What is Computer Operations Department?

Computer Operator is an associate degree department. Having the necessary software and hardware knowledge about the computer, and being able to record the data in the computer environment is the most basic answer to the question of what is a computer operator. The main purpose of the department; The aim is to transfer many theoretical and practical information about data and data storage, scanning and archiving by using various programs to enable students to improve themselves. Students who will choose the Computer Operator department should be able to establish good hand and eye coordination, use Microsoft Office programs effectively, be open to learning and pay attention to details. Control Room Operator: What Is It? and How to Become One?

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Computer Operator Department?

The relevant department is located at Kütahya Dumlupınar University and Anadolu University. Dumlupınar University has both primary and secondary education options for students. Anadolu University provides education for this department only with primary education. In order to enrol in this department, students must first take the university entrance exam. They can make a choice by comparing the score they get from this exam with the knowledge of Computer Operator base points. Computer Operator 2 year base points and the success ranking is announced each year. In this department, 4 course periods, that is, two years of education, are given. In order for the students of the department to graduate successfully, they must complete 120 ECTS and meet the graduation requirements specified by the university. What is the Food Department?

What are the Computer Operator Department Courses?

The courses that students who prefer this department should take can be listed as follows;

  • Word Processors
  • Research Techniques
  • Basic Information Technology
  • Language of Operator
  • Introduction to Algorithm and Programming
  • General and Technical Communication
  • Typesetting
  • Advanced Vocational Language
  • Organizational Communication
  • Data Structures and Programming
  • Computer Network Systems
  • Graphics and Animation Techniques
  • Advanced Programming
  • Transaction Tables
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Aided Presentation
  • Authorship on the Internet

‘Computer Operator Associate Degree Diploma is awarded to students who successfully complete the relevant courses and qualify for graduation. Students who receive their diplomas have the opportunity to work as computer operators in government institutions, the private sector and agencies. What is Computer Science Department?

What Does a Computer Operator Graduate Do?

Graduates of the program have the opportunity to work in public institutions and the private sector where computers and computer-related programs are used. Entering, reporting, archiving and recording data in the computer environment is the most basic answer to the question of what a computer operator does. The person working in the relevant field is responsible for keeping this information secure by recording the business information and job details of the institution they work for in the computer environment. It records information regularly and knows where to find it when needed. It protects data by backing up in case of loss of information or data transferred to a computer environment. What are Digital Professions?

What are the Job Opportunities for Computer Operator Graduates?

Graduates of the department can work in various public institutions, public hospitals or private institutions. The opportunity to work in places such as private factories and offices where computer systems are used is among the job opportunities for computer operators. In addition, students who are computer operators graduate have the chance to work in offices, advertising agencies and digital agencies operating in the field of WEB design. Graduates of the department have the opportunity to work in various institutions and organizations as computer operators, as well as IT technicians and IT staff. Those who want to work in this field can access computer operator job postings on the Job Portal. Why Study in Germany? What are the Education Requirements in Germany?

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