What is Finance and Banking Department?

The Department of Finance and Banking is an undergraduate program and the aim of the department is to contribute and benefit the institutions or organizations they work and the sector they work by teaching the concepts such as economy, banking and finance to the students in the best way, by improving themselves in the future professional life of the students. How Many Jobs Are Available in Finance?

Students who are considering choosing the Finance and Banking department are required to be disciplined, interested in economy, finance and banking, responsible, and have strong communication skills.

How many years is the Finance and Banking Department Education Period?

In the Finance and Banking department, a 4-year education is given. In order for students to graduate, they must complete 240 ECTS rights and fulfil the graduation requirements of their university. 5 Cryptocurrencies that can help make money in 2022

What are the Finance and Banking Department Courses?

Students of the Finance and Banking department will face many courses on economics, finance and banking throughout their 4-semester education life.

For prospective students who have the Finance and Banking department on their preference list;

  • Financial Accounting,
  • Business Science,
  • Introduction to Economics,
  • Law of Obligations,
  • Mathematics for Business and Economics,
  • Introduction to Banking and Finance,
  • Corporate Accounting,
  • Effective Communication Techniques,
  • Financial Services Marketing,
  • Banking Activities,
  • Economic History of Financial Crises,
  • Capital Markets Board,
  • Financial Statements Analysis,
  • Audit in Banking,
  • Banking Applications on Computer,

They will be responsible for many courses, especially for 4 years. If they successfully complete these courses, they will obtain the “Finance and Banking Bachelor’s Degree”. Graduates are given the title of “Finance Specialist”. Professions recruiting in 2022

What Do Finance and Banking Graduates Do?

Individuals who graduated from Finance and Banking department will have responsibilities such as account management, auditing, personal money management, international banking and financial affairs in the institutions they work.

What are the Job Opportunities for Finance and Banking Graduates?

Individuals who are finance specialists can find a place for themselves in many different sectors outside the banking sector in their working life. The large number of companies in the private sector that need financial professionals creates many job opportunities for financial professionals. What can I do with an economics degree?

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