What is Actuarial and Risk Management Department?

What is the Actuarial and Risk Management Department?

The Actuarial and Risk Management degree is an academic discipline that aims to apply financial and statistical theories to help solve real business problems.

This chapter; combines actuarial modelling, financial reporting, insurance, retirement, economics, finance, mathematics and statistics modules to develop techniques and skills for assessing, assessing and managing future financial risk, thereby addressing a wide range of practical problems in long-term financial fields.

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Actuarial and Risk Management?

Actuarial and Risk Management is a 4-year undergraduate department that is taught within the scope of the Faculty of Business Administration at universities and accepts students only according to the Equal Weight score type. What is the Department of Oral and Dental Health?

What are the Courses of the Department of Actuarial and Risk Management?

Candidate students who aim to receive education in Actuarial and Risk Management and who will include this department in their preference lists;

  • The basic concepts of law,
  • General accounting,
  • Probability and Statistics,
  • Fundamentals of Insurance,
  • Life Insurance Mathematics,
  • Inventory Balance Sheet,
  • Insurance Statistics,
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management,
  • Reinsurance Techniques,
  • Risk Theory,
  • Correlation and Regression

They will take the education of many similar courses during their 8-semester education period. Students who successfully complete all these courses are entitled to obtain a “Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial and Risk Management”. Graduates are given the title of “Actuary”.

What Do Actuarial and Risk Management Graduates Do?

The work of many actuaries can be thought of as risk management, which evaluates how likely an event may be and the costs associated with that event. This may include how life insurance reserves and future premiums can offset future claims, analyze investment risks, or reflect the financial costs of an epidemic. What is the Emergency and Disaster Management Department?

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Actuarial and Risk Management Department?

Actuaries graduated from the department;

  • State and Private Banks,
  • Insurance Companies,
  • Social Security Institutions,
  • Investment Consulting Firms

They can find jobs in such institutions & organizations. In order to benefit from the job opportunities within the government, the score obtained by the candidates from the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) is decisive.

Graduates can also provide personal consultancy services if they wish. They can also open their own insurance agents. How do you attract the best fresh graduates in the modern era?

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