What is the Department of Game and Wildlife?

The Hunting and Wildlife department is a department that provides education for the protection of wildlife. Information is given about the necessary measures to prevent the deterioration of the natural environment in wildlife. Candidates who graduate from this department gain the title of wildlife technician. Hunting and Wildlife is an associate degree major. It provides information on how living things behave in their natural lives. It is aimed to provide the necessary information in order to ensure the diversity of species and to protect endangered creatures. Many universities have a Hunting and Wildlife department. 20 Best Exciting + enthralling Business Names Ideas

How Many Years is the Training Period of the Department of Hunting and Wildlife?

Hunting and Wildlife has a two-year training curriculum. Game and Wildlife base points vary from year to year, depending on how preferred the department is. The two-year department curriculum is given to students in four semesters. Students learn all kinds of theoretical knowledge they will need professionals in this process. Universities with a Hunting and Wildlife department are diverse. For this reason, candidates who want to enter these departments should examine the base scores of the Hunting and Wildlife department and choose the universities that are suitable for their scores. Hunting and Wildlife scores can also vary from university to university. Graduates of the department can transfer to four-year undergraduate programs with DGS. In addition to Forest Engineering and Wildlife Ecology and Management undergraduate departments, there are also open education departments that they can choose from. Relevant open education departments are as follows;

  • Labor Economics and Industrial Relations
  • Public administration
  • Economy
  • Finance
  • Business
  • International relations
  • Hospitality Management
  • Public Relations and Promotion
  • Public relations and advertising

What are the Courses of the Department of Hunting and Wildlife?

The courses given in the Department of Hunting and Wildlife provide a great advantage to graduates in business life. Some of the courses in the curriculum of the Hunting and Wildlife department are as follows;

  • Zoology,
  • Shooting,
  • Protected Areas and Ecotourism,
  • Woody Plants,
  • Reclamation of Wildlife Areas,
  • Monitoring and Transfer of Game Animals,
  • Ornithology,
  • Wild Animals Information,
  • Hunting and Wildlife Legislation,
  • Regulation of Populations,
  • Ecology,
  • Forestry Information,
  • Wild Animal Inventory,
  • Behaviour in Wild Animals,
  • Wild Animal Production,
  • Wetlands,
  • Wild Animal Diseases,
  • Inland Fisheries,
  • Hunting Methods and Applications.

Anyone who successfully completes these courses is entitled to graduate from the Department of Hunting and Wildlife.

What Does a Hunting and Wildlife Graduate Do?

The question of what hunting and wildlife do can be answered by talking about the responsibilities of the people working in the relevant field. Some of the jobs done by the successful graduates of this department are as follows;

  • Observing all the wild animals in the area where they will be assigned and keeping their numbers recorded,
  • Preparing a special chart showing the animal species and providing regular inspections,
  • Assisting in taking various regional decisions by taking part in hunting commissions,
  • Providing a better life for animals by keeping their health information under control,
  • To help animals in the wild to reproduce in a controlled manner,
  • To transform living spaces into a healthier and more productive state.

What are the Job Opportunities for a Graduate of the Department of Hunting and Wildlife?

Game and Wildlife job opportunities are very diverse. Candidates who graduate from this department can easily find employment in both public institutions and the private sector. They also have the chance to become a civil servant in various institutions through the KPSS exam. Some of the fields where Hunting and Wildlife graduates can work are as follows;

  • Zoos
  • National parks
  • Nature protection areas
  • National parks
  • Nature parks

Hunting and Wildlife graduates who want to work in the relevant field can browse job postings on the Job Portal. 20 Best Brave and valiant Business Names Ideas

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