What Is Data Analysis? Methods, Techniques, Types & How To

What Is Data Analysis? Methods, Techniques, Types & How To: Managing the flood of data is more important than ever before for a company’s success. However, despite developing data management systems and data top managers (CDO), many companies are experiencing inadequacies in this regard. Industry research shows that companies use or analyze less than half of structured data and less than one percent of unstructured data when making decisions. More than 70 percent of employees have access to data they don’t need, and 80 percent of analysts’ work time is spent simply exploring and organizing data . Data breaches are common, deceptive data is stored, and companies’ data technologies often fail to meet expectations. The effects of technology on our lives positive progress in this area. Information Security Analyst Salary

What is data analysis? Data analysis is a process used to examine, clean, transform and model data to discover useful information, draw conclusions and support decision making . Data analysis has many facets and different approaches, covering various techniques under various names in different business, science and social science fields. Data integration is the precursor to data analysis.

Data analysis is closely related to data visualization and data distribution. The term data analysis is also sometimes used synonymously for data modelling. What is Competitive Analysis? How To Do Competitive Analysis? Why is it Important?

What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is a process used to obtain raw data and transform it into useful information for users’ decision making. Data is first collected and then analyzed to answer questions, test hypotheses, or reject theories . Data analysis has several stages. The stages are iterative.

What Does Data Analysis Mean?

Data analysis is a method of collecting raw information and reaching the actual useful information as a result of examination and cleaning. It is the modeling process in which necessary data and information are collected, and at the same time, information and data that are not useful are removed through a sieving . At the stage of this information gathered, the main thing is to reach the result. It is very important to extract the data on the way to the conclusion. With the extracted data, it becomes clear how to follow the path and what to do. The data analysis system can also be considered as a transformation process.

Analysis processes are based on various scientific and social technical methods. In today ‘s business world, scientific technique method is used more. But in some places social technique is needed. The social technique method is used while conducting surveys and observations. Both methods take an important place in the analysis.

Analysis should not be taken lightly. It can be reduced from giant companies to an individual working on the Internet personally  . Everyone needs analytics modeling. You can be a company that provides services or manufactures from different sectors. You can deal with a personal business. However, if you are someone who trusts the power of data, you will have full faith that data analysis will be a part of your life. You should know that analysis will solve many problems. Thanks to statistical analysis, it will not be difficult to reach even the smallest problem. It should also be noted that the business planning and analysis modeling of every industry is not the same. This application should not be ignored while making. Analysis Specialist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

Data Requirements

The data required as input to the analysis are selected based on the needs of the analysts or the customers who will use the result of the analysis. Data can be numeric or categorical .

Data collecting

Data can be collected from a variety of sources. Data can be collected by surrounding sensors such as traffic cameras, satellites, recorders . Interviews, downloads from online sources or documentation are also available.

Data processing

Initially obtained data must be processed or edited for analysis. For example, they can be placed in rows and columns in a tabular format for further analysis, such as in a spreadsheet or statistical software.

Data can be overwhelming at times. It is very important to analyze data consisting of hundreds of thousands of lines and to do this correctly and understand the data. It is very important for us to have user-friendly applications in it.

Software to Help You Visualize Data Analysis

Microsoft Excel: Excel,  which we all know and use by almost everyone, has very effective options for data analysis. Especially the PowerPivot plug-in and the fact that it allows you to load data from different databases such as Access makes it a very effective tool. If you also add the Data Analysis Toolpak add-on, it’s just a matter of time before you stand out in the eyes of your boss with your great analyzes and the pivot tables and charts you create!

You can join the Excel Training program by clicking the link, improve yourself and learn how to use Excel in a professional way.

Tableau Software: Tableau software provides you with many possibilities, especially in the visual field, rather than the analysis of the data. With Tableau, which is an easy-to-use and user-friendly application, you can also create a story from the data you analyze and the graphics you create, add color with your effective presentation and make the audience listen to you with full attention.

Python: Python, which is the language that programmers know very well and is generally the first language for beginners to code, has a simple structure. Python, which has become an increasingly popular tool in data analysis with its flexibility and functionality, is also becoming widespread among users with its easy-to-learn feature.

Data analysis Proccess

Data analysis forms the basic building block of business life. We can say that analysis is the backbone of the business world. In order to reveal certain data and information, companies need analysis. The indispensable part of the business world is the data analysis system. Businesses that want to get a successful and positive result definitely apply the analysis method. In line with the plans made, the most positive result is determined by the analysis method. Thanks to the analysis, both the company is satisfied and the customer part is satisfied. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Beginners

The analysis process, which has become a popular system in recent times, saves lives when applied correctly. For example, financial statement analysis and intelligence are important for the financial situation of the company. There are serious differences between the companies that do not analyze and the companies that do. In the traditional company understanding, data and information collection systems do not work. In old businesses, more trial and error methods are applied. Today, we cannot say that the trial and error method is over. However, it has decreased compared to the past. Companies and individuals have become more conscious. Necessary steps are taken for the best and progress is made in this order.

When we look at the structure of companies, we can see that sometimes they are old. It is possible to say this, especially for well-established companies. Company officials are not open to innovation and are worried about the next step. However, applying the requirements of the age can actually bring profit to the company. Usually, people want to solve the case in their own way. They always try to reach a solution using the same method they know. However, traditional solution searches do not always yield correct results. This is where the new generation solution system comes into play. Data analysis gives very good results in this regard. Today, many companies, businesses and individuals use this method. A system based on data, information, and statistics rather than the traditional method. Today’s big data world has even carried the concept of journalism to the dimension of journalism with data and the concept of internet journalism has gained a different dimension. Real data speaks in analysis. Instead of hearsay information, there is factual information. What is data analytics now? How are analysis procedures done? What processes does it go through? Let us examine the issue in more detail by answering these questions. What is SWOT analysis? How To do SWOT analysis? Why is SWOT Analysis Important in E-commerce

Data Analysis Benefits

  • Through data analysis, business owners have the ability to make better decisions.
  • He can realize how easy it is to increase the productivity experienced in the company through analysis.
  • It allows the business to see that it reflects positively on the customer in the face of the right analysis.
  • As a result of all these details, a noticeable increase is achieved.

How are Analysis Procedures Performed?

Certain steps are needed when performing data analysis. It is necessary to provide a data flow before analysis operations. In other words, relevant data should be integrated. Integrating data provides a more organized operation. In this way, error-free progress is made while analyzing. The better the integrated time, the better the result of the study. Data that has not been extracted during the integrated period is cleaned by experts or experts. It is made pure. Unnecessary information and data are removed. After the process here is over, the main analysis process is started.

The data and information part is one of the most important points of the analysis. In order to reach the right source, the information should be given completely. Necessary studies should be carried out meticulously in order not to encounter errors in the results. However, if a problem still arises, it should be resolved as soon as possible. Although the analyzes are made with the help of the necessary program, there may be minor problems due to human touch. The method to be done here will be to find the main source of the problem. After finding the problem, it is possible to solve it with the analysis method.

Analysts usually do the analysis. Also known as a data analyst. These analysts may work in a department within the company. This service can also be obtained by a different company from outside. This person or persons only performs the analysis. The data analyst scrutinizes a little. It considers all possibilities to get accurate results. Even where the data is insufficient, it requests data and information again. Statistical analysis and graphical data are of great importance to analysts. Approaches the event specifically by using different materials and algorithms. It proves the accuracy of data with numerical values ​​and mathematical operations. And in the end, it reveals the state the company has come to.

How Does the Process Work When Analyzing?

The process proceeds with the methods and methods determined during the analysis. While the process is running, the analysis can be completed in 4-5 stages. In order for the step-by-step process to be more efficient, it is useful to divide it into stages. The operation of the process also forms the general structure of the analysis. Now let’s consider the processes one by one.

1 – Identifying Problems:

The process starts by first identifying the problems. The problem is determined with the help of analysis. Finding sources of distress plays an important role in problem solving processes. If problems are found at the beginning, the process proceeds more positively.

2 – Creating Infrastructure for Data:

Before collecting data and information, the necessary infrastructure must be established. It is important to choose the right time to identify and collect the resources to be generated.

3 – Data Collection Process:

Problems are identified and when the infrastructure is created, the real issue is reached. Data collection is in the middle of this process. Although it may seem like a troublesome process, there will be no problems when the data is collected correctly.

4 – Data Analysis Process:

It specifies the process after all problems, data and information have been collected. The completeness of all the objects collected for analysis makes this stage even more comfortable. The error is at the lowest level in this process.

5 – Conclusion and Application:

After the analysis and examinations, a result of the process is announced. And the analysis is applied in the form of a test. The results of the analysis are shown in a practical way and the success graph is revealed.

Should data analysis be done by every company?

Data analysis, of course, is not the rule. Every company or business owner is free not to have an analysis done. It is not required by law.

Does the analysis of the business give a 100% positive result?

Business owners get results from the analysis. After the method is applied correctly, positive returns will be experienced. The most important point of the analysis is the correct application of the collected data and method.

Can the company do the analysis itself?

Yes, it can, it takes a team. You have an analysis team that acts as a department within the company. If this team consists of the necessary knowledge and experienced people, an analysis department can be formed within yourself.

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