What is a System Administrator: What is the salary of a System Administrator?

Within the DSI (Information Systems Department, more commonly known as the IT department) or a technical team, the system administrator is the person who must ensure that the entire computer system of a company is functioning properly. What is a Network Systems Support Engineer?

Depending on the size of the company, the context of the position, and the skills required, he has the following missions:

  • Installation of computer stations – in the company and on the move – and user interfaces.
  • IT asset management.
  • Installing and updating software.
  • Security
  • To carry out a constant technical watch to propose the best solutions.
  • To develop the system to make it even more efficient and safe.

The System administrator can have a double hat: that of a Network administrator, we then speak of System and Network Administrator.

Who are the main interlocutors of the System Administrator?

The system administrator works with all the actors of the DSI or the IT department. In small companies, it is sometimes directly attached to the general manager.

Its interlocutors are all the employees of the company having a computer station or a machine connected to the network. He sees them on a daily basis, from setting up their workstation to all the IT issues that concern them. This translates into anticipation of needs and technical support in the event of a bug or major breakdown. 5 tips for employers to prepare for video interviews

The performance of digital tools and their security is directly linked to the quality of his work.

The system administrator can also be relieved of minor daily IT hassles by a Helpdesk Technician, who will then be in direct contact with the teams in order to solve their IT problems.

What are the skills and qualities required to be a System Administrator?

The system administrator knows all the technical and hardware aspects. He masters the operation of connection protocols, as well as operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.). He can also specialize (this is frequently the case) on a very specific operating system, of which he will perfectly master the workings.

The System Administrator must also have certain soft skills:

In direct contact with employees, he must be a pedagogue to explain how the software works, and resist stress in the face of an audience who must also meet deadlines. He must be versatile and available for his colleagues, in particular when he works alone, without the help of a Support Technician or Helpdesk. 5 tips for employers to prepare for video interviews

Both organized and reactive, the system administrator also redoubles his vigilance in the face of computer attacks and keeps watch to keep up to date. His work also sometimes leads him to work days or nights on call. What is an Emergency Medicine Specialist?

What studies or training to become a System Administrator?

There are many career paths open to those who want to become system administrators. From Bac +2 with a BTS to Bac +5, his level of study also determines the importance of his position and his remuneration at the start of his career.

  • BTS informatics / management informatics
  • DUT networks and telecommunications
  • Professional license
  • Engineer school
  • IT Masters

A self-taught profile in computer systems can also follow a more or less short and certifying training in order to validate their skills.

What are the professional developments and career prospects of a System Administrator?

Generally, system administrators progress to positions of responsibility, or management, such as the Director of Information Services (DSI) or Technical Director. Intermediate development to a Systems (and Networks) Manager position is also possible.

Finally, since the growing technological rapprochement between systems administration and IT development, more and more Systems Administrators are moving towards DevOps positions. Interview Question: “Tell Me About Yourself?”: How To Answer?

What are the main industries and employers of a System Administrator?

The system administrator is an essential position for any company that owns a computer park or network of machines. Expert profiles are therefore particularly in demand in a wide variety of sectors.

Industries all need a system administrator, a fortiori large groups, or even media companies, banks, administrations, and start-ups.

The system administrator can also work for an ESN (Company of services of the digital, ex-SSII), on behalf of various clients. Most Valuable Job Search Tips

What is the salary of a System Administrator?

Several factors define the remuneration of a System Administrator; skills and experience in the first place but also the geographical location, the technologies used, the type of company, the sector of activity, the technical problems to be solved, etc.

The average salary of a system administrator in 2020 in France is 38 K€/year, knowing that a beginner earns around 30 K€/year and that a senior system administrator who has specific expertise can easily expect more. of 55 K€/year.

Average salaries in France according to experience:

  • Junior system administrator: 30 – 40 K€
  • Experienced system administrator: 40 – 55 K€
  • Senior system administrator: 55 K€ and +

What are the other job titles of a System Administrator?

The system administrator, depending on the scope of his missions or the corporate culture, may also be called:

  • System and network administrator
  • IT administrator
  • Server administrator
  • IT security administrator
  • System and network-manager
  • IT Administrator

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