The Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree in 2022

It is generally assumed that you must be highly educated to earn a good salary. However, if you look at the labor market with a sharper eye, you will soon discover that this is not necessarily the case. There are jobs that pay handsomely but don’t require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. In some cases, these jobs even offer you the opportunity to work your way up through a vocational training or certification program. Curious about which jobs these are? In this article, we explain them further. 8 Business ideas to start safely in 2022

Highest paying jobs without a degree in 2022

Finding a well-paid job without a higher degree can be in a variety of sectors, from IT to HR and technical professions. A selection of the most important can be found here:

Software programmer

The digitization of the world around us continues at a breakneck pace. Whether it’s the latest apps, programs, or a digital work environment that allows companies to work more efficiently. The demand for talented software programmers to enable these applications continues to grow. As digitization will play an increasingly important role in our everyday lives in the future, the demand for programmers will also continue to increase.

The average base salary of a Software programmer on an annual basis is €50,000.
Requirements: Proficiency in various programming languages ​​such as Java, C++, and Python.

Air traffic controller

As an air traffic controller, you are responsible for managing all inbound and outbound flights from airports in the Netherlands. Contrary to popular belief, this position does not require any prior education. You must be able to perform well under pressure and have the ability to switch quickly. 18 healthy habits for a healthier body and a happier mind

As an air traffic controller, you have a generous starting salary of around €3000 per month. During the first three years, you will follow an internal training where you will immediately receive a salary. After completing the training, that salary will increase sharply.

The average annual base salary of an Air traffic controller is €80,000.
Requirements: Successful completion of a psychological assessment and aptitude test.

HR manager

The HR manager may not be the most obvious position people think of when it comes to a high-paying job. As an HR manager, you are responsible for drafting and executing policies for hiring and tracking employee development journeys. This position mainly requires strong communication skills and a social attitude. The Middle East and North Africa Salary Survey 2022

Maintaining and having strong personnel is seen by many companies as an indispensable linchpin for good business operations. As a result, the demand for HR managers remains high. If you think you have the right personal skills, you can start in this industry without any previous education.

The average base salary of an HR manager on an annual basis is €60,000.
Requirements: Strong interpersonal and social skills.


To get started as an electrician, you only need to have an MBO diploma in electrical engineering. You can start immediately and gain the necessary work experience in the field. You can also immediately obtain your certification as an electrician. You can work as an electrician on a self-employed basis or under the wings of a company. In both cases, the work you perform provides a generous remuneration. Job Search Essentials for Managers and Executives

As an electrician, you never have to be shy about work because there is always work available in this industry. Because the work has to meet safety requirements and often has to be delivered on time, you often have to deal with favorable allowances on top of the standard salary. As a result, you can earn a nice annual salary as an electrician.

The average base salary of an Electrician on an annual basis is €40,000.
Requirements: Basic electrical engineering training and work certification.

Elevator mechanic

Elevator technicians have a large service market that is increasing due to the rise of high-rise buildings. Elevator technicians will mainly be engaged to repair lifts that have become inoperative for technical reasons. 30+ Top Products to Buy Cheap and Sell High

Because there is often a great need when applying for an elevator repair, the financial compensation for the work performed is high. The position of elevator mechanic mainly requires technical knowledge. Compulsory previous education is therefore not required for this position.

The average base salary of an Elevator mechanic on an annual basis is €42,000.
Requirements: A solid amount of technical knowledge and affinity with technology.

Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, you advise clients on investments that give them a positive return. In this position, it is important that you have good general development and that you also have a feeling for the financial markets.

No specific previous education is required for the position of a financial advisor. When you, as a financial advisor, can provide clients with valuable and sound financial advice, you will never be short of work. Clients generally pay a good rate for receiving sound financial advice. When you are successful in this industry, you will earn a salary that is well above average.

The average base salary of a Financial Advisor on an annual basis is €43,000.
Requirements: A good general development and a solid knowledge of the financial markets.

Window washer

For many, window cleaning is not immediately a profession they think of when it comes to high-paying professions. Still, window cleaners are well paid for providing their services. Window cleaners who work on commission for large corporate clients, in particular, have to deal with a high-quality salary.

You don’t need any specific previous education to get started as a window cleaner. However, you must be able to deliver a result without stripes and you must not be afraid of heights. Window cleaners also have a lot of job security as cleaning the windows for customers is recurring outsourcing.

The average base salary of a Window washer on an annual basis is €38,000.
Requirements: Experience with window cleaning and is resistant to the fear of heights.

Offshore welder

As an offshore welder, you are responsible for performing all welding work required on oil rigs. The work, therefore, requires that you can physically take a beating and want to stay at sea for a longer period of time. To get started as an offshore welder, you only need to obtain a welding certification. In some cases, companies offer a learning path that you can follow to carry out those activities.

This allows you to immediately obtain your welding certificate to start working as a certified welder. Working as an offshore welder requires that you can work in physically demanding conditions. If you are perfect for the job, on the other hand, you will receive a generous salary that can increase considerably over time.

The average base salary of an Offshore welder on an annual basis is €38,000.
Requirements: A welding certificate that you can also obtain during your career.

CV engineer

Although many people think that central heating technicians only work in people’s homes, there are also central heating technicians who work in the industrial sector. To get started as a central heating technician, you only need to have a certificate as a trained central heating technician. The average income of a central heating engineer is high. This is mainly because there is a relatively high demand for skilled people in this sector.

Companies that depend on a heat supply for their production are in almost all cases willing to pay a good amount to restore or maintain their production capacity. Skilled central heating technicians can therefore count on a continuous flow of work for which they are well paid. As a central heating engineer, you only need to have a hands-on mentality and you must be prepared to work on a flexible basis.

The average base salary of a CV engineer on an annual basis is €38,000.
Requirements: Certificate as a trained central heating engineer.


A job as a doorman is not for everyone. After all, in this profession, you have to deal with dangerous situations where you have to keep a cool head. Ensuring safety is paramount in this work. You do not need to have any training to be able to work as a doorman. You must, however, possess a number of personal qualities that make performing this work possible. This includes a strong physical condition and the ability to assess situations correctly.

Because the work as a doorman entails danger, the pay that is in return is usually also large. Working as a doorman offers you a decent starting salary with the opportunity to earn considerably more. When you have proven to perform your work well, your salary as a doorman will increase quickly.

The average base salary of Porter on an annual basis is €39,000.
Requirements: A strong physical condition and good judgment.

Personal choice

Hopefully, seeing these professions has given you the necessary inspiration. A well-paid job is therefore not necessarily related to a specific level of education. The amount of your salary also largely depends on other factors within a profession. This includes irregular working hours, physical requirements, or possible commissions.

When there is high demand within a sector, employers will often offer training programs where you can be trained. Take advantage of this and see what the options are for you at the moment.

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