What is Horse Coaching (VHS) Department?

Horse Coaching aims to train personnel who can care for horses. A horse can be helpful in many jobs if well trained. In this sense, horses are needed. In the field of jockeying, the need for horses is intense. Horse coaching and jockeying should not be confused. Jockeys ride in horse racing competitions. Trainers can work wherever the horse is. There is no higher education requirement for jockeying. In order to become a coach, it is necessary to graduate from the relevant associate degree program. This section is also called horse training. What is the Department of Coaching Education?

How Many Years is the Training Period of the Department of Horse Coaching?

The Horse Coaching department is a two-year department. It is aimed to train employees who can undertake the psychological and physiological care of horses. In the first semesters, theoretical knowledge is presented. As of the third semester, applied training has increased. Practical lessons are kept more in order to accustom students to the working environment. Horse Coaching base points can change from year to year. 10 Life Coach Business Names to Kickstart Your Inspiration

What are the Horse Coaching Department Courses?

Turkish Language, Foreign Language, Principles of Atatürk and History of Revolution are common courses. Horse Coaching courses focus on the physiological characteristics, physical care and control of the horse. Related courses are:

  • Horse Care and Stable Services
  • Hardware and Equipment
  • Horse Nutrition and Principles
  • Horse Microbiology and Diseases
  • Equine Legislation
  • Basic Information Technologies
  • Riding Training
  • Horse Anatomy
  • Horse Reproduction
  • Equestrian and Equestrian History
  • Introduction to Farrier
  • Feeds and Feed Technology
  • Horse Biochemistry
  • Horse Sports
  • Equestrian and Equestrian Practices
  • Facility and Infrastructure Services
  • Horse Coaching
  • At Orthopedics
  • Racehorse Breeding and Sales
  • Horse Foot Diseases
  • Horse Training
  • Dressage
  • Hippotherapy Applications
  • Poaching (Lonj) Training

What Do Horse Coaching Graduates Do?

The question of what the Horse Coaching department do can be answered by saying that the employees are interested in horse care. horse sitter; It is responsible for the care of horseshoes, feathers, eyes, mouth and tail. The animals should be walked regularly. He feeds the horses with barley, hay or modern fodder. The trainer can detect microbial diseases or hoof problems. It can treat mild illnesses. Applies to veterinary support in cases requiring medical knowledge. What is Career Coaching? How to Become a Career Coach? What Does It Do?

What are the Job Opportunities at the Horse Coaching Department?

Horse Trainer job opportunities are found on farms and related institutions. In addition, hippotherapy allows trainers to find employment in therapy centres. Diseases caused by various factors and negatively affecting muscle development can be controlled with hypnotherapy. Graduates of horse coaching can specialize in different sectors.

Hoof disorders are common in the jockey industry. The ability of horses to run fast is related to the nutritional diet they are subject to. Racehorse coaching requires knowledge of physical care. Graduates can serve in different fields with the title of the groom. Horse trainer salary varies from business to business. Trainee candidates graduating from the department, on Job Portalgrooms can examine job postings and apply for suitable postings. 2024 Ford Mustang With V8 Engine To Have Nearly 500 HP

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