What is Emergency and Disaster Management Department?

What is the Emergency and Disaster Management Department?

Emergency and Disaster Management Department is an associate degree program. There are two types of education, open education and formal education. Thanks to Open Education Faculties, it is an associate degree department that can be read from a distance. The question of what emergency and disaster management is can be briefly explained as follows; It is a department that aims to create an advanced workforce that can help disaster victims. The aim of the department is to train well-equipped graduates who enable the necessary situation analysis, evaluation and initiation of the procedures against the emergency. In addition, the graduates of the department will be active in the studies to be carried out to prevent the occurrence of disasters at the end of the education they receive. Best Accident Insurance 2022 – Reviews and comparisons of car insurance companies

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management?

The education given in the relevant department lasts for 4 course periods, ie 2 years. Those who want to study in this department must obtain a score that will pass the emergency and disaster management base scores in the university exams. Emergency and disaster management score levels also vary depending on the type of education and the desired university. Points are announced each year during the election periods. In order to graduate from the department, courses worth 120 ECTS must be given successfully. In addition, the compulsory internship must be completed. Those who want to continue their undergraduate education by getting sufficient scores from the relevant exams; can switch to Emergency Aid and Disaster Management, Nursing and Health Services departments. What is an Emergency Medicine Specialist?

What are the Emergency and Disaster Management Department Courses?

The courses in the Department of Emergency and Disaster Management are both theoretical and practical. In addition to the theoretical knowledge obtained in the early periods, important practical applications are made for the business. In general, the prominent courses in this section can be listed as follows:

  • Basic Anatomy,
  • Physiology,
  • Forbidden Rights in Disasters,
  • Fire Brigade and Fire Safety,
  • Disaster Management Planning,
  • Emergency Planning,
  • Disaster and Emergency Psychology,
  • Occupational health and Safety,
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Hazards in Disasters,

Students who successfully complete the courses they have taken graduate. People who graduate from this department are called emergency and disaster management technicians.

What Do Emergency and Disaster Management Department Graduates Do?

The question of what Emergency and Disaster Management do for 2 years can be answered as follows; It ensures that the intervention is made as soon as possible against sudden events. Responsible for taking necessary precautions before the disaster. Provides training to increase awareness. It carries out and manages the necessary projects for minimum loss in case of disasters. Organizes search and rescue efforts. Communicates with relevant people about important training. This training enables institutions to make proactive preparations and take precautions. All these tasks are the answers to the question of what emergency and disaster management do. How do you attract the best fresh graduates in the modern era?

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Emergency and Disaster Management Department?

Emergency and disaster management job opportunities in Turkey, where various disasters are experienced, are quite wide in both private and state institutions. Some of the institutions that can be assigned to this position are:

  • 112 ambulance centres,
  • Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) Directorates,
  • Civil Defense, Search and Rescue Unity Directorates,
  • firefighters,
  • municipalities,
  • KYK General Directorates,
  • Red Crescent,
  • Universities,
  • Hospitals.

Emergency and disaster management salaries vary according to the competencies of the institution and the person employed. In addition to fieldwork, as you gain experience, you can also work in management positions such as firefighting manager or coordinator in the following years. What are Digital Professions?

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