What is Digital Nomad?

Recently, we often hear or read about business life and new working models. One of the new concepts we are familiar with is “Digital Nomad”, that is, digital nomadism. So what is digital nomadism and who is eligible to become a digital nomad?

What is Digital Nomad?

Would you like to live anywhere in the world and earn money? If your answer is “Yes”, it would be useful to read what Entrepreneur and Writer Perçin İmrek tells about “Digital Nomad” that will offer you this freedom!

I am writing this post on a beautiful summer morning from Lima, the capital city of Peru. (currently summer in the southern hemisphere) I will stay here for 2 months. I was in Miami for 1 week before here. After Lima, I will first go to Mexico (Cancun), then enter the USA from San Diego and do a 1-month “road trip” to New York. What is Digital Content Production? How is Digital Content Produced?

So what is one of the most necessary things to do all this?

Of course, the first tool: money

So in order to do that, I have to be making money on the road. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Here are my ways to earn money on the road:

  • Giving training to companies (online and offline)
  • Online English lessons
  • Training is given by freelance trainers in my training company
  • My registered online courses on Udemy and Teachable

Apart from this, although I earn income from my other projects, the works that generate the most income are the ones I listed above. So, is “Digital Nomad” something that anyone can do?

Let me answer right away: It is possible for anyone who really wants it, invests in himself, and works patiently, yes! How to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign?

What are the best jobs to become a Digital Nomad?

The first things that come to my mind are:

  • Jewelry & embroidery etc. make and sell
  • Paint and sell stones (I have a friend who does this)
  • Digital design (logo, website creation)
  • Dropshipping
  • Social media consultancy
  • Youtube channel
  • Blogging
  • Being a brand on social media
  • Podcasts etc.

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What features are required to become a “Digital Nomad”?

  • Being a citizen of the world
  • Mastering English
  • Be patient
  • Be self-disciplined
  • To follow technological (and cultural) developments continuously
  • Constantly improving yourself
  • Having inner motivation and not giving up
  • Being honest, reliable and dignified, etc.

In summary, being a “Digital Nomad” is not easy. First of all, you have to want it and enjoy it. It takes more readiness to work than a secure, corporate job. Most importantly, it requires an open mind, a large heart, and a character who always likes to step out of their comfort zone. 400 Best and Catchy Motorcycle Business, Shop Names

Then, like me, you can write this post from Lima, from Miami, or from anywhere in the world. Moreover, by making good money and touching people’s lives…

If you want to chat in detail about this subject, you can always write to me. I would be happy to consult with people of similar mindsets.

Lots of travel, lots of inspiration.

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