What is the Department of Anaesthesia?

The anaesthesia department is an associate degree program and the aim of the department is to contribute to the sector by educating people who can successfully apply anaesthesia for jobs that anaesthesia may require, such as surgery.
Students who are considering choosing the department of anaesthesia are among the main features sought to be disciplined, responsible, calm and interested in the health sector. Anesthesia Technician: What Is It? and How to Become One?

How many years is the Department of Anesthesiology Education?

In the department of anaesthesia, 2-year training is given. In order for students to graduate, they must complete their 120 ECTS rights and fulfil the graduation requirements of their university. Admission of candidate students to the Department of Anesthesia is based on their TYT score. What is the Department of Oral and Dental Health?

What are the Department of Anesthesiology Courses?

Anaesthesia department students will face many courses on basic medical science and anaesthesia during their 4-semester education life.

For prospective students who have the anaesthesia department on their preference list;

  • Infection Control and Sterilization Principles,
  • Nutrition Principles, Enteral, Parenteral Nutrition
  • System Diseases,
  • Basic Anesthesia,
  • Surgical Diseases and Procedures,
  • Infection Control and Sterilization Principles,
  • Biomedical Technology,
  • Infectious Diseases,
  • Clinical Anesthesia,
  • Advanced Life Support Applications,

They will be responsible for many courses, especially for 2 years. If they successfully complete these courses, they will obtain the “Associate Degree in Anesthesia”.

Many 4-year undergraduate departments that anaesthesia students can pass with the DGS exam are listed below.

  • Social service,
  • Nursing,
  • Nursing and Health Services,
  • Healthcare Management,
  • Emergency Aid and Disaster Management

What Does An Anesthesia Graduate Do?

Individuals who graduated from the department of anaesthesia work in the operating room units in hospitals, their main duties are to prepare the patient to be operated on and to perform the anaesthesia procedure. It takes care to work in harmony with all health personnel in the operating room unit. Anesthesiologist: What Is It? and How to Become One?

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Department of Anesthesiology?

The main places where anaesthesia graduates choose to work are university hospitals, private hospitals, training and research hospitals, and state hospitals.

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