What is a Family Counselor? How to be? How Much Does a Family Counselor Earn?

Problems arising from reasons such as marriage, separation, divorce, adolescence, and economic problems can cause tension between spouses and sometimes between parents and children. The solution to these tensions, which cause the deterioration of peace in the family, is not easy.

It would be best for family members to prefer psychological support to resolve the situation healthily before it gets worse. In these cases, where individuals not only affect themselves but also the whole family, psychological support is provided by family counseling. In this process, family counselors learn the source of the problem and help family members in reaching the most appropriate solution.

Family counseling is a field developed to ensure that the family can be healthier, more peaceful, and happy, to get to the main source of the problems of the individuals that make up the family, to investigate their scientific, cultural, and psychological aspects, and to eliminate these problems.

Even if individuals continue to exist individually in society, their actions often affect other individuals around them. This is also the case for the family, which is the smallest part of society. When family members come together, they affect each other positively or negatively in every way. Even if the experiences seem individual, they affect all family members. The fact that the family is a part of the social structure also shows us that this issue has a social dimension. For this reason, family counseling is extremely important from a social point of view. All family members are of decisive importance in the solution of family problems arising from individuality. What Does a Family Counselor Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

A family counselor is a counselor who helps individuals to solve the problems they experience in their family relationships. In addition, family counseling is a good way to maintain healthy communication with children in special situations such as marriage and divorce. A family counselor is a specialist who deals with individual problems in their situation within the family. Before examining the family counseling profession, let’s take a look at the concept of “family”.

The family, as it is known, is the smallest social structure. Families are structures that have a very important place in the life of countries in ensuring the continuity of cultures. According to the dictionary of the Turkish Language Association, the family is a structure based on blood ties; consists of a husband, wife, and children. Again, according to the same definition; It is also described as the smallest social structure in society.

What the family institution is and how its structure should be, which affects social life so much, varies from society to society. If we look at other definitions of the family; We see that it is a structure formed by individuals who are connected by marriage and blood ties, living in the same house and affecting each other. Family; It is a complex structure in which both social, emotional, and economic ties coexist. In the historical process, we see that there have been important changes in the concept of family. There is an evolution from the extended family structure to the nuclear family structure. In this change, the increase in urbanization, especially during the Industrial Revolution, is a major factor.

The family counseling profession is one of the professions that has become popular in recent years. However, everyone can’t do family counseling. To be able to provide family counseling; It is necessary to graduate from Child Development, Social Work, Psychology, Guidance, and Psychological Counseling undergraduate programs.

The smallest unit that makes up society is the family. Being able to keep the family alive psychologically, socio-economically, and culturally ensures the survival of society. With the increase in family events recently, there is a consultancy service that has emerged under the name of family counseling to keep the family alive and support a healthy marriage. As in all areas of life, there may be problems between married couples from time to time. The family counselor also assists couples in resolving their problems. When it comes to family, the responsibilities of the family counselor are also high. It requires many competencies. Amethyst Meaning, Properties, Powers, Price, & Jewelry

Many people wonder about family counseling, which has become one of the most popular professions of the last period. Here are the career and salary opportunities of a family counselor…

Family counseling has become a profession that is getting more and more popular day by day. The number of people who want to do this profession is increasing day by day. Desire to correct the problems experienced in the family, tendency to take care not to dissolve the family institution, etc. reasons are seen as necessary reasons to apply for this profession. Problems in the family have existed from past to present. In the future, problems in the family will continue to exist. However, when there are problems in the family, the desire to solve these problems and not harm the family institution has led to the tendency of couples to seek help from experts in their fields. This is where the family counselor comes into play. Color Of Precious Stones, Semi-precious Stones & Jewellery

The family counselor is defined as the person who serves to solve the problems or emotional problems of the members of the family or the couples among themselves. Modern individuals try to solve their problems by consulting experts about their domestic problems. Therefore, the family counseling profession has become a profession that today’s individuals apply more. I would like to give more realistic examples by conveying to you what I have heard about this profession from my environment. For example, one day, while I was sitting with my friends in the faculty canteen during my university years, the subject came to relationships within the family. Sociology at the time since I was a student and family was one of the most important subjects of sociology, such topics were frequently brought up. My friend started to tell me that a friend of hers who got married at a young age had a family problem and that’s why she got help from a family counselor. He implicitly explained that this expert tried to define the people in the first place, made an analysis of the family structures before marriage, and then provided the necessary counseling regarding the family structure they established. He added that after the third session of the family who had problems, visible improvements began to be experienced. He concluded his speech by adding that they had some difficulties in terms of wages, but that they would continue to receive consultancy by selling the wedding rings, which are the symbol of marriage, if necessary.

What I’m saying is that people who are competent in their field should be consulted to fix the problems experienced by a home. This example shows how valuable and important the work of family counselors is. So, how do you become a family counselor, which helps in family-related relationships, and which many people today seek professional advice from? If you are wondering about the answer to this question, you are in the right article. Let’s learn this answer in depth.

Family Counselor – What is Counseling?

A family counselor; is an expert who supports spouses with each other or with parents and children in overcoming various problems they experience at home. Studies on family counseling services in our country are quite new. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the concepts used. We can explain the concepts and definitions related to family counseling in studies conducted in this field as follows:

Family Guidance: It is an information service for parents on subjects such as “child education, parental attitudes, and healthy communication “, individually or in groups. An example of this service is the parent schools organized by universities.

Family Counseling: It is a psychotherapy service with all family members to ensure healthy communication. These are professional services aimed at solving the psycho-social problems faced by family members both inside and outside the family.

Family Therapy: It is a holistic treatment service that includes psychological, emotional, and behavioral orientations necessary for a healthy family environment.

To become a family counselor; It is necessary to fulfill some conditions in the Family Counseling Regulation of the Official Gazette. The most important of these, according to the statement published in the Official Gazette on September 4, 2012, are the following professionals who can apply for this training:

  • Child Development,
  • Nursing,
  • Psychology,
  • Guidance and Psychological Counseling,
  • Social service,
  • Sociology,
  • Medicine.

The person who provides counseling to families in solving problems between couples and within the family is called a family counselor. Although family counseling has emerged recently, it is a profession protected by law. In cases such as violence, divorce, a death in the family, domestic resentment, and resentment, therapy provides therapy for family members to overcome their problems. It enables individuals to gain awareness. It helps to produce permanent solutions by evaluating the problems not individually but as a family. Changes in the family structure have also changed the areas of responsibility in the family. Some of these changes are the entry of women into working life, the return to nuclear family structure, the care of children, and the sharing of responsibilities related to household chores among family members. These have caused many problems over time. Thus, families began to need the support of a specialist.

You can apply to a family counselor when lies are revealed in the family, when you feel lonely, during pregnancy, during the divorce process, in second marriages, when there are economic problems in the family if a family member has a serious illness, alcohol and drug use, or when there is a psychological treatment situation. Reasons such as living in the same house with family elders, reaching puberty of children, leaving the house due to marriage, inability to have children, loss of a parent, a serious illness or loss of one of the children are also important reasons for applying to a family counselor. Which iPhones will be compatible with iOS 16?

Family counseling studies around the world started in the 1950s. In our country, it started to be taught as a course in universities for the first time in the 1980s. However, this course is also more about therapy than counseling. Family counseling as a profession has been maintaining its validity and popularity since the 2010s. So much so that there are more than 50 thousand families in our country who have applied to family counseling services and solved their problems. Family counseling mostly addresses the inner world of individuals. This causes the emotional side to dominate. The duties and responsibilities of the family counselor are as follows:

  • He tries to understand the problem by talking to family members.
  • Gathers information about family members by observing or asking questions.
  • It gives information about the subject that the clients want to get help from.
  • It allows revealing feelings and thoughts.
  • It prevents family members from displaying offensive behavior towards each other.
  • It helps to articulate expectations.
  • Investigates situations and people that affect the family from outside. When necessary, he invites these people to the session and asks for their opinions.
  • It helps to show the strengths of the family and to strengthen these aspects.
  • It enables all members of the family to take an active role.
  • It instills a sense of us rather than me.
  • He applies various tests to family members.
  • Evaluates test results.
  • As a result of the tests he performs, he decides what path to follow.
  • Tries to understand the role and place of family members in the family.
  • It prepares individuals for changing balances.
  • He plans the meetings.
  • Turns interviews into reports.
  • It guides couples who are about to get married.
  • It prepares couples who are preparing to become parents for their new lives.
  • It acts as a mediator in case of divorce.
  • It helps children get through divorces with the least possible loss.
  • It helps prevent domestic violence. In cases where it cannot be prevented, it informs the necessary places.
  • Refers family members to different institutions such as other hospitals or psychologists in case of need, such as the presence of a psychiatric illness.
  • It helps to eliminate communication gaps between family members.
  • It gives information on how to create a healthy and happy family environment.

Family counselors can work in public institutions or the private sector. They may work in collaboration with ministries or counseling and therapy centers. They can work in Child Protection Institutions and nursing homes. They may serve juvenile detainees or adult detainees. They can work in women’s and family health centers. They can become experts in courts. They can work in rehabilitation centers. They can open their own offices.

Fees for family counselors vary according to the institution they work for. Depending on an institution, the wages of employees and those who do this job individually differ. In addition to their work, the wages of those who provide family counseling outside of working hours are also different. Fees for family counselors vary between 3000 TL and 4000 TL. It can be said that they received an average of 3500 liras. For individuals working individually, the sessions vary as a minimum of 50 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes. Session fees start from 50 liras and go up to 600 liras. The fee to be earned in this case is determined by factors such as the duration of the sessions, the qualifications of the consultant, and his/her experience in the field.

Family counseling is a psychotherapy process that plays a major role in determining the problems experienced among the members of the family, raising awareness about these problems, and solving the problems.

If any of the family members have a problem, it affects all family members negatively. The work, school, and social lives of individuals who have problems in the family and are unhappy because of this are adversely affected. In such cases, getting psychological support from family counselors is of great importance in identifying and solving problems.

The members of the family, which is the smallest part of the social structure, maintain their existence in both individual and social areas and fulfill their roles. Individuals who have problems in the family reflect these problems in their social lives and roles. For this reason, problems in the family become extremely important from a social point of view. This shows us that family counseling is also important from a social point of view.

Situations that can be caused by many reasons such as separation of family members from each other, anger, feeling of not being understood, feeling worthless, a sad event, financial reasons, and problems in business life cause tensions in the family. These tensions do not affect individuals alone, but all family members.

All family members play an effective role in solving problems. In family counseling, sessions, where all family members are together, are preferred rather than interviewing a single individual. This makes it easier to identify the root cause of the problem. For this reason, family counseling differs from other psychotherapy schools.

Family counseling can address issues between spouses as well as between parents and children. To identify and solve the problems experienced, meetings with both individual and family members are organized by the consultant, depending on the need. If needed, the views of family elders who have close relations with the family can also be included in these interviews.

The family counselor conducts necessary tests on family members throughout the process and prepares reports by evaluating their results. After the problems are identified by the counselor, sessions are held with family members for solutions. Sessions vary depending on the source of the problem and the awareness of family members. At the end of these sessions, they are helped to minimize the effects of problems and to help family members gain the ability to create a peaceful family environment.

The aims of the family counselor in the therapy process can be listed as follows:

  • Respect for each other, listening to each other, and trying to understand.
  • Detection of differences in the thoughts of individuals.
  • Getting individuals to talk about the problem.
  • Ensuring that individuals express their feelings, thoughts, and expectations freely, openly, and clearly.

What Does a Family Counselor Do?

The family counselor gives professional assistance in solving the problems that are experienced in the family and affect every member of the family. The problem experienced by one of the family members affects the whole family and the whole family should be involved in the solution process. The main task of the family counselor is to communicate with family members to discuss and evaluate the issues that negatively affect family life.

Working environments of family counselors; women and family health centers, family courts (expert consultancy), rehabilitation centers, and provincial directorates of relevant ministries. In addition, people with family counseling certificates can open their counseling centers.

Some of the duties of family counselors include:

  • To support the communication of family members to be healthier,
  • While going down to the source of the problems of the members of the family; to investigate the psychological and sociological aspects of these problems,
  • To provide professional support for individuals to overcome serious problems such as death, divorce, and chronic diseases in the family,
  • Supporting family members in making progress in understanding each other,
  • Providing professional support for children to overcome situations such as marriage, separation, and divorce,
  • To support order to prevent the problems between the spouses from affecting the child,
  • Again, in these cases, helping the spouses to overcome the problems experienced between them,
  • To support the solution of the psychological, physiological, or educational problems of the child in the family,
  • It is to give psychological support to family members in solving the problems experienced in the family.
  • Talking to family members to determine the topics to be discussed in the sessions,
  • Collecting data about family members by making observations, interviews, and tests,
  • To direct the clients to the relevant specialist in psychiatric, drug, and legal aid issues,
  • Recording the case notes and evaluations of the clients,
  • To make recommendations to the court in cases of detention or detention of children; communicating with social workers, doctors, and law enforcement officials,
  • To evaluate parents and children for use in deciding divorce and custody cases in the courts.

How to Become a Family Counselor

“How do you become a family counselor?” Many people are wondering about the answer to the question. With the family counseling regulation published in 2012, I will try to explain the answer to this question to you, my dear readers. To become a family counselor, it is necessary to be a graduate or senior student. Each undergraduate department is valuable enough to be able to do this profession. To be able to provide family counseling, it is necessary to graduate from one of the departments of psychology, sociology, child development, nursing, guidance, and psychological counseling or medicine. In other words, a person who graduated from any undergraduate department cannot do family counseling. Because he does not have the right to receive this training. First of all, we must say that not every member of the profession can participate in family counseling certificate programs. Certificate program; Graduates of Child Development, Psychology, Nursing, Social Work, Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Sociology, and Medicine can participate. Some of these certificate programs can be in the form of face-to-face training and some in the form of online training. What is Red Diamond? Price & Meaning of red diamond

Those who have graduated from the above-mentioned undergraduate departments are required to attend the training organized by the universities that provide family counseling education or the institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education by the specified regulation. Persons who want to receive this training must either take it from universities or training approved by the Ministry of National Education. Otherwise, they cannot do this job. To become a family counselor, in addition to receiving training from the specified places, it is obligatory to receive a total of four hundred and fifty hours of training, at least three hundred and fifty hours of theory, and at least fifty hours of supervision, one hundred and fifty hours of practical training.

To become a family counselor, in addition to this training, it is possible to provide counseling with a family counselor certificate to be obtained from some universities and educational institutions. It is also possible to get a family counseling certificate with online training.

Family counseling certificate programs; These are education programs that are generally opened within the university and based on academic and scientific foundations. One of the academic platforms that opened this certificate program is the Istanbul University Continuing Education Center.

In these certificate programs, 300 hours of theoretical training, 120 hours of practical training, and 30 hours of supervision are provided. The certificate program covers a total of 450 hours of training.

Those who have a master’s or doctorate in Clinical Psychology or Family Counseling and those who specialize in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry in medical faculties are also considered family counselors. A separate certificate is not required for these people to work in the relevant centers.

After completing the undergraduate education, there is no need to obtain a family counseling certificate if a master’s/doctorate is completed in one of the fields of family counseling or clinical psychology. Specialists in the fields of psychiatry and child psychiatry in medical faculties can work as family counselors without obtaining a certificate.

Qualifications of a Family Counselor

There are some qualifications that people who want to be a family counselor should have in addition to the training they need to take. These qualities can be listed as follows:

  • Have the ability to communicate effectively
  • have the ability to observe
  • Ability to understand problems and offer solutions
  •  have the ability to persuade
  • To have the ability to cope with emotional and stressful situations that are possible to encounter frequently due to their profession.

Individuals can do this profession without obtaining a certificate. People who graduated from medicine, sociology, psychology, child development, nursing, guidance, and psychological counseling departments can do this profession by doing a master’s or doctorate in the field of family counseling. A certificate is not required from those who have a master’s or doctorate in this field. They do not need a certificate. After knowing who can do this job and how to be, let’s have information about the duties of the family counselor.

What can be done with a Family Counseling Certificate?

People who get a family counseling certificate continue their career life by gaining many gains. People who get a family counseling certificate get the title of family counselor and can start family counseling. They prove their professional competence by participating in training to get a family counseling certificate.

People who have received a family counseling certificate can start their working life by opening their place. Apart from this, these are the fields of study for those who receive a family counseling certificate;

  • Women’s and family health centers,
  • Working as an expert consultant in family courts,
  • rehabilitation centers,
  • Provincial central directorates of ministries,
  • You can work in a family counseling center,
  • Municipality etc. family counseling centers of institutions,
  • Provide specialist services outside of working hours,
  • They can work as family counselors in the family counseling centers affiliated with SHÇEK.

Who Can Do Family Counseling?

According to the regulation published in 2012, the conditions of being a family counselor have been determined. Graduates of certain departments of universities are entitled to become family counselors. These sections are; medicine, nursing, social work, guidance and psychological counseling, sociology, psychology, and child development. However, just having graduated from university is not enough to be able to do family counseling. Those who complete one of these departments can obtain a family counseling certificate. Certification training must be obtained from an institution approved by the university and authorized by the ministry. 300 hours of theoretical lessons and 150 hours of practical lessons are given in the training. Training can be online training or face-to-face training. Those who are successful in the exam at the end of the training can start working with the title of “family counselor”.

After graduating from the university, a certificate is not required to work for those who do a master’s or doctorate in one of the fields of family counseling and clinical psychology. Those who have graduated from medical faculties do not need to obtain certificates of experts in the fields of psychiatry and child psychiatry. Those who receive the family counseling certificate can open a family counseling center anywhere in Turkey with this certificate. The prerequisite for becoming a family counselor is to have a university degree and a certificate. However, those who want to do this profession must have certain characteristics. These features can be listed as follows:

  • Communication skills should be developed.
  • Must be able to empathize.
  • Should be able to develop practical solutions.
  • He should give importance to his personal development.
  • Must be able to manage stress.
  • Observation skills should be developed.
  • He should know the techniques of persuasion.
  • Must be able to focus on details.
  • He must act by professional ethics.
  • He should be in control of his feelings and thoughts.
  • It should give confidence to the clients.
  • He should be able to see things as a whole.
  • Must love to read and research.
  • Should have the ability to question and ask questions.
  • It should not be biased.
  • Should be flexible when needed.
  • Must have analytical thinking skills.
  • It should be able to establish a cause-effect relationship.
  • They should be individuals who love to help.
  • Must love to learn and teach.
  • He should be able to look at things from different angles.
  • He should have a positive outlook.
  • It should be creative.
  • They should be able to encourage their clients.
  • He must have self-confidence.
  • He should be patient.
  • It should be sincere.
  • Respect the client’s decisions.
  • It should act consistently.

What are the Duties of a Family Counselor?

It is among the duties of the family counselor to eliminate the problems experienced in the family and to try to spread the concept of a problem-free family.

It is among the duties of the family counselor to seek solutions with the participation of all members of the family by emphasizing how the problems among the members of the family affect the family.
Approaches family problems from a holistic perspective. A family counselor’s duties include providing family members with roles, rules, and problem-solving abilities.

The duties of the family counselor include helping people who have problems in their relationships to cope more easily with the events such as marriage, separation, and personal or interpersonal problems related to the family and children.

The duties of the family counselor include working to resolve any problems between the spouses.

It is among the duties of the family counselor to try to prevent the problems that the members may encounter, such as divorce, miscommunication, incompatibility, death, and cheating, which affect all members of the family.

It is among the duties of the family counselor to collect information about the members of the family as a result of interviewing the counselees and the thesis and observation, and ensuring that the necessary analyzes are made.
It is their other duty to provide counseling services for family members to understand each other.
It is also among their duties to make decisions with family members in determining the topics to be discussed in the consultancy service they provide.

Finally, it can be stated as keeping the case notes and evaluations of the clients.

Family Counselor Salaries

“How much are Family Counselor salaries?” We can provide the following information for those who are wondering:

As of 2021, family counseling salaries are around 3000 TL and 4000 TL for public institutions. Family counselors can earn an average of 3500 TL in state-affiliated workplaces. Of course, these salaries can vary depending on the institution.

Salaries of consultants working in public or private institutions vary according to both their seniority and experience. As of 2021, the salaries of consultants working in private institutions can reach higher figures than 4.500-5000 TL.

It should also be noted that family counselors can open their own Family Counseling Center. Family counselors who have their businesses can earn higher monthly incomes. These incomes may vary according to the number of sessions.
According to the regulation on opening a family counseling center, applications must be made to the provincial directorates of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. Child Development, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Medicine, Guidance, and Psychological Counseling graduates; can open their centers by obtaining a Family Counseling certificate.

Another issue that affects salaries received his academic career. In undergraduate education, specialists who complete academic programs such as master’s and doctorate of universities can earn higher salaries.

Topics That Can Benefit From Family Counseling

  • Communication problems (situations such as family members not listening to each other, not understanding, hiding something from each other, lying)
  • Mood changes during pregnancy
  • Experiencing economic difficulties
  • The process covers pre-divorce and post-divorce
  • Losses and deaths
  • Substance abuse in family members
  • Experiencing sexual problems between spouses
  • Depression
  • Experiencing cheating or being cheated on
  • Presence of a stressful family environment
  • Experiencing domestic violence
  • Jealousy between spouses
  • Problems between child and parent
  • Existence of reasons related to the extended family environment
  • The existence of all kinds of problems that may cause tension and unrest in the family environment

How to Become a Family Counselor

It is necessary to attend the certificate training organized by universities or institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education by the specified regulation. To participate in this training, it is necessary to graduate from one of the departments of psychology, sociology, child development, nursing, guidance, and psychological counseling or medicine. He can do this profession without getting a certificate by doing a master’s or doctorate in this field.

To become a family counselor, it is necessary to graduate from the departments of Child Development, Nursing, Psychology, PDR, Sociology, Social Services, and Medicine. Those who have a master’s or doctorate in Clinical Psychology, Child Psychiatry, Psychiatry, and Family Counseling can directly become family counselors.

What are the Duties of a Family Counselor?

It is to eliminate the problems experienced in the family and to try to spread the concept of a problem-free family. It works to solve any problems between spouses. It focuses on how the problems between the members of the family affect the family and seeks solutions with the participation of all members of the family.

What Can Be Done with a Family Counselor Certificate?

He continues his career by taking the title of a family counselor. He can set up his counseling center or work in someone else’s counseling center. Women and family centers, expert consultancy in family courts, municipalities, rehabilitation centers, etc. can work anywhere.

What is a Family Counselor?

A family counselor is a specialist who helps to solve various problems in the family. These experts are consultants who approach the problems of family members negatively affecting the family structure with scientific methods and seek solutions with scientific methods.

What Does a Family Counselor Do?

One of the duties of the family counselor is to strengthen the communication bond between spouses or between parents and children. These experts look for appropriate solutions by listening to family members both individually and in groups. Moreover; They are also responsible for providing professional support in cases of parental divorce, remarriage, serious illness, and death.

Who is a Family Counselor?

A family counselor is a person who provides psychological support in identifying and solving the problems experienced by family members. It helps family members to understand each other and comfortably solve their problems. Since the problems are not only individual but affect all members of the family, it takes a holistic approach in which each member participates in the process of solution.

In Which Subjects Can You Get Support from a Family Counselor?

Problems that may occur within the family, sometimes between spouses and sometimes between parents and children, affect all family members. Psychological support is required in cases of divorce, domestic violence, economic difficulties, adolescence, and lack of communication between family members. In addition to these, any event that may adversely affect the psychology of the individual and cause problems in his relationship with family members can also be the subject of family counseling.

What Qualities Should Family Counselors Have?

Clients should be individuals with whom they can share their problems without hesitation. For this, they should treat their clients with a smile and respect. He should like interacting with people.

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