What is Office Management and Executive Assistant Department?

Office management and executive assistance; Secretarial work refers to departments that will equip you with the basic skills and core competencies required to work as a secretary.

Apart from business life and operational structures of businesses, it is a department that aims to train personnel who will take part in the implementation and follow-up of all kinds of activities that should be carried out in order to ensure that the team that keeps the business can be together and to protect organizational health. Account Executive Job Description Sample Template

How many years is the Office Management and Executive Assistant Training Period?

Office Management and Executive Assistantship is a 2-year associate degree department that is given at universities within the scope of Vocational School. The department only accepts students based on their TYT scores.

What are the Department of Office Management and Executive Assistant Courses?

Candidate students who aim to add this department to their lists during the university preference period;

  • General Legal Knowledge,
  • Keyboard Techniques,
  • Protocol Information,
  • Organizational Communication,
  • Office Programs,
  • Information and document management,
  • Office management,
  • Use of Technology in Offices,
  • Effective and Beautiful Speech,
  • Professional Correspondence,
  • Crisis management,
  • Contemporary Management Approaches

They will be responsible for many other similar courses during their 4-semester education period. Students who successfully complete all these courses are entitled to obtain an “Office Management and Executive Assistant Associate Degree Diploma”.

Students who want to complete their 2-year associate degree to 4-year undergraduate diploma with the Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS);

  • Public relations,
  • Management information systems,
  • Information and document management,
  • Public relations and advertising,
  • Public Relations and Promotion,
  • Business Information Management,
  • Advertising and Public Relations,
  • Healthcare Management

If they get enough points in their departments, they can complete their diploma.

What Do Office Management and Executive Assistant Graduates Do?

It is to establish a connection between the team working in the offices and workplaces and the executive team, to ensure internal communication and to instil the principles of organizational behaviour in the employees. Accounting Administrative Assistant Job Description

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of Office Management and Executive Assistant?

As it can be understood from the name of the department in question, they can take charge in all kinds of institutions and organizations, from large to small, especially in the subject of compiling team employees, and in the follow-up of business activities. Entrepreneurship Ideas for Young People

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