What is the Department of American Culture and Literature?

What is the Department of American Culture and Literature?

Studies in American Culture and Literature aim to provide insight and expose students to different kinds of literature and cultures while developing critical thinking skills.

The program consists of various fields such as literature, history, mythology and theatre. In addition, within the scope of this curriculum, students are provided with the basic rules required for translation. The diversity of the program is “a multifaceted general cultural development in various fields”, targeting the general education philosophy of Bahçeşehir University. What Gemstones Are Found In South America?

How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of American Culture and Literature?

American Culture and Literature is the undergraduate department that is taught within the scope of the Faculty of Letters at universities and accepts students only according to the Language score type.

What are the American Culture and Literature Department Courses?

Prospective students aiming to include the American Culture and Literature department in the preference list;

  • America history,
  • American Literary History,
  • American English History,
  • Mythology,
  • Advanced Writing Techniques,
  • Text Analytics,
  • American culture,
  • American Poetry,
  • American Novels,
  • American Dramas,
  • Regional American Cultures,
  • Translation,
  • American Popular Culture

It means that they will be responsible for many courses, especially during their 8-semester education period. Students who successfully complete all courses during this period are entitled to obtain a “Bachelor’s Degree in American Culture and Literature”. What is Alternative Energy Sources Technology?

What Does a Graduate of the Department of American Culture and Literature Do?

Graduates of this department are responsible for all kinds of work carried out in order to research, compile and introduce American culture and works into our language.

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Department of American Culture and Literature?

Career options for American Culture and Literature graduates are often related to the education sector. Graduates with pedagogical formation can teach in educational institutions within the scope of the Ministry of National Education. Apart from that, they can continue their academic careers and take their research to the next level. Apart from these, they can take part in broadcasting organizations as translators. What is the Department of Oral and Dental Health?

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