and then the HR manager will not see it.

A non-standard format – a bright background, unusual layout, and spectacular fonts – can be used if you are going to send a resume to an employer in person, by mail, or in a messenger. This is especially true for positions in creative professions.

Do not forget that the resume should first of all be readable, and a variety of colors and fonts can interfere with this. If you are not a designer, it is better not to experiment with design, but to use ready-made templates. How to make a resume without experience? Our tips for a perfect CV

Resume Templates

Antras is an online resume builder that helps you create a sample resume. Simple interface and one concise universal template. You can download the finished PDF file for 119 rubles.

I can choose is a site where they offer to fill out a table, and then download the resume that you have compiled. There are several design options to choose from. You can download two response options for free.

Сvmaker is a site-constructor where you can create a resume yourself or order design from professionals. Access to the resource costs 199 rubles for 7 days.

Canva is a resource with a huge number of colorful templates. There are both paid and free ones. There are no content hints

Many positions require a portfolio in addition to a resume. Especially for representatives of creative professions: photographers, sculptors, craftsmen, designers, and so on. Marketing managers can enhance their CVs and show organized events and developed materials. Top managers – to demonstrate confirmation of the results they have achieved.

Samples of your work can be uploaded to the cloud. Or build a personal business card website. A link to a high-quality and well-designed portfolio will always be a plus. Phone Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Portfolio website builders

Tilda is a website builder. One site can be created for free from ready-made blocks. The paid plan has more features and functionality.

Flexbe is a website builder with an intuitive interface. Trial free period – 14 days. Then you have to pay $15 per month.

Wix is a designer with ready-made templates and a flexible customization system. It costs from 90 rubles per month, taking into account the purchase of a domain. How can I use Indeed to find a job?

What information to include in a resume

A resume is a formal document that is usually drawn up according to a fixed plan. The recruiting manager can skim it and quickly find out the basic information about the candidate. It will be more convenient for the recruiter if the applicant adheres to the format, and writes briefly, concisely, clearly, and to the point. Ideally, a resume should be one or two pages long.

Personal data

Indicate the first and last name, desired position, age, city of residence, and contact information. Try not to write too much. For example, the exact home address is not required. Marital status and the presence of children can be noted only if this would be an advantage for the position in question. For example, you are applying for a job as a teacher at a children’s club.

Attaching a photo to your resume is optional, but recommended. It is better to take a good quality portrait on a neutral background without unnecessary details.

I recommend that you do not play “Guess the salary that is comfortable for me” with the employer and immediately indicate the desired income. To get a starting point, try to find out the salary level in the market for your profession. If your wishes and the average salary are the same, you are likely to get quite a few offers. If you are applying for an above average salary, there will usually be fewer offers. Beginners usually get below the market average. Things to consider when applying for an internship


Indicate higher or secondary specialized education, even if it does not match the profile with the position you are interested in. Write about additional education and advanced training courses only if the knowledge gained is important for the vacancy. For example, if you’re a designer, write about completed Photoshop courses. But to indicate that you also learned to bake cakes and play the ukulele is optional.

Work experience

List jobs in the last ten years, starting with the most recent. Briefly describe your responsibilities and major accomplishments.

Indicate only relevant experience for the position. If in parallel with the main specialty, you worked part-time in another direction, I recommend not to mention this. So there will be no doubt that you want to work in this area.

But there are exceptions. For example, if you have worked outside your specialty for a long time, it is better to show this experience in order to close the gap. A long break from work can cause questions for the employer, because in any position, in addition to professional competencies, social & behavioral skills are developed: the ability to negotiate, work in a team, manage time, and so on. After a pause, the applicant will need to catch up with them too. From this point of view, any work experience is an advantage. Useful Tips For Preparing A Resume

If you worked part-time in different places for a couple of months, indicate this in one line. For example, “from 2019 to 2021 he worked as a sales manager”, and then a list of employers separated by commas.


Talking about your skills, do not copy the job description. As a rule, duties are described in it dryly and in too much detail. It is difficult to read such text. Remember that it takes a recruiter literally ten seconds to scan a resume. And you need to place the accents in such a way that during this time he will be interested and receive an invitation for an interview.

Professional skills are best seen in achievements. Try to write in simple language what exactly you did and what results you achieved. For example, they “managed a five-person sales team and doubled the store’s total revenue in five months.”

It is necessary to indicate not only professional but also social and behavioral skills, the so-called soft skills. These include, for example, communication skills, time management skills, self-presentation, and so on.

You should not write about what all candidates have by default: confident PC skills, the ability to search for information on the Internet, and so on. It is better to choose narrower skills that correspond to your specialty. For example, a marketer may emphasize the ability to work with visual editors. 3 things you can do to improve your CV

Additional Information

This is an optional section. Here you can talk about your hobbies, and attach reviews and recommendations from past employers.

Tell us about your hobbies if they emphasize character traits that are important for the profession. For example, one of my clients is the CEO of a construction company and also the captain of an amateur hockey team. Under his leadership, the team received the Night Hockey League Cup. Such hobbies enhance the impression of the candidate’s personality.

But the majority can say about the love of travel and photography, but for the profession, this most often does not play a role. Of course, if you are not a professional photographer or travel blogger. In most cases, hobbies that are not related to the profession can not be mentioned.

What to do if you have no work experience

If you do not have the specialized experience, you can try to correctly apply the skills you already have. Many areas are in demand, for example, the ability to manage people, communicate with clients, manage projects, and so on. Try to package irrelevant experiences in a way that will interest the employer. Tell us what you can do and how your skills can be applied in the company where you want to work.

To gain relevant experience, make a list of companies you would be interested in working for. And stay tuned for news about internships with them. You can offer your employer your services for free for a trial period. This can be remote work, part-time work, or weekend work.

Look for vacancies in companies that are ready to raise specialists from scratch. They usually offer Assistant and Junior Specialist positions.

Resources for finding internships

Future Today – vacancies, internships, and useful information for students and graduates.

Career Time – a selection of vacancies for young professionals from different fields.

Grintern – vacancies for young professionals without experience, including in foreign companies.

Another way to get a job without experience is to put together a portfolio that showcases your skills. As long as you don’t have a large number of customers, you can include work done for friends and acquaintances – for free or for a small fee. For example, if you want to be a designer, draw sample business cards for a friend, design a corporate identity for a local grocery store, or design a site layout for a college student club. Finished work will successfully complement the resume. Useful Tips For Preparing A Resume

How to increase your chances of finding a job

Don’t send out the same resume to everyone. Sharpen it for vacancies. To be noticed, the responsibilities in the vacancy and resume must match at least 70%. Pay attention to the first three to five points in the description of duties. Usually, they are the most important for the employer. Enter this information in your resume and only then respond. Of course, provided that you really have these skills.

I recommend attaching a cover letter to your resume, even if it is not specified in the requirements. The letter shows your motivation and interest in the job. In a cover letter, you need to answer two questions: how you can be helpful to the company and why the company is interesting to you.

Focus the recruiter on what matters to you. For example, if there is no professional experience yet, you can emphasize your motivation and high-quality specialized education in a cover letter.

The cover letter doesn’t have to be long. In seven to ten sentences, state what makes you stand out from other candidates. Most Valuable Job Search Tips

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