What is Animation and Game Design? Department and Salary

Animation and game design are intertwined phenomena today. By considering these two concepts separately, it is possible to understand the relationship between them more clearly. Literally animation; motion picture made by displaying several pictures in succession and at sufficient speed means. Those who perform this process are called animators or animation artists. Animation can also be called the art of animation in short and concisely. The first animations were made in the form of a quick display of the pictures drawn on paper. But today’s technology has achieved breakthrough innovations in animation. Now, thanks to computer technology, both vector, and pixel-based animations can be made more easily and realistically. In particular, it is possible to encounter short animated films in many places. Of course, digital ads lead them.

Animation and game design are becoming increasingly popular among today’s new generation business lines. Now let’s get to know these two concepts more closely; Let’s take a look at what you can do if you want to move forward as a career choice and career. How to Deal with Difficult Customers?

What Does Animation Mean?

In fact, animation can be called an art branch that brings together many different disciplines such as cinema, painting, and sculpture. The preparation process of animation designs generally includes character designs, storyboards, pilot sound recordings, and the layout phase. Animated filmmaking progresses in parallel with the development of technology.

Developing software and information technologies makes it possible for animators to create higher-quality content on computers in less time. Animation techniques; 2D animation can be categorized by techniques such as cut-out animation, stop motion, rotoscope, 3D animation, motion capture, procedural animation, and 3D animation. So, where is animation used? Animations appear in many areas. Some of them can be listed as follows. Advertising, promotion, music clips, animated film, real-time movies (as visual effects or anime characters), digital games, interactive media, flight, etc. technical simulations, architectural and project implementation visualizations, music, dance and performing arts, etc. Content Marketing: Why It Is Important?

Major Animation Techniques

Traditional 2D Animation: Another name for 2D animation technique is traditional animation technique. Also known as cel animation. This is because; It is the transfer of movement to transparent transparencies by drawing squares on paper. Today, although drawings are made on the computer, this technique is included in basic animation lessons. Because the 2D animation technique includes the basic principles of animation. In addition, programs such as Adobe After Effects are the most important assistants used especially in 2d animation and motion graphics.

  • Cut-out animation: It is the name given to the technique of moving the parts of the created characters separately. It has become a preferred technique thanks to its faster production compared to traditional 2D animation.
  • Stop Motion: In this technique, also known as puppet animation, it is possible to use a wide variety of materials and objects other than puppets. In this technique, the character or object to be moved is photographed one after the other with minor changes in each frame.
  • Rotoscopy: This technique has been practiced since the early years of animation. In this method, motion is produced by drawing on the image of real actors.
  • 3D Animation: This method can be explained as the mathematical definition, creation and movement of spaces and objects on the computer with the 3D coordinate system.
  • Motion Capture: In this technique, the movements of real actors are transferred to the 3D skeleton system. With this method, sensors placed at certain points on the actor’s skeletal system create motion information and this information is repeated on a desired 3D model.
  • Procedural Animation: With this method, which is used extensively in video games and visual effects, the animation production process is automated. Those who want to do procedural animation should be experts in both software techniques and art.
  • 3D Animation: Today, when animation is mentioned, 3D animations come to mind. Moving 3D vectors are obtained with computer technology and special animation software. Undoubtedly, one of the most important points in 3D animation is to model the character in 3D.is the phase. This process can be likened to the reflection of the sculptor’s work in the digital world. With the developing technology, new software has been developed for situations that are difficult to imitate in nature in 3D animations. Today, 3D Animation is used in many areas from medical presentations to architectural visualization, from computer games to movies. Some feature films are produced as fully 3D animation. Then, desired environments are created with processes such as texturing, i.e. coloring, animation, and virtual light.

What is Game Design?

The whole process of designing games played in digital environments and then meeting them with the user is called game design. Those who practice this increasingly popular profession; deal with the programming, design, animation, and art of a game. Game designers are called game designers, as you might guess. Game designers should be intertwined with animation techniques. Because the process of designing characters for the game requires this skill. In addition, since a new world is designed for each game, the game designer must have both creative ideas and artistic skills. The technological benefits of animation and game design, combined with the imagination of digital artists, create new worlds for other people.

Considering that a large audience is digital game enthusiasts today, we can say that the profession of game designer will be popular for many years. But the key to high success here is to raise the bar a little higher with each new game design. When we think of online games and mobile games, it should not be ignored that it is necessary to interact with users. Because the renewal and development of games with user feedback will affect the rate of appreciation of the game designs you make. In other words, we can say that users are somewhat involved in the game design process.

So how do you become a game designer? University education is not required to become a game designer. If a department is still to be studied, departments such as Software Engineering, Programming, Computer Engineering, Animation, and Digital Game Design can be preferred. However, in order to be a game designer, the application skill of the person is at the forefront rather than university education. In order to become a game designer, courses can be taken to learn the software used in this sector. To be a good game designer, it is very important to have good programming knowledge, to know how to use game engines such as UDK, Unity, and CryEngine, and to be advanced in programming languages. In addition to the necessity of all this technical knowledge, it is also necessary to be patient and adapt to technological developments & innovations. 7+ Ways to Make the Most of Your Time

Professions for Animation and Game Design Graduates

Developing technology opens up new areas. This means new jobs. Considering the increasing population and emerging unemployment problems today, the business advantage of animation and game design graduates or design enthusiasts who develop themselves in this subject is great. The employment of competent persons in the relevant sectors is quite high. Continuous renewal and following developments in this profession can be considered a critical point for professional success. In addition, animation designs can be dealt with not only as a profession but also for hobby purposes. Especially the 3D maX program attracts the attention of many people. 3D max training online if you wish you can discover your interest and talent in animation and modeling with online training. There are many areas where a graduate of animation and game design can work as he develops himself:

  • Animation production
  • illustrator
  • Advertising industry
  • Art consultant
  • Freelancer 3D artist
  • Directing,
  • Cartoon industry
  • Animation Directing,
  • Character Animation
  • Concept Design
  • Layout Design
  • Character Design
  • Storyboard
  • Game Design
  • 3D modeling
  • Rig specialist
  • Rendering expert
  • Visual effects specialist
  • Developer (making interactive and procedural animations)
  • Stereographic 3D specialist etc.

Department of Animation and Game Design

Some of the new professions of the digital age are the new generation professions in the field of “animation and game design”. For today’s young generation, technology and the internet are a great need in every aspect of life. For this reason, new generation professions are emerging for young people. The younger generation does not want to prefer the overtime and salaried professions that are currently being made. Spending all day in an office with low pay is beyond their interest. This is even starting to apply to the middle-aged generation. To the extent that they can adapt to the digital age, young and middle-aged people will turn to these new generation professions.

The remote working model, which has entered our lives due to the pandemic, has become a blessing of the digital age. “Generation Z” (millennials) have already adapted to concepts such as remote work and online education. Because they were born in the middle of this technology and the internet. Therefore, any work that can be done with a computer is like a child’s play for them.

Especially the Z generation sees the animation and game designer job as an ideal profession. Because this area does not need an office with overtime, its earnings can be very high. Even if this profession is done as an overtime office job, its earnings will still be above the average. When we look at designers who do their own work, it is possible to earn many times more than a normal salary. Of course, young people prefer to use their time well, do what they love, and earn a high income. What stones are suitable for Scorpions?

Our advice to young people who want to choose “animation and game design” as a profession is to receive academic training in this field. Thanks to academic education, young people will be able to make a difference in their profession by learning the intricacies of this business from experts. Their overseas experience and foreign language education will add advantages to these differences. Young people who make international feature animated films and game designs can also be successful abroad. With a good movie or game project, it is possible for them to achieve international success and very high earnings. Because in this digital age; traditional cinema and the digital film industry attach great importance to animated films. Game design and technology are also developing day by day. Hence, animation and game design are considered professions with a bright future. Now let’s get to know one of the most important chapters in this field… Real-Time Marketing: What, Why, and How?

What is the Animation and Game Design Department?

The Department of Animation and Game Design is an undergraduate program in the field of animation films and game production. Students are admitted to the department with the Verbal score type of the central examination system.
As of 2022, this department provides education only in Eastern Mediterranean University (TRNC) and in English. Preference options of this university; scholarship, 75% discount, 50% discount, and paid options. Scholarship and 75% discount options have 5 quotas each, and 50% and paid quotas each have 10 quotas.

The purpose of the department; To train experts who can use the design and techniques required by the digital age. Since this department provides education in only one university, graduates of the department will not have a problem finding a job. Considering that the language of instruction is English, we can see a graduate profile at international standards.

In addition, it will be beneficial for students to do a double major with related programs or to take a second undergraduate education. We can say that with the Erasmus application, education and internship opportunities abroad will also make a difference in career life. Why Should You Get a Certificate?

What are the Job Opportunities in the Animation and Game Design Department?

Job opportunities for Animation and Game Design graduates are generally concentrated in the private sector. It is also possible to find employment in media organizations in the public sector.
We can list the job opportunities in the department as follows:

  • They can work on animation film, cartoon, and game designs in the relevant units of public institutions.
  • They can work in the related units of graphic design companies in the private sector.
  • They can work in private sector media channels, advertising agencies, and cartoon production companies.
  • They can work in companies that produce animation and games in the digital sector.
  • They can also establish their own companies and make their own designs in the field of animation and games.
  • Graduates who have completed their postgraduate education also have the opportunity to become academicians. For this option, they must meet a sufficient ALES score and other requirements.

What Do Animation and Game Design Graduates Do?

Jobs available to graduates include:

  • They make character designs and fiction in animated films, cartoons and games.
  • They make technical adjustments of the movie or game designs they edit,
  • They do the work in the modeling and creation stages of the designs,
  • They control the image, sound, and other technical features of designs made into movies or games.
  • They make and carry out projects related to this field for digital media channels and other media companies.

What are the Animation and Game Design Department Courses?

The curriculum of the Animation and Game Design department consists mainly of compulsory and applied for courses. Considering that the theoretical courses are also technical and design-oriented, we can say that the courses are given in the form of computer applications. Vocational foreign language courses included in the lesson plans make different contributions to English language of instruction.

The compulsory courses taught in the Animation and Game Design undergraduate program are as follows:

  • Introduction to Animation and Game Design
  • Introduction to Computed Graphics
  • Perception and Design Concepts
  • Game Analysis
  • Modeling with Clay
  • Vector Illustration
  • Visual Emulation
  • Introduction to Digital Painting
  • Sketching Techniques for Designers
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Lighting
  • Game Production and Prototyping
  • 3D Organic Modeling
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Episode Design and Game Mechanics
  • Interface with Game Engines
  • Sound Design
  • Art Design and Concepts
  • Preparation for Graduation Project
  • Graduation Project

We should add that some important courses are also given in the field of foreign language in the department. We can list these lessons as follows:

  • Academic English
  • Communication in English
  • Turkish (second language)

Animation and Game Design Department Base Points and Achievement Rankings

All of the base points of the Animation and Game Design department in 2022 belong to Eastern Mediterranean University (TRNC). The highest base score; belongs to the scholarship option and its success ranking is 7011. The 75% discount option in second place in the base points ranking has a base score of 281,383 and a success rank of 377609. The 50% discount option with the lowest base score has a score of 220,449 and a success rank of 836095. Since the quota of 10 people in the paid option of the department has not been filled, the base score and success ranking have not been formed.

This department of Eastern Mediterranean University has 5 quotas for scholarships and 75% discount options. The quota of the 50% discount option of the department is announced as 10. 30 Passive Income Ideas to Help You Make Money in 2023

Animation and Game Design Graduate Salaries

Animation and game design are two distinct and closely related fields that are innovative in terms of next generation job opportunities. Today, the digital applications and innovative technologies we use in our lives have expanded the scope of what we can do. Animation and game design are the most creative and innovative fields that meet the demands in various fields with their applications that can be presented to the digital environment. Moreover, the wide range of business services that are shaped according to the wishes and expectations of the consumers and customers in these areas show that the front of the field will always be open.

Animation is frequently used in the presentation of series, movies, cartoons, and certain subjects that we consume in our daily life. Again, the game industry; is a wide area with the most demand and interest, with users from all age groups. This interest and relevance in the sectors are of course also beneficial for those working in this field. One of the most curious subjects about animation and game design is the salary scale and job opportunities of the employees. In our article, we will first talk about the fields of animation and game design, and then we will make the subject understandable for you by continuing with the salary range that someone who wants to work in this field can receive. What is a Digital Marketing Agency? What is the scope of Digital Marketing?

Department of Animation and Game Design

Before moving on to the animation and game design part, it would be appropriate to briefly define two separate fields that are related to each other. If we start with the concept of animation, it is an important and effective field of art that produces and designs an abstract reality. In the production and design phase, the digitally projected image, graphics,s and drawings have a reality and vitality. In this respect, it is possible to describe animation as the essence of the art of animation.

Today, animation is used as a presentation narrator for many movies, TV series, and commercials. In the process, the use of animation has increased so much that animation films in the cinema sector have become a big sector on their own. Animation, as a digital art branch that contains many techniques, seems to continue to attract attention. In itself; It has a wide production area that includes many techniques such as  2D, 3D, 3D modeling, 2 and 3D animation, rotoscope, and where you can improve yourself.

Game design or digital game design, on the other hand, is a fundamental sector that produces games that attract everyone’s curiosity and interest. Like the animation industry, the game industry is an area that will not lose its interest and introduces technological innovations that increase interest. As a sector that best meets the concept of virtual reality, it is the biggest source for people and game enthusiasts to step into a different and interesting reality. Thus, one of the most satisfying ways to have fun regardless of time and place is through games. As a sector that has a large market share and does not lose interest, we can easily say that it has a future that protects and increases profits.

The importance and value of both sectors are obvious. There is also the effort of many employees in the background that creates this value and importance. Animation and game design, as two fields that are suitable for development and innovation, provide opportunities for professions that are open to new generation business areas. Moreover, it is not obligatory for those who want to work in these fields to read the chapter. Of course, knowledge and learning can move you forward; but the world of animation and games can open its doors to anyone who is interested in this business and acquires the necessary knowledge. In other words, you can get the necessary technical training through courses, certificate programs, and basic videos other than through schools, and you can improve yourself as long as you keep your interest.

Apart from this, you may want to receive an education in school and you can learn the necessary information at school. After thinking through this decision, here are the options you will come across; animation and game design, animation and cartoons, game design, and digital game design departments. Since the animation and game design department is not fully established in our country, education is given in a single university for now. The university, which includes the fields of animation and game design in a single department, is Eastern Mediterranean University. The department accepts students from the field of SÖZ and graduates after 4 years of education. Digital game design takes students from the Digital field. The main reason for this is that software and code knowledge are required in game design. After researching the desired skills and competencies in both areas, you can make your choice more accurately. Youtube Advertising: How to Advertise on Youtube?

Digital Game Design Fields

Game design is one of the most popular and favorite departments in terms of next generation business areas. Universities in our country also train qualified and competent digital game developers for the game design industry. Although education is given in these fields, a fairly new field in our country is game design. Despite this, the game design department can make a great contribution to the sector with the opportunities it provides to its graduates.

If you have a certain interest and interest in games, the digital game design department will make it easier for you to take part in the background of game production. Before ranking and scoring for the episode, you are expected to have an interest in this area and some knowledge of game production. You may need to familiarize yourself with departmental practices as you will be introduced to hands-on courses in game design throughout the undergraduate semester. In other words, it will be in your best interest to have an idea about the games and certain infrastructure. However, if your knowledge of digital games is only at the level of playing games, there are also applications to improve yourself in the section.

The digital game design department is generally within the body of Private Universities in Istanbul. The department, which accepts students from the SAY field in the university point system, includes courses on design and software knowledge and practice. The coding and programming languages required for game production take up a lot of space in the department. Especially C# trainingand there are applications for using game engines such as Unity, Unreal, and CryEngine. The department also paves the way for you to concentrate on the fields of design and coding. You can decide in which area you want to improve yourself while reading the department. Of course, beforehand, you need to have the equipment to perform basic applications in both areas. It should be noted that it is not necessary to go to university to develop games and take part in the game industry. You will be expected to demonstrate the practice that will enable you to express yourself in this field only by having knowledge of ideas and practices in this field. What is a brand consultancy? How do you build a brand consultant?

Animation and Game Design Jobs

Animation and game design are two separate departments that have a future and host creative professions. As we mentioned before, those who want to work in this field do not need to read the department. Today, the multitude of education options may not require you to go to university. You can easily obtain basic applications and information with online training, courses, and video content. With software and informatics training, you can turn to the field you want to specialize in. Animation and game design are fields with a present and a future. There are also many professions you can practice within the industry. Since the industry is very wide, you need to pre-select the area where you can show yourself. The salary range also varies according to the field and workload in which you will work. In the field of animation; There are agencies and companies where you can work in the cinema industry, advertising, cartoons, animation production and directing art director, and design. In game design, in-game companies; art director, game writer, software developer, business development, game marketing specialist, character designer, sound and cinematographer, and graphic designer.

Generally, you can earn a high income in these areas according to your experience and skills. Although the salary range varies according to the company or agency you will work for, you can get more than the minimum wage. The salaries of animation and game design graduates and those working in this field are not less than 3000 TL. Depending on the intensity of your work and your experience, you can have an income between 5000 TL and 10000 TL. At the same time, if you establish your own business and speed up your networking efforts, you can get the mentioned high incomes. What is my zodiac sign and birthstone?

What is animation?

Animation; means a moving image obtained by displaying several pictures in succession and at sufficient speed. Briefly and concisely, it can be called the art of animation. In other words, animation is an art branch that brings together many different disciplines such as cinema, painting, and sculpture.

What is game design?

The whole process of designing games played in digital environments and then meeting them with the user is called game design. Game designers are called game designers, as you might guess. Game design requires art disciplines skills and imagination as well as software and technical knowledge. Stone Disease Symptoms & Treatment

What are the job opportunities in the field of animation and game design?

University education is not required to work in animation and game design. If a department is still to be studied, departments of universities such as Software Engineering, Programming, Computer Engineering, Animation, and Digital Game Design can be preferred. In addition, you can combine your skills with special courses and have a new generation profession.

What are animation and game design?

Animation and game design are two interrelated fields. Animation is a large section that opens a separate area for itself in the cinema industry. Game design, on the other hand, is an area where game design and developer duties exist in game companies.

What are the animation and digital game design job opportunities?

Both sectors have ample job opportunities. There are opportunities for you to do many professions such as animation and film companies, advertising agencies, game companies, and design agencies. You can work comfortably in all jobs involving design and coding.

What is the estimated salary range for the animation and game design industry?

First of all, experience and skills in this field are important. As a result of a good technical education & the competencies you have acquired, you can have a salary above the minimum wage. Depending on your increased experience and communication network, you can earn an income of more than 5000 TL. What is Social Media Management, and What is its Importance?

What is the Animation and Game Design Department?

It is a four-year undergraduate program that teaches animation film and game production. This department is only available at Eastern Mediterranean University (TRNC) for this year and provides education in English.

What Do Animation and Game Design Graduates Do?

Graduates do fiction and designs for animated films, cartoons, and games. They make the technical and digital arrangements in the designs. They control and market content that has been made into movies and games.

What are Animation and Game Design Department Base Points and Rankings?

As of 2022, this department appears with four different options of only one university. Eastern Mediterranean University’s scholarship section is the option with the highest base score of 355,666 points, and its success ranking is 7011. The lowest base score is 220,449 with a 50% discount; the success rank is 836095. How to Open a TikTok Ad Account? Benefits of TikTok Ads

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