What is the Department of Coaching Education?

What is the Department of Coaching Education?

The Department of Coaching Education; is an academic discipline that aims to train coaches who are lacking in sports branches that are increasing in number and type every day. In the coaching education department;

  • Advanced Trainer,
  • Basic Trainer (Monitor),
  • Conditioner,
  • fitness trainer

is grown. In addition to these, it is aimed to train individuals who are experts in different sports branches. The main objective of this section is to ensure that training and sports activities based on scientific data are adopted by large masses and, by this means, to train high-level athletes. 10 Life Coach Business Names to Kickstart Your Inspiration

How Many Years is the Training Period of the Department of Coaching Education?

The Department of Coaching Education is a 4-year undergraduate department that provides education within the scope of the School of Physical Education and Sports (BESYO). Those who successfully complete this section are given the title of “coach”. Graduates who are entitled to become coaches can head towards the branches they have chosen during their studentship. Entrance to this department, which is within the scope of BESYO, is two-stage, and in order to be accepted to this department, apart from the university exam result, the special talent exam is held on the dates determined by the universities. What is Career Coaching? How to Become a Career Coach? What Does It Do?

What are the Department of Coaching Courses?

Candidate students who want to be coaches during their education;

  • Coaching Education and Principles,
  • Athletics,
  • General Gymnastics,
  • Human Anatomy and Kinesiology,
  • Health Information and First Aid,
  • Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Football
  • Rhythm Education and Dance,
  • Turkish Sports Culture and History,
  • Individual Sports (Cycling, Badminton, Billiards, Aerobic-Step etc.)
  • Sports Physiology,
  • Artistic Gymnastics,
  • Sports Nutrition,
  • Sports Massage,
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation from Sports Accidents,

They will be responsible for general practice-based courses such as

What Does a Trainer Education Graduate Do?

Coaching training graduates provide training for athletes from all branches that will take part in the competitions.

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of Coaching Education?

Employment status for coaching graduates is possible at any point where sports exist. They can find a job according to the branch they specialized in all kinds of structuring of institutions such as the Ministry of Youth and Sports or the General Directorate of Youth and Sports (GSGM), including provincial and central. In the mentioned institutions, there may be coaching or civil service. Moreover;

  • In Amateur and Professional Sports Clubs,
  • In Ministry of National Education (MEB) schools,
  • In Private Gyms,
  • In the Sportive Activities of Institutions Operating in Tourism,

They may be able to find a job. Since studies in state institutions are the assignment method, the score to be obtained from the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) is decisive. Apart from all these, individual life coaching or personal trainer can also be among career choices. 25 profitable small businesses without investment

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