What is Banking and Insurance Department?

The Banking and Insurance Department is basically a program that aims to carry out financial, banking and insurance transactions in a regular manner. For this reason, he has knowledge of the basic principles of banking and insurance; aims to educate individuals who have knowledge and authority about the functioning and legislation of finance, insurance and money markets. In addition, it is very important for the graduates of this department to be able to provide effective marketing, consultancy and auditing for the products and services of insurance and financial institutions. What is Finance and Banking Department?

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Banking and Insurance Department?

While the Department of Banking and Insurance is applied as a 2-year associate degree program in some institutions and vocational schools depending on the education system of universities and institutions, it is offered as a 4-year undergraduate program in some universities. In order to successfully complete the 2-year Banking and Insurance associate degree education and to gain the right to graduate, students must meet the minimum 40-day compulsory internship period and 120 ECTS requirement. In addition, students who successfully complete the 2-year Banking and Insurance associate degree can take the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS). If they get enough points, they will be able to improve themselves in their fields even more.

They can transfer to the department or to the undergraduate program determined by ÖSYM, which is related to banking, insurance, finance and marketing. Students who want to complete their education directly in the Banking and Insurance 4-year department of universities must complete 240 ECTS in order to graduate and successfully meet the graduation requirements by fulfilling the obligatory obligations stated in the same way. There are many universities for those who want to be students in the banking and insurance department. Marmara University, Istanbul University, and Pamukkale University are some of them. Banking and Insurance base scores vary every year according to universities. 5 Cryptocurrencies that can help make money in 2022

What are the Courses of the Department of Banking and Insurance?

Banking and Insurance department courses have an applied and theoretical system. While most of the transferred courses are focused on finance and economics, the compulsory internship practice in many universities is an important part of the applied system. Among the compulsory courses in the program, commercial and banking law courses are also included. Along with all these, there are applied computer lessons, lessons to improve communication skills and foreign language training. Students who want to graduate from this department with success must have interest and abilities in all numerical and verbal courses. The courses taken during my education at the Department of Banking and Insurance can be summarized as follows:

  • The basic concepts of law
  • General business
  • Introduction to Banking and Insurance
  • Entry into business
  • General Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Finance Mathematics
  • Banking Service Products
  • Financial Institutions
  • Non-Life Insurances
  • Foreign language
  • Life Insurance and Private Pension System
  • Financial management
  • Credit Management in Banks
  • Securities Investments
  • Financial Analysis
  • Introduction to Banking and Insurance Accounting
  • Customer relations management
  • Import and Export Transactions

What Do Banking and Insurance Graduates Do?

Students who successfully complete the Department of Banking and Insurance and earn the right to graduate by getting their diploma can work in both banking and insurance fields as they have a good command of both fields. They can work in public and private banks, become financial specialists, and gain experience in accounting or IT centres. In this way, they can gain expertise in areas related to risk management of commercial banks, investment banks and insurance companies, banking assessments, and investment and insurance products. For this reason, the most general answer to the question of what banking and insurance do is to continue working in fields such as economy, finance, insurance and banking. What are the companies that make traffic insurance?

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Banking and Insurance Department?

Graduates of the department can work in both public and private institutions. In order to work in the public sector, they must apply with a sufficient score from KPSS. Banking and Insurance Departmentgraduates; They can find employment opportunities in many areas such as insurance companies, public and private banks and financial institutions, insurance and accounting departments of enterprises, corporate agencies, loss adjusting and brokerage companies. In addition, sectors such as production, professional, scientific and technical activities, education, real estate activities, transportation and storage, construction, information and communication, social services, public services, culture, art and entertainment always offer job opportunities for banking and insurance graduates.

Persons who want to work in this field can take the licensing exams of the Capital Markets Board and obtain a certificate of expertise in order to gain an advantage in the recruitment process. License documents to be obtained from the Capital Markets Board are among the criteria that all private sector institutions, especially banks attach importance to and seek.Banking and Insurance salaries vary depending on the characteristics of the institution applied for, the qualifications and education of the person. In particular, experience and knowledge are among the factors that directly affect the salary range in this field. Those who want to continue their studies in the related field after graduating from the Department of Banking and Insurance can access banking job postings on the job portal. What is Private Health Insurance? How To Get the Cheapest health insurance in 2022

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