What is a Cover Letter? How to Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a short article consisting of three or four paragraphs, in which job applicants write about their interest in the job position and the company, their skills of the person, and the person suitability for the job position they are applying for. The cover letter should explain the person’s main goals and expectations in applying for the job position in question, while at the same time revealing the person’s suitability for the job in a short and clear style. From this, we can easily conclude that the cover letter should be kept short and should tell what it wants to say in a few paragraphs. In this respect, the words and style used in the cover letter are of great importance. When applying for a job, a cover letter must be given next to the resume. 5 Reasons to Use the Applicant Tracking System

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a cover letter that a person gives as an additional document along with his/her CV when applying for a job, consists of a few paragraphs, describes the purpose of applying for the job, the skills required for the job, expectations from the job and the company in a short and clear manner, differentiates the job application from other applications and puts the applicant ahead of other competitors. It is a short text that has the potential to

How to write a cover letter?

As we will talk about in the following parts of the article, although the cover letter has a specific format of its own, many different types of cover letters can be prepared since it is the main purpose to address one’s own subjective competencies and differences. Since the main purpose of the cover letter is to put the applicant ahead of the others, it is quite normal for each cover letter to vary according to the job applied for, the main points to be addressed, and the individual’s own subjective skills. In this way, you have an opportunity to get ahead of other applicants with similar characteristics.

The cover letter should be written in the most appropriate language to show the other party who does not know you, why you are interested in the job and how you have the potential to be the most suitable person for this job since it is also very important in terms of first impressions in recruitment. You can do this by giving examples where the criteria required for the job intersect with your skills at the middle point, without deviating from the main subject as much as possible. 3 things you can do to improve your CV

Things to Consider While Preparing a Cover Letter

While writing a cover letter, you should definitely take a look at the cover letter samples, but we recommend that you pay attention to the following:

Just give the necessary information.

If you are sending your cover letter to the company you are applying to online, you do not need to write your contact information extra as you would a hand-delivered cover letter. For example; If you are sending the cover letter via e-mail, giving the e-mail information again means prolonging an article that should be short in vain.

Avoid generalizations.

Since the cover letter is the most important tool to show your own differences, you should definitely give specific examples and not talk generally when talking about your abilities and skills. For example; A sentence such as I think my skills will be very suitable for this job should not be in the cover letter in any way. Instead, you should give the name of the talent that is suitable for the job, and write the connection of this talent with this job in a clear and concise cover letter. How To Write A Cover Letter When Making A Career Change?

Keep the cover letter short and do not deviate from the purpose.

Although there is no specific length for the cover letter if it is not mentioned during recruitment, we can say that it is more advantageous in general if it is short. Since the aim is to prove that the person is the most suitable applicant for the job, for this purpose, clear cover letters that include the skills suitable for the job description and the expectations in applying for the job are always one step ahead.

What should the cover letter format be?

The format of the cover letter is as important as the content of the cover letter so that the person can reflect on himself in the most accurate way and create the desired perception. The format should be prepared as professionally as possible and should be in accordance with the clearest expression style. The format generally used for cover letters is given below:

Beginning Part

In this section, when the applicant talks about the reason for applying for the job, he mentions why the recruiter should evaluate him from a different perspective. Which job position you are applying for should also be given in addition to this information.

Middle Paragraph

In this section, the applicant can make recommendations to the company regarding the job position he/she is applying for. Mentioning the most suitable features and abilities for the job in this section, the applicant builds bridges between the requirements of the job and his own skills. The applicant should definitely support the parts in this section where he/she describes his/her skills with life experiences.

In the middle paragraph, sentences that confirm the information in the resume should be used in order to be consistent with the resume and cover letter, but the same words should not be used again for strong readability. Job-related expectations of the person can also be optionally added to this part. 6 essential tips for writing a unique cover letter

Conclusion Part

The conclusion part of the cover letter can optionally be started by thanking the authorized person who is interested in the application. The name and surname are added after it is written that information is expected about the developments related to the job application. A thank you sentence is written and the cover letter is concluded with a signature.

How should a successful cover letter be?

In order for the cover letter, which is one of the important parts of the CV preparation process, to be effective, the following should be considered:

  • The cover letter should not repeat the information already mentioned in the resume or the cover letter should not be a summary of the resume.
  • The cover letter should be written considering the requirements of the job position applied for.
  • The reasons why the applicant is suitable for the job position and the strengths that can be beneficial in this regard should be included in the cover letter.
  • The cover letter should be no more than 1 page long.
  • It should be mentioned that the job position applied for will bring the applicant to this job position and the company rather than what it will bring to the applicant.
  • Paragraphs should be used in the cover letter and these paragraphs should consist of short, clear, and non-contradictory sentences.
  • In the cover letter, one should be careful not to tell one’s own life like an autobiography. The main purpose of the cover letter is to explain in clear language why the person applied for this job, in what respect he is suitable, skills, qualifications, and possible contributions to the job applied for.

In addition to these, if you want to prepare a successful cover letter, we recommend that you look at the cover letter samples. Thus, you can understand more clearly what kind of cover letter you should write.

What should the cover letter title be?

The cover letter is a great opportunity for job applicants to express themselves more accurately. Not only does it make one better reflect on oneself, but it also makes those in authority proud. In this sense, the cover letter distinguishes one’s application from other applications, as a courtesy to a job application. The language used in the cover letter should be polite, no matter what institution is applied to. It is important that the addressing phrases and the general headline are written in professional scales and have polite and appropriate compliments. “Best regards, I wish you a good day, I give my best regards.” Sentences like these are ideal words for intro and concluding.

5 Golden Tips for Accurate and Effective Cover Writing

Writing a cover letter is often found tedious and confusing. For this reason, it is either not emphasized enough or a very long and complex article emerges. A well-written cover letter enables talents to be noticed more quickly in applications.

So how to write a correct and effective cover letter?

Know the technical rules.

The cover letter should be written in 3 paragraphs without being too long. Paragraphs should not exceed 4 sentences. Spelling rules must be strictly followed and punctuation marks must be used correctly.

Be very careful in the first paragraph.

In the cover letter, the most important information should be included in the first paragraph because there is no guarantee that the entire cover letter will be fully read by the authorized person. So the first paragraph is the key point. An impressive introductory sentence gives the person an advantage in having an effective cover letter.

Name and similar information should not be mentioned in the first paragraph. The name is not an element that will impress the other person. The main point to be noted in this section is that the person talks about his/her own abilities and the compatibility of these abilities with the requirements of the job he/she is applying for.

Describe your abilities.

The most important trick in the paragraph about the talents is not to be repeated. In this part, the person should talk about his achievements and highlight his talents. However, while doing these, the applicant should not rewrite the information he mentioned in his resume. Instead, create a paragraph that evolves around this information. In addition, attention should be paid to the style and sincere language should be used. Thus, the authorized person can better understand the degree of the applicant’s request.

Be prepared in advance by doing research.

Another point to be considered in the cover letter is to be original. The applicant is required to conduct research on the applied company and job position. After the person has done good research about the company and the job, it is important that all the information obtained is assimilated and included in the cover letter without quoting one-to-one. Never copy paste. How to make a resume without experience? Our tips for a perfect CV

Effectively end the post.

Ending the essay effectively is just as important as writing entire paragraphs accurately and effectively. If the article is not effectively finalized, the desired effect cannot be achieved and it is not possible to call the cover letter a complete success. Therefore, in the last part, it should be explained in short and clear sentences why the person applying for this job is the most suitable person for this job. After that, a polite and distant closing sentence such as “love” should be added and the name and surname should be written.

Writing a cover letter can be quite difficult to compose as it is a short piece of text that one needs to convince the officer that they are the best fit for the job being applied for. For most people, expressing oneself in a business sense in such a short article is not an easy task. However, by using this guide and paying attention to the tricks, you can write the perfect cover letter that is short, effective, distinctive, and reflects yourself in the most accurate way.

Remember that the cover letter required by each job and company may be different. The important point is to be able to identify the basic features sought in the job you are applying for through extensive research and to prove to the other party that you have those very special abilities that can meet these features by giving concrete examples. If the cover letter is written in a concrete, clear and correct style as much as possible, it will definitely make a difference in job applications.

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