What is Nutrition and Dietetics?

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics is a branch of science that studies human nutrition issues. The main emphasis of this section is to focus on the nutrition of sick people.

Nutrition and Dietetics are based on the fact that although the general rules of nutrition are the same for all people, nutrition should be chosen according to the individual characteristics of each person. Nutrition and dietetics of the sick person are primarily aimed at reducing the damage to the sick body caused by an unhealthy diet, as well as restoring the metabolism caused by the disease. Nutrition and Dietetics cannot be used as separate medicine, but it complements the usual medical practice and speeds up the healing process. 15 Nutrition tips for improving your health

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics?

Nutrition and Dietetics is a 4-year undergraduate department that is taught at universities. Students who successfully complete this section are given the title of “Dietitian” or “Nutritionist”.

What are the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Courses?

Candidate students who will include the nutrition and dietetics department in their university preferences;

  • Nutritional Chemistry and Applications,
  • Anatomy,
  • Nutrition Principles and Practices,
  • Medical Biology and Genetics,
  • Demographic Structure and Health,
  • Microbiology,
  • Physiology,
  • Nutritional Biochemistry,
  • Food Control and Legislation,
  • Mother and Child Nutrition,
  • Community Nutrition,
  • Nutrition and Dietetic Applications in Adult Diseases,
  • Nutrition and Dietetic Applications in Pediatric Diseases,
  • Critical Thinking Skills,
  • Communication skills,

And will be responsible for many similar courses. In addition, there is a compulsory internship condition in some of the education periods.

What Do Nutrition and Dietetics Graduates Do?

Since the dietitian profession is one of the health sector professions that are globally important, they have a wide field of work. 10 Best Pet Food Business Names Ideas

What are the Job Opportunities for a Graduate of Nutrition and Dietetics?

To summarize briefly, nutritionists; can find a work area in every field where food and nutrition are concerned. Except for that one;

  • Hospitals,
  • Renal Care Units,
  • Preschool Education Centers,
  • Weight Loss Centers,
  • Catering Companies,
  • Oncology and Diabetes Units,
  • Weight Loss Centers,
  • Sports Clubs,
  • Gyms,

And they can be employed in many different fields, both in the state and in the private sector.

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