What is an Emergency Medicine Specialist?

Let’s find out What is an Emergency Medicine Specialist? What Does it Mean? What are their Duties and Responsibilities? and What Education Is Required?

What Does Emergency Medicine Specialist Mean?

Emergency Medicine Specialist; It is the professional title given to the people who carry out all the education and research activities of the emergency service, perform the patient care services in the emergency department and ensure the fulfillment of these services. Evaluates sudden health problems check the general condition and make the first medical intervention. What is an Agency Representative?

What Does an Emergency Medicine Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The duties and responsibilities of the Emergency Medicine Specialist, who has an intense working tempo, are as follows:

  • Performing patient care work in the emergency department,
  • To regulate the process required for the examination system, patient care, treatment, and termination of patient care in the emergency department,
  • To ensure the efficient and regular operation of the emergency service and to supervise this situation,
  • Supervising the work of general practitioners working in the emergency department,
  • Performing in-service audits,
  • Consulting with relevant physicians,
  • Consulting in areas such as toxicology and critical care,
  • Consulting the patients cared for by the general practitioner,
  • Inpatient care; make the final decision about the termination of examination, treatment, and care,
  • To ensure the order of forensic and administrative records in the emergency department,
  • To ensure that emergency service personnel fulfill their duties,
  • To report on the work to the emergency service manager,
  • To perform other duties assigned to him.

What Education Is Required to Become an Emergency Medicine Specialist?

The training required to become an Emergency Medicine Specialist is as follows:

  • To study in one of the six-year medical faculties of the universities,
  • To enter the Medical Specialization Examination (TUS) and to earn points related to the relevant department,
  • Successfully completing the 5-year internship period.

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