What is Information and Document Management Department?

Information and Document Management Department; Aiming to train authorized personnel who will work on obtaining, recording and preserving the information needed by individuals, institutions or organizations by providers (libraries, archives and documentation centres, etc.), arranging them if necessary, and putting them back into the service of those in need. is a discipline. Professional librarians, information managers and archivists who have been trained in this field are needed in order to protect the information, make it accessible to the masses and make it developable. Datolite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Information and Records Management Department?

The department is a 4-year undergraduate department that is taught at universities. The same department may show some changes depending on the faculty. It can be preferred according to the score obtained from the Equal Weight type within the scope of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Languages ​​and Geography, Social Sciences and Humanities.

What are the Courses of the Department of Information and Records Management?

Candidate students who aim to choose the Department of Information and Document Management;

  • Document Protection,
  • Document Management,
  • Information technologies,
  • Document Cataloging,
  • Database Management Systems,
  • Museum Management,
  • Ottoman Document Types,
  • Research Methods,
  • Electronic Document Management Systems,
  • Information Services in Libraries,
  • Media Literacy,
  • Use of Technology in Information Centers,
  • Bigli Organization and Management,
  • Book Publishing,

They will be responsible for many courses and content, especially Those who successfully complete their education in 8 semesters are entitled to receive the “Information and Document Management Undergraduate Diploma”.

What Do Information and Records Management Graduates Do?

In the information and communication era, we are in; It is very important to classify, analyze and make sense of data. This is the job of information and records management graduates.

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Information and Records Management Department?

With the increase in technological opportunities, both digital and conventional archives provide a great advantage in accessing information. Competent personnel in these areas in order to prevent information pollution; can work in areas such as archives, libraries, information centres, and museums. Apart from these, they can also find work areas in document tracking in commercial and industrial organizations, and in documentation centres in research centres. Archived information can sometimes be used to increase customer satisfaction in service institutions, which creates job opportunities for graduates in research centres of institutions that constantly sell face-to-face with customers, especially in supermarkets. How to Become an Archive Manager?

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