What Does 3D Studio Max Do? What is a 3D Modeling Specialist?

3D Modeler means someone who uses their creativity and imagination every day to solve problems and create solutions. The act of 3D modeling may be simple to explain, but it is certainly not easy to learn or master. 3D modeling is a job given to specialists who use computer programs to create figures and models in three-dimensional space.

There are several tools and programs that 3D Modelers must master to create models that meet their employer’s standards. The needs of a film will differ from the needs of a medical lab’s research work. 3D Modelers are tasked with making almost anything you can imagine, from background elements to fully realized, detailed primary characters. The underlying 3D modeling is a combination of skills that work together to use in our tech-driven world. However, although this is an exciting profession, it is also quite difficult to learn. E-commerce Site Design Trends That Will Draw Attention in 2022

What is a 3D Modeling Specialist?

3D modeling, known as the use of software to create a virtual, 3D model of a physical object, is becoming increasingly popular in industries such as virtual reality, video games, 3D printing, marketing, television, motion pictures, scientific and medical imaging.

In an increasingly visually and digitally interactive world, 3D modelers can bring any entity or object to life in three dimensions. Experts, through 3D modeling, develop a three-dimensional mathematical representation of any surface (living or inanimate) of an object using special software. The resulting product is called a 3D model.

These models can be used at every stage of the business development process. 3D modelers use simple polygons such as pyramids, cubes, spheres, cylinders, and cones to bring your product to life. It also incorporates everything from 3D primitives to spline curves and non-uniform rational B-Spline (NURB).

For more complex models these experts work with NURBs with complex shaders that interact with particle-based light in rendered graphics when real-time is not required. 3D Modelers can use their software and apply specific techniques and processes to produce 3D graphic design, rendering, visualization, and animation to bring your vision to life on screen. A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a GIF of Your Logo in Photoshop

What Does a 3D Modeling Specialist Do?

3D Modeling Specialists render objects in a digital space and help bring visual assets to life. As a 3D Modeling Specialist, you can be responsible for the production stages of any game or movie. You may need to create the main character in a game or movie.

3D Modelers work intensively with the art department to achieve a coherent artistic vision. This can be both liberating and oppressive. 3D Modeling Specialists play a critical role in a wide variety of industries including animation, architecture, engineering, VR development, and gaming.

If you want to create 3D models for your graphics and simulations, a 3D Modeling Specialist can help. 3D Modeling Specialists should choose the departments that will develop themselves in the field of 3D modeling to make business plans. We can write down what the experts should pay attention to while working in these sections as follows.

3D modeling is the process of creating 3D models, projects, and any other object into a presentation using computer software. It also helps people understand a product and project it more clearly with 3D representation. 3D modeling is a technology used in various fields such as video games, movies, architecture, illustrations, engineering, and advertising. The processes and tools used for modeling are different for each application.

Numerous software is available for 3D modeling. This specialization creates a great and safe career for professionals in the broad technology field. People dealing in the 3D modeling profession are generally known as 3D Modeling Specialists. Technologies used in 3D modeling are updated every day. Professionals who choose this profession also have to stay up to date with the latest versions of software and technologies. A 3D Modeling Specialist who does not follow the updates and does not update himself is always behind in his field. 3D modeling serves a wide range of industries. We can list the working areas of the experts as follows.

  • Game Development Companies
  • Video Production Companies
  • Software Companies
  • Graphic Design Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Engineering Service Companies

In addition, the following are among the sectors and career application areas where 3D Modeling Specialists can work.

  • Product design
  • Architectural Areas
  • Animation
  • Film

3D Modeling Specialist Salaries

The salary of a 3D Modeling Specialist is based on the experience and skills of the individual. Unfortunately, there is no criterion for this in our country. The salary you receive in this field varies greatly from rural to field. The price you will receive from the film industry is very different from the price you will receive in architectural visualization.

Although a fixed and regular net income cannot be obtained, it can be earned in quite good money. The works performed vary according to the sector and companies. According to 2021 data, the salaries of a 3D Modeling Specialist are as follows: The lowest salary is 2500 and the highest is 6480 TL. On average, it is earned as 4360 TL. 5 reasons why you should buy a Desktop Mac instead of a MacBook

How to Become a 3D Modeling Expert?

To make a career in 3D Modeling Specialization, it is necessary to graduate from the Visual Communication Design departments of universities. You need extensive training in 3D modeling skills and software, often through a bachelor’s degree program in 3D modeling and animation. You can do an internship to get hands-on training or to improve yourself in 3D modeling.

If you know what type of 3D modeling job you want, earning a bachelor’s degree in a particular field will give you the qualifications you need to land a job in that industry. For example, if you want to create 3D models for movies, you should specialize in movie production. If your interest is in creating 3D models for medical research, you should major in anatomy or biology. In addition, certificates are given under the name of 3D Modeling Specialist training in the relevant departments of some universities.

3D Visualization Training is also given at Istanbul Business Institute. You can subscribe to the training for 1 year, watch course content videos and benefit from course materials. You can access every detail of the training at any time for 1 year from the date you registered for the training. At the end of 365 days, your subscription is automatically removed. At the end of the training, you are entitled to receive the certificate of the 3D Visualization Training after you take the certification exam and get the required score. You can find detailed information about the training here. What is the Metaverse and how will it revolutionize the whole world?

Qualifications Required in 3D Modeling Specialization

  • First of all, it is very important to be able to think in three dimensions.
  • It is necessary to have an understanding of aesthetic proportion and perception.
  • It is necessary to be able to master 3D animation and design programs. These; are programs such as Zbrush, Maya, and 3DS Max.
  • It is necessary to have the ability to transfer the objects to be worked on from 2D and sketch plans to spatial forms.
  • Being able to work with minimum supervision is very important in the sector.
  • Predispositions to teamwork greatly benefit. Teamwork has an important place in this sector as in every sector.
  • You need to make sure you meet customer needs and get things done by the deadline.

What Does 3D Studio Max Do?

The development of technology has revealed various fields and possibilities that will allow people to use their imagination. In many professions and related fields, imagination is used as part of the job. The use of developing technology and emerging innovations have also paved the way for simulations and models created through computers. Today, models and simulations create a simple example of the existing tangible or intangible product by processing the subject via computer. The modeling business also created an important sector by creating a separate field for itself.

Following the innovations and developments in the design and informatics world, it provides many opportunities to those working in the related fields with its different options. The design industry uses 3D technology to enable the need for modeling to be used in many professions. It is a system that can make 3D modeling, computer-aided drawing, and design in 3D. The 3D Studio Max program, which is a program developed for the 3D modeling system, has a wide usage range from the field of architectural design to the film-animation industry.

The software and programs that emerged with the functional use of 3D design in many areas also constitute a separate sector market that will compete with each other. The 3D technology, which is formed and developed in the world of software and design, saves time and can reveal the reflection of the project, object, or concrete-abstract product promptly with the opportunity of modeling.

What is Modeling?

Modeling, which prepares the production and presentation of the object or project elements that are desired to be 3D, creates a model with angles that will provide the effect of depth. While there are X and Y axes mathematically in 2D visualization, there are X, Y, and Z axes in 3D visualization. Thus, you create and see every layer of the image of the product, object, and design. The modeling program is used in many sectors and fields. 3D image modeling prepares presentations that will be beneficial in the fields related to human, space, character, and architectural modeling types.

3D modeling; is frequently used in architecture, construction, film-cinema-animation, and medicine sectors. Modeling, which is used to create a character or to prepare sample presentations by seeing the 3D image of the organs, is used with programs that contain different features according to many fields. For example, the program you will use for an architectural space design or drawing may be different from the program you will use for the film industry. Modeling, which is also used in the advertising and animation sectors in our country, is used professionally by people with the title of expert or by people who have received the right education.

3Ds Max, one of the 3D modeling programs, has the qualifications to be used in many areas such as industrial design, games, cinema, and architectural space design.   The program developed by AutoDesk has functions that you can use for a fee after its free trial. 3Ds Max prepares the desired image for use in modeling, animation, character creation, game design, and the cinema industry with simple or complex graphics. The 3Ds Max program continues its claim in its market race to be used in many areas with its developed versions. Apple iPhone 14 Max launch may be delayed, know the reason

What is Animation?

Animation, which is a system that programs our dreams, thoughts, drawings, visuals, and graphics in an animated way, has been used in different fields in recent years with its convenience and different and interesting design features. It has been a preferred option, considering that even in a commercial, the cost is not high and it will look more interesting and original. The use of animation has ceased to be an alternative option in the cinema sector and has become a basic sector. Imagined and drawn characters, objects, and graphics are virtual is created in an environment and calculate each layer of the object through modeling, resulting in an accurate and professional job. The process of creating 3D Animation that provides a sense of depth by seeing the X, Y, and Z axes is also not easy.

Whatever you are going to create, it is necessary to provide a view of the structure that is suitable for physical reality. Therefore, animation production should be followed and done by a professional team. In addition, to make modeling and animation, the performance of computers should be sufficient and they should reach sufficient hardware values ​​for a healthy process. 3D Animation has a feature that can show creativity with the most interesting and original qualities in the graphic design and film and game industries and contributes to the adaptation of abstraction to reality. Animation can be applied through programs for the use of employees in the sector as a part of visual design.

Preferred programs are usually Adobe After Effect, Maxon Cinema 4D, AutoDesk Maya, and Autodesk 3ds Max. The aforementioned programs are used for three-dimensional animation production. 3D Studio Max from Autodesk is one of the first choices for people interested in its character modeling feature and descriptive panel for usage. To use the 3D Studio Max program, which provides animation and 3D modeling to users, in a way that works for you, you must know the preliminary information and panel usage, and take the necessary training courses.

3D Studio Max Tutorial

To produce a job professionally, you must take the necessary training and acquire knowledge in that field. To get a professional job beyond the interest in the fields of animation and modeling, you need to take training. Your prior knowledge of 3D technology and animation-modeling programs and your interest in the field should also be sustainable. Since modeling and animation is a process that requires technical knowledge and creativity, you may encounter a situation where you get bored quickly and give up. For this reason, interest and desire in the field are important.

Animation, and graphic design, which is also practiced as a professional profession; fulfill a task that will be beneficial in the game-cinema-advertisement-promotion sectors and other areas. 3D Studio Max, which is used for project and space-building design in the architecture and construction industry, provides a useful use for you by learning the program. Today, the availability of information from every platform helps to teach such programs efficiently in a short time.

The targeted success of animation in the game and cinema industry and the functionality of modeling require learning similar programs, especially 3ds Max. Today, distance education, online education, videos, and course-supported courses are given for the programs. You can also view the course content about 3D Studio Max training and take the course by visiting the Institute page, which offers successful courses in online training. If you are successful at the end of the course, you can certify your education as a certificate holder.

3D Design History Adventure

Humanity started to produce from the day it needed communication. The person sought different communication areas with the instinct of self-expression. Communication methods have continued to be developed to this day. With the beginning of the industrial revolution, communication gave birth to different needs in human life. A new era started with the industrial revolution. With the need for production, he made breakthroughs in the fields of Creativity and Design. It has reached dimensions that the first people could not imagine.

With the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the power of Machine and Mind emerged. With this revolution, technology branches have developed. The data collection and communication process has improved with the production branches. In a sense, the industry has become digital. With these changes, the opportunity for rapid production in the field of design emerged. The designer must always proceed with the principle of being open to innovations. The adventure, which started with technical drawing, reached the dimension of Virtual Reality.

2D Drawing It is the first drawing program that was first introduced to the market in 1982 and offered to the user. It is Computer Aided Design CAD software. The program was enriched by adding 3D commands. A mathematical basis was added to the version prepared in 1987 and presented to the market after its studies were completed. With this mathematical base, the operations were made even more measured. With the version released in 1988, the 3D section was enriched by adding new commands. As a result of the fact that the 2D Programs were sufficient in the technical sense but were not sufficient in the 3D Field, new Programs were needed.

How Did 3D Studio Max Evolve?

The prototype of 3D Studio Max was released in 1988. The first version working in Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) environment was produced by “Yost Group” and published by “Autodesk”. It is a professionally written 3D Graphics Program. It is vector-based software, it allows any object to be created in a virtual environment with numerical data.

It has different modeling capabilities and a flexible plug-in option and should be used on the Microsoft Windows platform. It has taken its place as a Visualization Program in many areas in the sector. It is a sought-after program by game developers, TV studios, and Architectural Visualization Market.

Physics systems allow real-world objects and behaviors to imitate reality in a computer environment. visualization; It is the art of imitating reality. Every existence we look at and see on earth is a visual art. The purpose of 3D Visualization is to create visual realism in a virtual environment before any project or design goes into production.

With this opportunity provided by the program, we have the opportunity to dream endlessly. With the advancement of technology, augmented reality becomes more important, and indirect physical appearances created by the objects in the world and the laws of physics by enriching them with sound, image, graphics, and GPS data produced by the computer program are revealed. As long as the earth exists, many inventions will be insufficient for mankind and there will always be a need for more.

It was developed by V-Ray Designers as a result of the need for visualization. It connects the design to the visual result as a result of mathematical data by using the physics rules of the objects existing in nature. As long as we observe nature, we can imitate it. Although the visualization process is a whole, the result is achieved. With the modeling, the result is obtained as a whole with the Render Engine settings, Light adjustments, Camera adjustments, and Coating details.

What is Autodesk 3Ds Max?

3DS Max is an Autodesk program, its prototype was released in 1986. Visualizing Imaginary Designs provides the opportunity to visualize 2D Projects for Architectural visualizations with 3D modeling and imaging software 3DS Max. You can produce 3D Architectural Models, Product Designs, and Character models. The scene for Games is a visual design program for design visualization that allows you to create stunning environments and engaging virtual reality experiences.

It is a very preferred software in the phase of a technical drawing before it goes into production, making changes to the visual design, visualizing imaginary designs, and converting 2D drawings for architectural visualizations to 3D models. It has millions of users around the world. Its user-friendly interface has been designed and updated since 1986. It provides convenience to the user with its plug-in installation feature. It is software that can be used with mathematical data that attracts attention with its parametric features and advanced modeling techniques. With 3DS Max, you can produce 3D Architectural Models, Product Designs, and Character models. The game allows you to create stunning environments and engaging virtual reality experiences for them to visualize props and designs.

Three-Dimensional Visualization: 3D Modeling

3D modeling is the rendering of any living or inanimate entity in three dimensions, depending on the real dimensions, using drawing programs in the computer environment. 3Dimention simply means depth. In other words, while 2-dimensional drawings have X and Y axes, 3-dimensional drawings have X, Y, and Z axes. In this way, we can see the width, length, and depth of the modeled object.

What Does 3D Modeling Do?

3D modeling can be used in many different areas. Due to the legal obligation in our country, it is mostly used for architectural visualization in the construction sector. Considering that the finished version of an architectural project, which will be started before 3D technology, is tried to be shown by hand by drawing perspective, 3D architectural modeling, which allows the design details of the project to be seen exactly, has become an indispensable part of the construction industry today.

Another common use of 3D modeling is in the manufacturing industry. It is used at almost every stage of production. It allows you to master every step from the design of the smallest part to the assembly of the product. 3D modeling is also very important for the production sector, as it allows the details to be seen before production and prevents disruptions to a large extent. In addition to these sectors, 3D modeling is used in many areas that can be diversified such as design, film, advertisement, games, and animation.

How is 3D Modeling Made?

3D modeling is done using programs with many different features that vary according to the area of ​​use. The main ones are:

  • AutoCAD (2D & 3D architectural projects, industrial product design, mechanical design, machinery, automation)
  • 3DS Max (3D general modeling, character modeling, product design and visualization, animation, game)
  • Maya (Character modeling, product design, and visualization, animation, movie, game)
  • Solidworks (3D industrial product design, mechanical design, furniture, automation)
  • Catia (3D industrial product design, mechanical design)
  • SketchUp (3D Architectural modeling, product design, landscape, furniture)
  • Cinema4D (Animation, cinema, movie, visual effects)
  • Rhino (3D Architectural modeling, industrial product design, automotive, jewelry design, marine vehicle design)
  • Blender (3D general modeling, animation, game)

In addition to these, there are also 3D modeling programs that can be used with additional software and plug-ins.

Where to start?

When starting to do 3D modeling, first of all, it is necessary to decide in which area it will be used to concentrate on the program suitable for the purpose. For example, if it will be used in the architectural field, after choosing one of the programs suitable for architectural modeling, first of all, it is necessary to have an idea about the interface and basic features of the program.

There are many instructional videos available on the internet for this. In addition, thanks to special training sets, it is possible to have a healthier learning process. After gaining knowledge about the basic working principle of the program, if you start with simple designs and practice a lot, the information becomes more permanent.

Making 3D modeling is a job that requires patience, dedication, and time and consists of many steps in itself. Being hasty, starting from complex models, and trying to learn every step at once can lead to confusion. Instead, if you start with simpler models and take care to progress step by step, the probability of success will increase.


Although 3D modeling is a difficult job, since it is used in many different areas today, it can be done as a freelance job, as well as depending on a company among business lines with many alternatives. After the 3D modeling stage, support can be obtained from advertising agencies such as Look And Feel for detailing and marketing steps. This allows the business to have a more corporate vision.

If enough dedication, patience, and willingness are shown to learn, 3D modeling provides an important return for the person in terms of personal development training, regardless of the purpose.

Who is a 3D Modeling Specialist?

A 3D modeling Specialist is someone who creates literal 3D digital representations of any object or surface using 3D computer graphics. To stand out as a 3D Modeling Specialist, you need to have both great technical skills and natural artistic flair. You can create 3D models for the gaming industry, film, TV, architecture, engineering, advertising, and websites.

How to Become a 3D Modeling Expert?

To become a good 3D Modeler, you need a strong understanding of industry concepts to inform your 3D modeling work. You will be working as part of a team, so interpersonal and communication skills are essential for creating 3D models that meet the needs of your colleagues. Your job duties include designing 3D models using computer programs to provide concrete examples to colleagues or clients.

What Skills Do You Need to Have to Become a 3D Modeling Expert?

3D Modeling Specialists must have high computer and math skills. These experts are working as part of their team for a larger design. In short, people who do this job are considered graphic artists.

What is 3D Modeling?

It is the three-dimensional visualization of manual or automatic drawings and designs in the digital environment using 3D technology. It displays the layers of each object by creating a model instance of concrete or abstract objects, and project elements. You can create every stage in the design through 3D modeling, 3D visualization of the design you have in mind, or the drawing you have drawn.

What is Animation? In Which Fields Is It Used?

It is used to create characters and objects in the fields of film cinema, games, and advertisement-graphic design by making a drawing, object, or graphic animated. Animation has ceased to be an alternative option and has become a preferred sector with the opportunity to allow original use and show creativity. Since animation production is a professional job, experts and trained people in the relevant fields should be used.

What is 3D Studio Max Program?

It is an animation-modeling program with many functions developed by AutoDesk. It is one of the most preferred programs with 3D human character, animation, graphics, and modeling options. The 3ds Max program is known for its modeling option in space and building design, 3D animation production, and design preparation in the cinema-advertisement sectors.

When Was 3D Studio Max Released?

The prototype of 3D Studio Max was released in 1988. The first version working in Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) environment was produced by “Yost Group” and published by “Autodesk”. It is a professionally written 3D Graphics Program.

In Which Fields Is 3D Studio Max A Searched Program?

It has different modeling capabilities and a flexible plug-in option and should be used on the Microsoft Windows platform. It has taken its place as a Visualization Program in many areas in the sector. It is a sought-after program by game developers, TV studios, and Architectural Visualization Market.

What is Autodesk 3Ds Max?

3DS Max is an Autodesk program, its prototype was released in 1986. Visualizing Imaginary Designs provides the opportunity to visualize 2D Projects for Architectural visualizations with 3D modeling and imaging software 3DS Max.

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