What are the advantages of Wi-Fi 7 technology?

The launch of the new generation of Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 7, which will provide us with the Internet of up to 40 Gbps!

We are on a date with the release of a new generation of Wi-Fi networks, as MediaTek held a presentation in which it announced the launch of Wi-Fi 7 technology next year. Why is Social Media Important for a Small Business?

To become one of the first companies to enter the next generation of wireless networks.

According to a press release, the company explained that the speed of Wi-Fi 7 known as 802.11be will be 2.4 times faster than the speed of Wi-Fi 6 even using the same number of antennas.

The company added that Wi-Fi 7 technology will provide speeds of more than 30 Gbps and can reach 40 Gbps.

It is worth noting that Wi-Fi 6 technology has a relative speed of 9.6 gigabits per second.

According to the company’s statement, the Wi-Fi 7 network will eliminate the need to use Internet cables, and this part is very important for users who are looking for a more stable connection.

The updated technology will affect the performance of electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and consumer devices in various industries. iPhone 14 Pro leaks and rumors — Everything we know so far

What are the advantages of Wi-Fi 7 technology?

MediaTek has announced its new Multi-Link Playback (MLO) feature that combines multiple channels on different frequency bands

This means that the new generation of Wi-Fi networks will be compatible with all available spectrums such as 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz.

It will also allow 8K video playback and support for online cloud applications and games run on remote servers. 6 Best Lead Generation Hacks and Tools

In an interview with MediaTek Vice President and General Manager about the new generation of Wi-Fi technology

He confirmed that the launch of Wi-Fi 7 will mark the first time that Wi-Fi can be a true alternative to wired (Ethernet) lines for high-bandwidth applications.

It will also serve as the backbone of home, office, and industrial networks, providing seamless connectivity for everything from cloud gaming applications and 4k video calling to 8k broadcasting. 7 ways to increase lead generation on social media


Although MediaTek plans to showcase Wi-Fi 7 technology next year, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) indicates that Wi-Fi 7 will not be certified until 2024.

These technologies provide superb internet connection speeds that were once a bit fanciful and out of reach. Who are Generation Z employees?

However, current statements from major companies around the world indicate that these technologies will become available in a short period of time.

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