The latest recruitment trends in digital and IT

Business sectors are not all equal in the face of the crisis caused by Covid-19. This is the case for digital and IT, which find themselves relatively spared from the vagaries of the pandemic.

IT and digital are always dynamic

After a few weeks of uncertainty during the health crisis, the IT and the digital job market is still doing well. “   When the confinement was announced, many of our customers temporarily suspended their offers, the time to organize themselves. Today, the needs are still great,  we can see that the sector has managed the impact of the crisis well,” explains Quentin de Beaufort, senior manager of IT/Digital/Sales at Robert Half. Discover the top 3 most in-demand professions in finance and accounting

The Salary Guide 2022 published at the end of 2019 by the recruitment firm evoked a candidate-oriented market. Even today, these pampered talents can sometimes receive up to 5 job offers simultaneously. If some professionals were perhaps hoping for a slight rebalancing of the trend, Quentin de Beaufort underlines that at the start of the 2022 school year, there is still a strong appetite for scarcity professions.

Sector needs

In its 2022 Guide, Robert Half estimated that CIOs recruit candidates mainly in the fields of security and cybercrime (48%), development (36%), cloud computing  (35%), and data (27%). A trend that is asserting itself post-containment. Indeed, as the pandemic is still relevant, digital and IT are even more essential“, especially in areas that require less and less face-to-face interventions ” says Quentin de Beaufort. 8 Tips for Handling a Job Interview

The most in-demand jobs in IT

In IT, three professions stand out in particular with salaries that are still comfortable: Developer, Lead Developer (50 to 75k€), and Data Scientist   (between 42 and 75k€). As for the skills required in the field, the senior manager points out that for a candidate, ”  the main thing is to be up to date on the latest technologies available  ” namely React, Java, PHP Symphony, R/ Python, UX, and notions of Scrum / Agile Method. How can I use Indeed to find a job?

Jobs in demand in digital

In 2022, three profiles occupy the first places on the podium: the Product Owner / Product Manager (45 to 68k€), the   Business Developer (40 to 65k€) in great demand in start-ups, and the Project Manager (45,200 to 70k€ ). As for the talents sought, recruiters want candidates who master English, SEA/SEO, and Facebook Ads for Traffic Manager. The compensation offers themselves, do not always show signs of weakening. 4 sectors that hire young graduates with little experience

Candidates who still prefer start-ups but

Talents are more attracted to start-ups than to large groups whose structure may be too rigid. At present, faced with the resurgence of the virus and an uncertain economic future, ”  this attraction for small innovative structures is not weakening  ” says the senior manager. But applicants are more results-focused, looking closely at a start-up’s potential and financial strength. And in these structures with their notorious agility, “  recruiters will naturally be interested in adaptable talents, capable of switching overnight from face-to-face to teleworking”. 3 Applications Increasing In Recruitment Processes

In the medium term, a sector that remains confident

If IT and digital are for the moment relatively spared, one wonders how 2021 will take shape. How to measure the impact of the crisis in the medium term at a time when even economists are struggling to put themselves do you agree on the numbers?

“Our projections indicate positive trends. We approach the next few months calmly even if we are moving forward with caution, just like our customers. In the coming months, partial unemployment will end, and some companies will potentially be in difficulty, not to mention the massive influx of candidates on the market” concludes Quentin de Beaufort. See you in 2022 to talk about the health of the sector again.

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