What is an Acoustic Specialist?

Let’s find out What Does an Acoustic Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities? It’s meaning and jobs.

What Does an Acoustic Specialist Mean?

An acoustician is a professional who conducts acoustic examination of acoustic reports needed to reduce noise in buildings. This title is obtained with the certificate obtained from the institutions providing the courses.

The person who has completed the course programs on acoustic expertise from the relevant institutions with 70% success and is entitled to receive the d1 and d2 certificates is called an acoustic specialist. Persons who have a master’s degree from a higher education institution related to the relevant department can gain the title of acoustic specialist only if they pass the exams and succeed.

What Does an Acoustic Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Acoustic experts with the necessary certificates make tests and measurements for the construction of quiet buildings in line with the regulation made by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The duties of the acoustics expert, who perform the tests in accordance with international standards, are as follows:

  • Measuring the sound insulation level of the parts inside the building,
  • To test the indoor noise level of the place,
  • To measure the reverberation feature of the sound,
  • Measuring the noise levels of the parts working inside the building,
  • Preparing and scoring the building acoustic report in line with the tests and measurements,
  • To carry out sound insulation and improvement works in existing buildings.

What are the Requirements for Acoustic Expertise?

There is no specific requirement to attend acoustic expertise seminars. You can obtain the title of an acoustic specialist with the document given to you by the institution you are studying. If you have received a postgraduate education on the subject before, if you successfully pass the exam, you can obtain the title of acoustic specialist. While the d1 certificate is sufficient to prepare an acoustic project, you must have the d2 certificate to be able to measure.

What Training Do You Need To Become An Acoustic Specialist?

The training you will receive in the course you will attend to become an acoustic specialist are as follows:

  • General Acoustic Principles
  • Introduction to Architecture and Building Knowledge
  • Sound Propagation in and Between Spaces
  • Designing Buildings for Noise Control
  • Sound Insulation Calculations and Models
  • Sound Insulation Evaluation Methods
  • Determination of Desired Limit Values ​​and Introduction of Regulation
  • Sound Insulation Improvement in Existing Buildings
  • Preparation of Acoustic Projects and Reports

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