What is Computer Programming Department?

The Department of Computer Programming is an education created to ensure that programs suitable for computer programming are interpreted and learned. With the program, which is an associate degree department, students are subjected to a 2-year education. It trains people who know computer programming and can create software and brings them to the sector. In this field, which operates in the IT sector, design, hardware and database work, and software editing operations are taught through computers.

The main purpose of the department is to train expert personnel in the field of informatics and computers to catch up with today’s technology and to step forward. At the same time, it is aimed to contribute to innovations in the computer sector by providing students with the discipline of software development.

People who want to study in this field should be able to comprehend programming, develop themselves in numerical and verbal logic and be able to translate concepts into computer language. Candidates who want to prefer the Department of Computer Programming should be curious and interested in programming and software, be responsible and disciplined, be interested in positive sciences and follow technological developments. 2 years of Computer Programming Persons who successfully complete the department are entitled to receive the title of Computer Programmer.

How long is the education period of the Department of Computer Programming?

Computer Programming is a 2-year education department. In order to graduate from this department, students must fill in the right to 120 ECTS and fulfil the graduation requirement of the university they are affiliated with. Computer Programming base scores vary by university. Prospective students who want to direct their career in this field can make their department choice in line with the score they receive by examining the Computer Programming ranking information. Students are also subjected to compulsory internships within 2 years of their education. Persons who successfully complete all courses and internships are entitled to graduate from the department.

After graduating from Computer Programming, which has a 2-year education period, people can transfer to 4-year undergraduate departments by taking the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) if they wish. In order to apply for the exam, they must study or graduate in the last year of the department. Then, they can choose a department as a result of the score obtained from DGS. Computer Programming Open Education It is also a department in the faculty. Persons who complete the program as Open Education can also enter the DGS and transfer to 4-year undergraduate departments.

The departments transferred include Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer and Instructional Technology Teaching, Control and Automation Engineering, Physics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer and Software Engineering, Mathematics and Computing, Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Statistics and Computer Science, Information Systems and Technologies, Information Systems Engineering, Meteorological Engineering.

What are the Courses of the Department of Computer Programming?

The Department of Computer Programming includes a total of 4 different semesters of education in 2 years. Students are faced with many different courses during this training. Prospective students who keep the Computer Programming Department on the preference list are responsible for the following courses:

  • Visual Programming
  • Computer Network Systems
  • Computer Technologies
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Electronic Elements and Circuits
  • Mathematics
  • Database Management Systems
  • Internet Programming
  • Web Design and Scripting Language
  • Algorithm and Programming

In the first year of the program, Programming, Mathematics, English, Visual Design, Algorithm and Internet Programming courses are emphasized. In the second academic year, Computer Hardware and Visual Programming, Visual Animation, Desktop Application and Development, Android Development and Application, and Database Management subjects are covered. While the Department of Computer Programming ensures that students are technically qualified individuals, candidates who successfully complete the department are awarded the Associate Degree Diploma in Computer Programming.

What Does a Computer Programming Department Graduate Do?

Graduates of the Department of Computer Programming undertake program and software development, creation and repair in the workplaces where they work. For candidates who have a wide range of job opportunities in the private sector, the question of what Computer Programming is is writing code, creating new programs, creating tests and approving the operation of the program. In addition, they undertake responsibilities such as creating a code library, converting workflow information into computer language, preparing instructions for use and creating references for users, preparing innovative software for the company to make improvements, formulating program features and basic prototypes, securing existing systems and software, and coding project requirements. In general, computer programmers can work as software staff in software companies. In line with the knowledge and experience they have gained during their education, they can work as computer programmers, information specialists, software specialists, software developers, information technology technicians, and mobile application designers.

After computer programming, students who complete their education in 4-year undergraduate departments have the opportunity to fulfil their engineering and teaching professions. In line with the department preferred by the candidates, a career can be obtained in the field of computer engineering, and software engineering in the private sector and computer teaching can be done in public or private education institutions.

In order to fulfil his duties, the computer programmer must master more than one software language depending on the workplace he/she works in. However, they must be able to prioritize responsibilities, manage time effectively, offer creative solutions, and meet deadlines. Ensuring the storage of the data of the institution in the digital environment, keeping them safe, and performing system security control are also among the duties of programmers.

What are the Job Opportunities for Computer Programming Graduates?

Graduates of the Department of Computer Programming have the opportunity to work in software development companies, web design companies and technical services. Computer programmers, who can work in both the public and private sectors, can also provide consultancy by opening their own workplaces. It is also possible for them to have a profession in information processing departments in the private sector. The job opportunity in computer programming covers a wide area. There are job opportunities in software companies and program writing companies.

Graduates of the Department of Computer Programming can also work with more than one company. Graduates of departments with a wide range of employment; It has job opportunities in banks, education and consultancy firms, universities and in every field providing information technology services. Graduates of the Department of Computer Programming can be appointed to program, analyst positions in public institutions. Computer programmers who want to work in the public sector must take the Public Personnel Selection Exam of the relevant year and have a score sufficient for the department. In addition, a document showing that you have knowledge about different software languages and that you have received education from institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education may also be requested.

Programmers who want to work in public institutions can work in institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education, ministry units and hospitals. Graduates of the Department of Computer Programming should have a good command of programming languages. In order to have serious expertise in this subject, they can participate in training programs about software and programming languages in educational institutions and organizations. In particular, people who have completed their education period to undergraduate studies can work in software and computer engineering positions. Those who want to do this profession can evaluate computer programmer job posting options through the job portal.

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