What is Alternative Energy Sources Technology?

What is Alternative Energy Sources Technology?

The alternative Energy Resources Technology department is an associate degree program in vocational colleges affiliated with universities. The purpose of the program; To train expert personnel who will work in the installation, operation, production and distribution stages of alternative energy sources. It is aimed to develop the sector by ensuring that these individuals have knowledge and equipment about the energy policies of the future. Students who want to advance in business life by choosing the Alternative Energy Resources Technology department should have analytical thinking skills and a tendency to teamwork. 10 healthy name ideas for your alternative medicine centre

How Many Years Is Alternative Energy Sources Technology Training Period?

Alternative Energy Resources Technology is a two-year department. Alternative Energy Sources Technology (2-year base points) and their rankings change every year. Alternative Energy Sources Technology base score also varies according to universities. During the Alternative Energy Sources Technology education, students are given the opportunity to practice and improve themselves with applied laboratory studies. There is an obligation to do a 30-day internship in this field. For graduation, students must have completed 120 ECTS.

What are Alternative Energy Resources Technology Courses?

Alternative Energy Resources Technology department students take physics, mathematics and technology-oriented courses during their two-semester education period. Candidates who want to graduate from the Alternative Energy Resources Technology department should take the following courses;

  • Basic Energy Sources,
  • Energy Storage,
  • Recovery Methods,
  • Introduction to Energy Physics,
  • Building Heating Systems with Solar Energy,
  • Electrical Control Circuits,
  • Radioactive Materials and Waste Management,
  • Radiation and Protection Methods,
  • Occupational health and Safety,
  • Basic Algorithm and Blog Coding,
  • Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution,
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer,
  • Electricity Generation with Wind Power,
  • Electrical Machines,
  • Energy Management and Policies,
  • Industrial Applications,
  • Electricity Generation with Wind Power,
  • Quality Assurance Systems and Standards,

Students who are successful in these courses by fulfilling the graduation requirements are entitled to receive the Alternative Energy Resources Technology Diploma with the title of the technician. There is also the right of vertical transfer (DGS) to four-year undergraduate programs for those who want to continue their university education in this field. What is the Department of Oral and Dental Health?

What does an Alternative Energy Sources Technology Graduate Do?

The question of what Alternative Energy Sources Technology is is a question that many people wonder about. Alternative Energy Sources Technology graduates should have knowledge about alternative energy policies and technologies; They are expected to periodically analyze and report. It is one of the main duties of being in the use of machinery and tools, fieldwork applications and electricity production stages. Performing tests with developer programs, providing system requirements, and supervising the tasks and projects of the employees are also the responsibilities of the technicians who graduated from this department. Salaries of Alternative Energy Sources Technology graduates vary according to the experience gained in the sector and the structure of the companies. What can I do with an economics degree?

What are the Job Opportunities for Alternative Energy Resources Technology Graduates?

The answer to the question of what a graduate of Alternative Energy Resources Technology do is a subject that graduates of the department and those who want to study are curious about. Alternative Energy Sources Technology graduates can work as electrical technicians and mechanics in all private and corporate companies operating in the field of alternative and renewable energy sources. They can take charge of the relevant departments of the companies as supervisors for the control and coordination of the units, and they can provide consultancy services to various organizations as energy experts. It is also possible for graduates to work independently by producing projects that meet the needs of employers. How do you attract the best fresh graduates in the modern era?

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