What is Forensic Informatics Engineering Department?

Today, the development and widespread use of home technologies and the internet have allowed personal information to be transferred to the internet world. Theft and involuntary use of personal information by other users over the internet are examples of forensic crimes. There is a Forensic Informatics Engineering department to recruit people who will prevent cybercrime, which has become widespread with the Internet.

The aim of the Forensic Engineering Department is to train people who can detect and prevent cyber crimes, protect the rights of citizens, and add benefit and creativity to the sector through scientific training. What is the Department of Forensic Sciences?

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Forensic Informatics Engineering?

In the Department of Forensic Informatics Engineering, a 4-year undergraduate education is given. Students are required to complete 240 ECTS rights in order to graduate and they are required to fulfil the graduation requirements of their university.

What are the Courses of the Department of Forensic Informatics Engineering?

During their 8-semester education life, the students of the Forensic Engineering Department will be faced with various and detailed courses on the subject of forensic informatics.

For candidates who have Forensic Informatics Engineering in their preference list;

  • Computer Systems,
  • Database Management Systems,
  • Algorithm and Programming,
  • Information Security and Encryption Techniques,
  • Fundamentals of Forensic Engineering,
  • Data Structures,
  • Network and System Security,
  • Programming Languages,
  • Internet and E-Commerce Security,
  • Computer Forensics Laws

They will be responsible for many courses, especially for 4 years. If they successfully complete these courses, they will obtain the “Forensic Informatics Engineering Undergraduate Diploma”. Those who receive their diploma are given the title of “Forensic Informatics Engineer”.

What Do Forensic Informatics Engineering Graduates Do?

Individuals with the title of Forensic Informatics Engineer prevent cyber attacks on the person or institution they work with by creating security programs and software for the people or institutions they work with. It is among his duties to create plans and projects to prevent cybercrime attacks. What are the negative effects of technology on mental health?

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of Forensic Informatics Engineering?

Forensic Informatics Engineering is among the departments with high potential in our country. As in the rest of the world, the increasing rate of internet usage in Turkey creates many private and public job opportunities for Forensic Informatics Engineers.

The score to be obtained from the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) will be decisive in order to benefit from these job opportunities in government institutions. What is the Food Department?

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